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Proposed Amendment to chapter by-laws

Hello Members,
At our next regularly scheduled NC-EAPA Business Meeting on Friday, March 11, 2016 at 8 am (the final day of our Annual March Conference), the board will be presenting a motion to amend the chapter by-laws to add an additional position to the NC-EAPA Board to assist with the chapter finances. The proposed position is tentatively titled Assistant Treasurer/Bookkeeper. Engaging in such an action requires a 30 day notice to the membership that we will be voting on this matter at the meeting on March 11, 2016. Let this email serve as the official notice of this meeting and intent to alter the by-laws. The by-laws are available for review at our chapter website, under the membership section:

Here is the section on amendments:
Section 1. Chapter Responsibility
NC EAPA shall ensure that its bylaws are kept current in relation to IEAPA’s bylaws.
Section 2. Amendment Process at the Chapter Level
Any amendment to these bylaws must be approved by a majority of those voting members voting at a regular business meeting of special meeting of the membership or through a mail or electronic ballot, provided that written notice (electronic or mail) of the proposed amendment and date of such meeting shall have been given the members at least thirty (30) days prior to the voting date.
Final adoption of any draft amendment is subject to approval by IEAPA Bylaws committee and Board of Directors.
Section 3. Approval of Draft Amendments by IEAPA
Upon completion at the Chapter level of any amendment to the Chapter bylaws, the
recommended amended bylaws must be submitted to IEAPA for review and approval
by the Board of Directors. Bylaws must be approved by the Board of Directors before
they can take effect.

Reason for the proposed amendment:
The chapter has been operating without a full time Treasurer for over a year. Fortunately John Waller has been willing to fill the role on an interim basis while fulfilling the duties of Vice President. In trying to fill the position, it has become obvious that the role appears too complex and overwhelming to many interested parties. We are seeking to simplify the role of Treasurer by splitting the responsibilities with the Treasurer having more of an oversight role on budget, taxes, reporting and the Assistant the day-to-day operations of bill paying, processing payments for trainings and events. The Treasurer would remain as part of the Executive Team (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past President). The Assistant Treasurer would be on the Finance Committee and be a voting member of the Board of Directors. The later part is really the significant change. The board already has the authority to have a finance committee, with the potential for one or more people to assist the Treasurer. We are seeking to formalize and upgrade the Assistant Treasure position to add more stability, accountability and authority. Mr. Waller has agree to continue to serve as Interim Treasurer for the remainder of this term. The proposal would be for the change to go into effect for the next board – starting in September of 2016. That should also allow time for approval by IEAPA.

This is just a brief overview of the proposed amendment. I would be happy to answer any questions or provide more information if you will contact me directly. Thank you for your attention and support. Paul

Paul Turney, LCSW, CEAP, LEAP
NC-EAPA Chapter President

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The following Rules are up for re-adoption by the NC Board of Employee Assistance Professionals. If you have any public comment on these rules, please contact Jo Yarbrough (contact information on bottom of page). A public Hearing will be held on February 15th at 11:30am at the office of Randolph E Cloud and Associates, 1046 Washington Street, Raleigh, NC 27605.   The Rules can be read here.