Presidents Message

Updated April, 2007

It is so true that the older I get the faster time seems to pass. The March Conference has come and gone and was, once again, a great success. Congratulations to Paul Turney and the rest of the committee for a job well done!

The Board is in the process of planning our annual Strategic Planning Meeting which will be held on May 16, 2007 in Greensboro. We typically try and plan (with some flexibility) what we hope to accomplish for the next year and look closely at our budget in an effort to be good stewards of the Chapter's financial health. Last year, a decision was made to bring Andy LeFave in from Texas to train us in a two day event on Business Coaching in the Workplace. This was our first "members-only" training with a goal of enhancing the value of membership in NC-EAPA. The feedback was terrific and we hope to find new ways of making your participation in the Chapter meaningful. Please share any ideas you might have with us.

Also in May, Jay Hale and I will be traveling to Houston for the 2007 Officer's Summit, formerly called the leadership retreat. Previously, leadership training was offered at the Global EAPA Conference, but that is changing this year and it will be done at the district level. We will arrive on Saturday, have leadership training on Sunday, the officer's summit on Monday and attend the Houston chapter's monthly meeting Tuesday morning before coming home. If you have any ideas, comments or feedback on how we can be a better chapter or organization as a whole, please send them along and they will be voiced. John Maynard, CEO of EAPA will be present. It is VERY nice to be involved in a chapter with so many successes to share.

We do have a new board member! After this position being unfilled for a couple of years, Renee Evans of Appalachian University will be the new Diversity Chair. Please consider helping her in this role by joining her committee. And while I'm talking about involvement, why not contact any member of the Board and find out where we might be able to use your awesome talents!!!

Lindy Langston
President, EAPA -- North Carolina Chapter

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