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THE on-LINER September 2002 EDITION


Congratulations to our new Chapter Officers for 2002-04:
President-Joan Radford; Vice President-Karen Molli:
Secretary-Martha Ausman; and Treasurer-Jay Hale!


Welcome to Gary Bailey, MSW who has not only joined the Chapter but is already on the New Technology Committee. Gary works with the Duke Corporate Mental Health Program in their EAP and is on the faculty at Elon. Gary is also preparing to take the CEAP exam.


The Chapter newsletter, The Liner, will go paperless beginning with the February 2003 edition. The Liner will continue to be put on the Chapter's website and members will be notified each time that a new issue is there via an e-mail message from the listserve. If your e-mail address has changed, or if you are not already on the NC-EAPA listserve and want to be, please contact: Andy Silberman at:


Dawn Klug has joined the Employee Assistance Network (EAN) as an EAP Consultant in EAN's Asheville office. Dawn was formerly with Catawba Valley Mental Health in Hickory. Dawn can be reached at 828-252-5725. Paula Edwards, formerly with Foothills Mental Health in Morganton, has begun work with The Counseling Group in Hickory. Paula can be reached at 866-306-9535.


If you are a female planning to attend the conference in Boston and would like to share room expenses contact Karen Untz at 1-800-554-1399.


Chapter members remember that we have a peer referral program available. The program offers up to two sessions ($100 total) paid by the Chapter. Details are in your Chapter Operations Manual.


"A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory."

"Borrow money from pessimists-they don't expect it back."

"Boycott shampoo! Demand the REAL poo!"

"Why do psychics have to ask you for your name?"

"Who is General Failure and why is he reading my hard disk?"


by Joan Radford,
Vice President/Education and Training Chair

Thanks to all of you who attended the NC EAPA August workshop! Approximately thirty-five people attended the training, which was held at the Holiday Inn-North in Raleigh.

From the evaluations, it appears that the participants felt it was time well spent. Lisa Angel, JD, presented on An Overview of NC Divorce Law. She was an excellent presenter. Her information was very practical and her hand-outs/ resources will be extremely helpful to us in our work.

Speaking of handouts, I have a few extra booklets from the Rosen Law Firm that I plan to take to our October training. I will distribute them on a "first-come, first-served basis". Those of you who were not able to attend may want to visit the Rosen Law Firm web site at or A lot of information on divorce is listed on the sites as well as sample child support worksheets and child support calculators.

One of our members, Richard Varela of Today's EAP, presented on Delivery of EAP Services to the Knowledge Worker. Richard's evaluations were also very good, as was the information that he presented. If you would like to present at one of our workshops, please contact me. If you are a member, we will waive your registration fee.

Congratulations to Jose Acevedo of Dupont in Kinston! He won our drawing of free registration for our next four chapter workshops (does not include March conference).

Please mark your calendars and plan on attending our NC EAPA October workshop scheduled for October 18 that Quarry Hills Country Club in Graham. We will have an in-depth presentation on Elder Care (see registration information for more details). We will also draw for a paid one-year membership to NC EAPA. You do not have to be present to win but each time you attend a workshop, we add your name to our Official Box of Generosity.

I look forward to seeing you in October.



  • Take exit 148, Chapel Hill Hwy. 54 exit.
  • Turn left at the end of the ramp and you will be on 54 East for ap-proximately 3.5 miles.
  • Turn right on to George Bason road (you should see the golf course on the right side of the road).
  • Go W mile and there is a sign on the right for Quarry Hills Country Club and 54 East Restaurant.


  • Take exit 148, Chapel Hill Hwy. 54 exit.
  • Turn right at the end of the ramp and you will be on 54 East for approximately 3.5 miles.
  • Turn right on to George Bason Road (you should see the golf course on the right side of the road).
  • Go W mile and there is a sign on the right for Quarry Hills Country Club and 54 East Restaurant.


It may be difficult to get a room because the Furniture Market is
scheduled the week of our workshop. In addition, room rates are higher.
Following is list of some of the area hotels. There are others that you
may want to contact.

  • Hampton Inn in Burlington, Exit 141 off of I-40. Phone: 336-584-4447
  • Hampton Inn in Mebane, Exit 153 off of I-40. Phone: 919-563-5400
  • Ramada Inn in Burlington, Exit 143 off of I-40. Phone: 336-227-5541


August 9th, 2002, Holiday Inn North, Raliegh, NC

President Cliff Morgan called the meeting to order. The minutes of the May 16, 2002 Chapter Meeting were approved. The following
business was discussed:

I. Presidents Report: Cliff Morgan - NEW BUSINESS
The Board agreed to contract with Randolph Cloud to pursue confidentiality for EAP records and a license in practice for the profession. It is felt that confidentiality issues will be the easier of the two to get approved. Cliff explained the process of a study bill in the Legisla-ture and the difficulties facing the Legislature. Randolph suggested we form our own study group which will meet on December 4 th and 5 th , 2002.. Randolph and his group will facilitate the group meeting. We will have representatives from different professions as part of the group. Persons having strong feelings regarding these issues should contact Patrice Alexander by the end of September. She would like to have input from members.

  • LEAP Board is composed of two (2) LEAPS PRIVATELY EMPLOYED and two (2) / LEAPS of any employment and one (1) person
    who is not a LEAP. The Board meets 4 times a year. We need a list of persons who would be interested in serving on this Board when
    vacancies occur. Contact should be made to Patrice.

II. Treasurers Report: Martha Ausman-Martha
reports that we had 20 attendees at the Wrightsville Beach May conference. We had a loss of $453.27.

  • The Chapter had an overall loss of $3,000 between operating expenses and revenues for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2002.
  • Assets in checking account are currently $ 844.68.
  • Mutual Funds have lost money in the last couple of months due to the down swing in the market.
  • The Chapter remains in good financial standing.

III. Nomination Committee: John Howard, Lib Edwards, and Frank Horton served as the Nomination Committee for the new Chapter Officers. John announced that the slates for officers that have been certified by the committee are:

  • President/ Joan Radford
  • Vice President / Karen Mollie
  • Secretary. / Martha Aussman
  • Treasurer / Jay Hail

No other nominations were offered from the floor. New officers will be sworn in October meeting in Graham. All members are encour-aged
to complete ballots as show of support for the new incoming officers.

C. Standing Committee Reports
1. Membership: Melissa Summer reports she has no had any requests for membership applications since March, 2002.
2. Education & Training: Joan Radford - October Meeting in Graham, NC will provide 4 hours of training on elder care.
3. Outreach: Miriam Bundy- Cliff reports for Miriam that we will be a vendor at the SHERM Conference in October. He also reports that Ray Robbins needs reports and news articles for the Liner no later than Labor Day, September 2, 2002.
4. Bylaws : Paul Morehouse- no report
5. New Technologies: Andy Silberman- Cliff reports for Andy: Ben Stiling has resigned from the committee. Gary Bailey has agreed to join the committee. He is currently exploring a paperless newsletter as approved by Board at May 2002 meeting.
6. Diversity: Shannon South- Cliff reports for Shannon that she has resigned as Chair of this committee because she is moving to Illinois.
7. Certification: Jim Cooper- Reports that all professional verification forms are complete and we have four (4) PDH's for this conference.
8. Standards and Ethics: Elaine Jenkins- No report

D. District 2 Report- Rich Barett is now the representative for the combined south and southwestern regions. Special Committees- Scholarship: Joan Radford. No applications were received for this Chapter meeting/ training.

IV. Other Business
A. Cecil Broadhurst announced that training will be provided at Southlight for the new Dot regulations for persons interested in becoming SAPs.
B. Official Box of Generosity: Joan Radford Jesus Acevedo is the winner of the drawing for four Chapter meeting registrations. Tim Nash is the back-up winner.

With no further business, Cliff Morgan adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted
Paula A. Edwards, M.S., CEAP, NC/LEAP
Secretary, NC/EAPA Chapter


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