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Welcome to Dwane Wynne of Value Options. Dwane works with Value Options in the Raleigh office. He can be reached by email at: He joined in February of this year. We're slow, but sure. If you have joined the Chapter in 2001 and we haven't recognized and welcomed you in The Liner call Ray Robbins at 704-262-1834 or email to: and let him know.


Congratulations to Miriam Bundy for winning Chapter dues for one year ($40) as a result of the drawing at the Boone meeting.


The NC EAPA Conference is scheduled for March 13-15, 2002. The planning committee is well on their way to planning interesting and timely topics that we all face in the Employee Assistance field. We want this year's conference to be a fun and relaxing time for you, in light of our difficult and challenging times. With that in mind, entertainment this year is going to be different and especially fun for all. Bingo is the game plan. Did you ever wish you could win the big lottery or jack pot? Of course you did. Well, Bingo Night at the conference is not the lottery, but it's going to be close to the lottery with our array of prizes. We have begun to secure prizes, but need many more.

We need your help in securing bingo prizes. Whether you have a craft, hobby, or something you make that you would like to donate as a bingo prize. We need your help. You can also contribute by getting a local business to donate a gift or gift certificate, or maybe you would like to donate a gift you have purchased, or have your organization to donate a gift.

For additional information on bingo prizes or how you or your organization can donate gifts, contact: Jo Turbyfill, ValueOptions, 336-249-7968 or We need your help in making this a success for all!


At the August and December 2001 meetings the NC Board of Employee Assistance Professionals (NCBEAP) issued licenses to the following applicant: Ray Robbins. The following licenses were renewed: Laura Texier, John Arthur, Ron Mangum, Jack Crain, Irene Carroll, Christine Jones, Karen Molli, John Howard, Martha Ausman, Miriam Bundy, Dale Mundy, Denise Kuppinger, Patrice Alexander, Robert Denig, Ronald Pelt, David Hamby, Cathy Reinbold, Melissa Summer, Keith McDaniel, Melissa Holmes, Susan Bratton, Frank Horton, Terry Newsome, Lindy Langston, Joe Coulter, Dennis Nance, John Burke, Mark Ferdinandsen, Jan Connelly, Sharon Howard, and Mary Ann Puckett. Congratulations to all!

  • At the October meeting the Board finalized the draft of the ethics policy and procedures. It is now being reviewed by the Attorney General's office. At the same time the draft is being reviewed with the EACC director to ensure that the ethics policy governing the CEAP are supportive and reciprocal.
  • Also discussed were the presentations being done at all the EAPA Chapter meetings by the NC/EAPA Ad Hoc Committee on Licensure, to which two of the NCBEAP members have been appointed. The committee's task is to gather information and they will present their findings to NC/EAPA and the NCBEAP in May. The NC/EAPA Board could then use the findings to make its own presentation and recommendations for action to the chapter membership.
  • The NCBEAP's next meeting will be in January 2002. The deadline for all licensure and renewal applications, to be considered at that meeting, will be December 30, 2001.


Remember that as a member of NC-IEAPA you have access to a counselor paid for by the Chapter. For details consult your Chapter Operations Manual.


If you are moving, have moved, etc. and you haven't notified Paula Edwards and IEAPA for an address change DO IT NOW! The post office will only forward mail for a specific period of time. Undeliverable newsletters will result in possible removal from the mailing list.


If you currently get the hard copy of The Liner and would prefer to get it by email contact Andy Silberman at

Dear NC/EAPA Members:

Elaine Jenkins, Miriam Bundy, Allyson O,Sullivan and Karen Molli

Joan Radford and Patrice Alexander

September 20, 2001

Your fellow chapter members were hard at work and represented you well at the North Carolina SHRM state conference in Raleigh on September 12 - 14.

Many thanks to Elaine Jenkins, Karen Molli, Joan Radford, Patrice Alexander, Cecile Broadhurst and Sharon Howard for their presence at our exhibitors booth. The group talked with the SHRM attendees about EAP, explained what we do, who we are, the value of having an EAP, how EAP works, and much more.

Allyson O'Sullivan, IEAPA,s marketing and development director drove down from Arlington on September 12 and brought with her a display board and back issues of The Exchange for our exhibit. Allyson stayed and helped our chapter members with the booth for the remaining two days. We appreciate her efforts and the display board looked great. We were one of 63 exhibitors and without the display board, we would have been upstaged by at least one exhibitor whose booth had a Chinese motif complete with kimonos. But, we were next door to an exhibitor who baked cookies for attendees and our keen EAPers were able to capitalize on talking with people who were waiting for a new batch of cookies to come out of the oven.

Thanks to Sandy Allen and Christine Jones who put together our booth handouts and gifts. Sandy got us neon green stress balls with the EAPA logo and our website printed in blue, stress dots, candy and a fountain to give away in a drawing. Christine found useful articles from The Exchange that were copied and given out. We also had available handouts about grief at work, responses to traumatic stress and several other timely articles.

September 11 was the day before the start of the conference, and the terrorists, attack did have an impact on the conference. The attendance was slightly less than expected and some of the national speakers were not able to fly into Raleigh. However, our representative members report talking with some people who were very interested in knowing more about EAP and who asked lots of good questions. Many of the attendees already have an EAP. There were some who knew they had an EAP but did not know what services are provided by the EAP.

Business cards were collected from attendees for the fountain-prize drawing. A follow up letter was sent to them to express NC/EAPA's appreciation for their time at our booth and to remind them of our website address.

Again, thanks to all people and organizations who gave their time and paid expenses for members to take part in the SHRM conference. It was a valuable step in our efforts to promote EAP and strengthen our ties with the human resources community.

Miriam Bundy
Outreach Committee Chairperson


Thanks to the efforts of the Diversity Committee members, we are fortunate to have Adrienne Ressler to present A Body to Die For at our December workshop. However, we need your assistance in promoting this training. Make extra copies of the registration information/form and give some to your co-workers or other professionals with whom you have contact. Invite any therapists, counselors, social workers, nurses, dieticians, etc. that you use as referral resources to attend this workshop. Publicize the training in your company newsletter.

We usually have about 30-35 participants attend our December workshop(s). However, we have reserved space for 60 participants this year. Not only will participants have the opportunity of learning from a skilled professional but our chapter will also have the opportunity of generating additional monies. The following information on Adrienne Ressler may help you to encourage others to attend.

She is the Director of Professional Relations and Education at The Renfrew Center of Florida. As a senior staff member at The Renfrew Center for eleven years, Ms. Ressler has designed and conducted training seminars for professionals throughout the country on eating disorders, sexual abuse, depression and body-image issues. She serves on the Board of Directors of the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals.
Ms. Ressler received both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Michigan, where she also served on the faculty in the School of Education. Ms. Ressler is a certified social worker and has extensive training in psychodrama and the body-centered therapies of Bioenergetic Analysis and Alexander Technique.

She has earned international recognition for her expertise on body-image disturbance in women, and has had her work published in several journals, including the International Journal of Fertility and Women's Medicine, The American Medical Athletic Quarterly, and Pulse, the official publication of the International Spa Association.

Ms. Ressler has been interviewed on National Public Radio's Talk of the Nation, ABC's Good Morning America Sunday, and was featured in Lords of Esteem, a documentary on cosmetic surgery and vanity. Ms. Ressler co-produced and hosted a program on bulimia for middle-school children for Instructional TV, and was co-curator of Awakening the Silent Voice: Expressing Secrets through the Arts, a six-month exhibit of patient artwork at The Museum of Art in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Ms. Ressler provides private consultation to the spa and fitness industry.

Thank you for your assistance and for supporting NC EAPA! Contact Joan Radford, Vice President, at 252-450-6949 if you have additional suggestions.


October 18, 2001 - Qulaituy Inn, Boone, NC

Vice-President Joan Radford called the meeting to order. The minutes of the August 9, 2001 Business Meeting were approved. The following business was discussed:

  • I. New Business:
    • A. SHRM Report: Joan reports for Miriam Bundy about the NC EAPA exhibit at the SHRM Conference on September 12-14, 2001. NC EAPA was one of 63 exhibitors at the Conference. The Conference began the day after the September 11, 2001 "attack on America. Miriam,s Committee was able to provide timely materials related to stress at our booth. Joan read a letter that Miriam sent to all Conference attendees, whom left business cards at the NC EAPA exhibit booth, expressing our appreciation for their time and interest. Joan also shared the information letter from Miriam about the SHRM Conference that will be printed in the upcoming Liner.
      • Discussion was held concerning the value of the SHRM Conference. There was agreement that a lot of the Conference attendees did not stop by our booth. It was agreed that we need to track SHRM activity as it relates to contact with our members and web-site before deciding to spend the money and effort to present again at the Conference.
      • Jim Cooper suggested we consider a presentation at least one more time before making a decision about the value of the SHRM Conference.
      • Appreciation was given to Miriam and her committee for the outstanding work in their preparedness and presentation at the SHRM Conference. Our Chapter was very well represented through their efforts and professional presentation.
    • B. International EAPA - Elaine Jenkins reported that the first four names drawn, at the August Chapter meeting, for the free registration to I-EAPA was unable to attend. She drew additional names that resulted in the "winner donating the money back to the NC Chapter. The "winner wishes to remain anonymous.
      • The Board decided to reverse the registration give away at the May and August Chapter meetings. Therefore, the free registration for the International Conference will be given away at the May meeting which will allow the winning recipient more time and preparation to attend.
      • The International EAPA conference will be in Vancouver, Canada. Discussion was held concerning the impact of UAW withdrawing from I-EAPA membership and the future of National Conferences. It was noted that registration is down significantly and there have been many cancellations following the September 11, 2001 incident.
    • C. Chapter Meetings: Joan reported that there is a very low registration for this Chapter meeting. Both of the scheduled speakers for this Conference waived an honorarium.
      • Managing High Risk Situations presented by Dawn Klug.
      • Treatment of Opioid Addiction in Rural Virginia by Life Center of Galax.
      • The Board had discussion was held concerning suggestions for future meetings. Roy Sonovick has made an offer to co-sponsor the NC Statewide EAPA Conference in October with our October Chapter meeting. He has already booked October 2, 3 and 4 for 2002. It was decided by the Board that this proposal would conflict with attendance at our March Conference, largely because of the higher registration and length of time for the NC Statewide Conference. We do appreciate the offer and the spirit of cooperation with which the offer was made.
      • It was decided to have the full Board vote by email on the change of the October 002 Chapter meeting in Boone to the Quarry Hills Country Club in Burlington, NC. The vote will include the location change and the change to a one-day meeting with a 45-minute lunch and a 45-minute Business meeting. All one-day meetings will be the same format as discussed for the above October 2002 meeting with 4 PDHs. The vote by email will be as follows:
        • 1. May 2002 Chapter meeting in Wrightsville Beach to remain the same.
        • 2. August 2002 Chapter meeting in Raleigh to begin at 9:45 am and end at 3:15 pm with a 45 minute lunch and a 45 minute Business meeting with 4 PDHs. Registration will be from 9:15 am until 9:45 am.
        • 3. October 2002 meeting to be held in Burlington as a one day meeting with 4 PDHs.
        • 4. December 2002 meeting to be held in Charlotte as a one day meeting with 4 PDHs.
        • 5. March Conference to remain the same.
  • II. Treasurer,s Report: Martha Ausman, Treasurer, reported that the:
    • A.August Chapter Meeting in Raleigh had 41 attendees. The income for the meeting was $1,185 and the expenses were $1,457.81 with a net loss of $272.81.
    • B. Chapter membership dues from I-EAPA are still outstanding for the months of June, July, August and September.
    • C. Our accountant is currently preparing our Chapter tax returns.
    • D. The Chapter remains in good financial standing. Joan Radford gave her appreciation to Martha, on behalf of the Chapter, for the outstanding job she is doing as our Treasurer.
  • III. Standing Committees:
    • A. Legislative and Public Policy: Patrice Alexander
      • No report
    • B. Membership: Melissa Summer
      • No report.
    • C. Education and Training: Joan Radford reports the proposed schedule for 2002 Training is as follows:
      • May 15th - Board Strategic Planning Meeting at Wrightsville Beach- Noon until 4 pm
      • May 15th - Board Meeting at Wrightsville Beach at 4 pm
      • May 16-17 Chapter Meeting at the Blockade Runner at Wrightsville Beach
      • August 8th Board Meeting at 4 pm in Raleigh
      • August 9th Chapter Meeting - 9:45 am until 3:15 pm in Raleigh
      • October 17th Board Meeting in Burlington
      • October 18th Chapter Meeting in Burlington
      • December 5th Board Meeting in Charlotte
      • December 6th Chapter Meeting in Charlotte
    • D. Outreach: Miriam Bundy
      • Report from Miriam Bundy, given by Joan Radford, was covered under New Business
      • Ray needs all articles for the Liner by Wednesday, October 24, 2001.
    • E. By Laws: Paul Morehouse
      • No report
    • F. New Technology: Andy Silberman as reported by email sent to Board members.
      • 22 EA Providers have submitted application (and $50 payment) to be on the new Providers page on our website.
      • Andy is currently in discussion with several potential "advertisers for the website regarding the purchase of a banner ad.
      • The webpage menu has been reorganized and updated to enhance navigation of the site.
      • The links page changes were made to include only non-commercial sites.
      • Revised "Ad Package to be offered to vendors in advertisement and/or sponsoring was provided for review.
      • Joan Radford discussed the need to have a better-defined plan for providing services to vendors who purchase a package.
    • G. Cultural Diversity: Shannon South
      • Adrienne Ressler from the Renfrew Center will be our guest speaker at the December 2001 Chapter meeting in Charlotte. The meeting will be held at the University Holiday Inn. The topic will be a "Body to Die For.
      • An effort should be made by all members to invite "eating disorder professionals to the training.
    • H. Certification: Jim Cooper
      • I-EAPA has been very slow in granting PDH approval. Jim hopes to have the approval by tomorrow morning, in time for the Chapter Meeting.
      • The SA Board is prompt in approving requested credits.
      • Joan Radford donated the expense for some PDH,s to our March 2002 Conference. These PDH,s are owed to her by I-EAPA.
    • I. Standards and Ethics: Elaine Jenkins
    • J. Research and Information: Karen Molli
      • No report
  • IV. Southern Regional Rep. Report: Barbara Murdock
    • Joan reports for Barbara from her email to Cliff Morgan.
    • There has been a significant drop in the registration for I-EAPA Conference in Vancouver. Late registrations are being waived.
    • To date, UAW is the only union to drop out of I-EAPA.
    • Barbara is very concerned about a reduction in the budget for Regional Reps.
  • V. Special Committee
    • 1. Scholarship: Joan Radford
      • No requests for scholarships to the October Meeting were submitted.
    • 2. Awards: Vicki Harrington
      • No report
    • 3. March Conference Committee: Karen Mollie
      • Karen reports that plans for the March conference are progressing.
      • Three national speakers have agreed to present:
        • 1. John Maynard from Colorado "Mid-Life Transitions in the Workplace
        • 2. Tom Amaral from California on "Outcomes
        • 3. William Moyers "Addiction and EAP
      • Additional topics being presented include:
        • 1. Work-Life
        • 2. Coaching
        • 3. Workplace Lay-off and Mergers
      • Barbara Murdock will present on Supervisory Training, a "Train the Trainer model.
    • 4. Job Announcements:
      • No report

With no further business, Joan Radford adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted
Paula A. Edwards, M.S., CEAP, NC/LEAP
Secretary, NC/EAPA Chapter


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