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Welcome New Members

If you have joined our chapter since the March Conference let Ray Robbins know so he can announce your presence. You can reach Ray at 704-262-1834 (new number since Nov. 1).

New Chapter Officers and Committee Chairs

Please note on the Committees page that we have, or course, new Chapter officers and committee chairs. Contact the chair of the committee(s) you would like to join and get involved.

Where Are You Now?

During a recent Board meeting the subject of the Chapter mailing list was discussed. The results including affirming the reality that it is each member's responsibility to let the Chapter know of any changes in address, phone number, or employer. Failure to do so will result in undelivered communications and benefits. If you have or are about to have a change in any personal information contact Paula Edwards, Chapter Secretary, at (828) 757-5727.

Chapter Peer Referral Program

Remember that the Chapter has made available assistance for Chapter members with personal challenges. Consult your Chapter Operations Manual for more information. If you need a manual call Membership Chair Melissa Summer at: (704) 481-1337

This Is Your Chance!

What would you like to see in The Liner either occasionally or on a regular basis? What do you have to send in for publication? If you have job announcements around the time The Liner is distributed or any other appropriate information call Ray Robbins at (704) 262-1834.

NC Leap Board News

According to Board policy, upon the direction of the Attorney General's Office, the names of all persons whose licenses have been allowed to lapse or have been returned
by the licensee are to be published in The Liner. As of October 10, 2000 Dwight Mays is no longer licensed as an Employee Assistance Professional by the North Carolina Board of Employee Assistance Professionals. The next meeting of the Board is January 24, 2001. All applications for licensure, or information that has been requested by the Board regarding CEAP update, should be postmarked by December 31, 2000. Questions should be directed to Patrice Alexander, 252-533-6256.

Patrice Alexander, Ph.D., LEAP
Board Chair


The awards committee is happy to announce the winner of the "Official Box of Generosity" giveaway. Jay Hale, of NovantHealth in Winston Salem won a free Chapter membership renewal. You, too, can be a winner. For each Chapter meeting you attend your name is added to the box. So join us in December and see if you will be the winner of a free registration to the NC EAPA March Conference!

Elaine Jenkins
Awards Committee Chair

l-r: Vicki Harrington and Elaine Jenkins were recognized for
their service as Chapter Secretary and President respectively.

Is This Perfect

If you find a mistake in this edition of The Liner, be the first to call Ray Robbins at (704) 262-1834 and you will receive a free registration to the December Chapter meeting.

The History Channel!

As Historian of EAPA-North Carolina Chapter I have been able to participate in the process to make the role more productive. A new committee has been formed to look at assembling elements related to Chapter history. The committee includes: Midgie Brawley (Chair), John Burke, Melissa Holmes, Chuck Taylor and Ray Robbins.

Currently, we have ten years of documented history. This information along with some other items will begin our search. The committee is asking members who have any items, pictures, artifacts, memorabilia, Chapter facts, or anything about the Chapter that would serve as a keepsake be given to any committee member by December 1, 2000

These items will be reviewed and a selection of items will be chosen and assembled in a professional way to preserve them. Members and other interested persons will be shown the completed project.

The committee has members, but no name. So, the membership s being asked to "Name the Committee." Please submit your ideas to Midgie Brawley, Chair, 8910 N. Pine Hill Lane, Charlotte, NC 28215 OR email at The winner of the contest will receive one free registration to a Chapter meeting in 2001, excluding the March Conference. All entries must be received by December 31, 2000.

Our Chapter's history is important and should be preserved. It is a way to introduce new members, to tell other chapters what we are about, and to preserve our existence.

Thank you for your support and interest in this project. The committee hopes its efforts will strengthen your pride in your Chapter and the roots from which it has evolved.

NC/EAPA Business Meeting

October 19, 2000 · Boone, NC

  • A. The meeting was called to order by President Elaine Jenkins at 12:55 p.m.
  • B. EAP News: Elaine Jenkins welcomed the "first-time" attendees to the workshop and also new EAPA Chapter members. The August Business Minutes were approved as written and placed in The Liner.
  • C. Board Meeting Update
  • 1. International EAPA Updates - Elaine stated that the dates for International EAPAs Conference are November 18 - 21, 2000 and is being held in New York City. Anna Lane was awarded a free registration. Elaine gave the results of EAPAs elections. The results are: President Elect is Don Jorgenson; Vice President is Dotty Blum; and Secretary is Tom Cole. Barbara Murdock will continue to represent NC/ EAPA on the International EAPA Board. Elaine also stated that Toni Samuel was hired as EAPAs CEO. Elaine stated that Midgie Brawley had served on the seach committee in finding candidates for the CEO position. Midgie stated that she was very pleased with the process and feels that Toni will do a fine job for EAPA.
  • 2 LEAP Board Update - Midgie Brawley reported that the board met on October 10th and no new LEAP applications had been received. Midgie also reported that there was discussion about expanding LEAP from a title bill to a practice bill. Midgie stated that any decisions should come from the Chapter.
  • 3. NC/EAPA History - Elaine stated that a new committee will be formed to better record the Chapter's history. Midgie Brawley will be the contact person for gathering information. The year 2002 will be NC/EAPAs 25th anniversary.
  • 4. Chapter Election Results - Elaine reported the results of elections. They are: Cliff Morgan, President; Joan Radford, Vice President; Martha Ausman, Treasurer and Paula Edwards, Secretary. These officers will serve a two-year term.
  • 5. Treasurer's Report - Martha Ausman reported there were 36 attendees at the August meeting in Raleigh. Martha also stated that the Chapter is in good financial standing.
  • D. Standing Committee Reports
  • 1. Legislative & Public Policy - Elaine reported that if any one is interested in representing the Chapter by serving on Coalition 2001 and/or on the Substance Abuse Federation Board contact Patrice Alexander for more information. Coalition 2001 meets in Raleigh on the second Monday and the Substance Abuse Federation Board meets in Burlington on the second Wednesday.
  • 2. Membership - Melissa Summer reported 159 active members.
  • 3. Education & Training - Cliff Morgan reported the December 8th meeting is scheduled to be held at University Hilton in Charlotte.
  • 4. Research & Information - Lindy Langston had no report.
  • 5. Outreach - Ray Robbins stated that if members and non-members are interested in being added to the mailing list for The Liner, contact Paula Edwards.
  • 6. Bylaws - Miriam Bundy had no report
  • 7. New Technologies - Elaine Jenkins reported that the list server for the Chapter is up and running after some problems with the "reply" system was corrected. Elaine stated that information needing to be communicated quickly to members is the main focus for the list server. There are 111 members on the server. The list server is for members only. If you are contacted by someone who wants the list, have the person contact Andy Silberman.
  • 8. Diversity - No report
  • 9. Certification - Joan Radford reported all professional hours and forms were available at the registration table.
  • 10. Standards & Ethics - Elaine Jenkins reported that no action had been taken on the ethical complaint.
  • D. Southern Regional Report - Elaine Jenkins stated that Barbara Murdock will continue to represent NC/EAPA on the International EAPA Board.
  • E. Special Committees
  • 1. Scholarships - Cliff Morgan reported that no one had requested a scholarship
  • 2. Awards - A drawing was held for membership dues being paid for one year.
  • 3. March Conference - Joan Radford gave an update on the conference. The committee is moving along and has almost all the speakers in place. The theme will be Odyssey 2001. The dates are March 14-16, 2001 and it will again be held at the University Hilton in Charlotte.
  • 4. Job Announcements - Cumberland County EAP has a vacancy for EAP Director.
  • F. New Business: No new business.
  • G. Old Business: No old business.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 PM

    Respectfully submitted,
    Vicki Harrington, LEAP
    Secretary, Board of Directors

    NC EAPA and New Technology

    As most of you know, NC EAPA's New Technology committee recently developed a listserve, and by doing so, has created a mechanism that can improve ease of communi-cation among the chapter membership. The listserve now contains the e-mail addresses of about 125 chapter members.

    The NC EAPA listserve provides chapter members with the opportunity to e-mail all NC EAPA members with information, questions, and urgent news. However, to prevent unnecessary "clutter" in inboxes, we all need to be mindful that messages sent to the listserve should be relevant to our EAP work or chapter information. As we have learned the hard way, replies to a message should be directed to the original sender of the message and only directed to the entire listserve when appropriate.

    The listserve not only provides the membership with an expedient way to disseminate information to the membership, but can save money on postage for items that would otherwise have to be mailed, such as the LINER. To date, 42 members have indicated their preference that the LINER be sent to them via e-mail, and this will likely be in place by the next issue. If you have not already indicated your interest in having the LINER e-mailed to you in the future, and would like this method of delivery instead of through US mail, please let me know at:

    Attendees gather for updated training on issues such as "Codependency" and "AIDS."

    For information about our CONFERENCES available, visit the Conferences & Events page.


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