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The 13th annual EAP Statewide Network Conference will be held October 3-5 at the Blockade Runner in Wrightsville Beach, NC. For more information contact: Roy Sonovick, 919-733-4555 or Jan Connelly, 252-430-1330 Ext. 261.


Roy Sonovick has been recuperating from knee replacement surgery for the past several weeks. Joan Radford has been filling in for Roy. All of us wish Roy well and a speedy recovery (especially Joan). Roy is expected to be back in the office soon.


Established North Raleigh EAP firm seeks licensed professional (i.e., LPC, LCSW, Ph.D.) who wants to build a combined EAP and private therapy practice. EAP experience preferred. Please submit resume and career goals to Karen Untz, Raleigh EAP, 1008 Bullard Court, Suite 101, Raleigh, NC 27615 or Fax to 919-872-8281.


For those wondering what happened to Margaret Larrea (formerly Sigmon), Margaret is the Director of Admissions for Queens College in Charlotte. Her phone number is: 704-337-2357. Margaret says hello and call her to discuss old times. She used to be a big Chapter supporter and marketer of chemical dependency services in the
Charlotte area.


If you would like to purchase any highly desirable Chapter items such as shirts, canvas bags, and portfolios call Outreach Chair Miriam Bundy at 704-527-5300. Each has the Association and Chapter logos. They make wonderful gifts!


The North Carolina Board of Employee Assistance Professionals (NCBEAP) met on April 17. At that meeting the Board renewed twenty one licenses. A number of licenses that were due to be renewed have been delayed because of changes in the certification schedule of the EACC. As a result the Board is extending the deadline for those LEAPs whose licenses expired in May 2001. The postmark deadline for submission of the renewal application, which must be accompanied by current CEAP documentation, has been extended to July 25, 2001. The Board will meet and review the applications on August 1st. Please call Patrice Alexander, Board Chair, at 252-533-62556 if you have any questions.

The Licensed Employee Assistance Professionals whose licenses were renewed, effective May 1, 2001, are:

Barbara "Midgie" Brawley Mary Roberts
Elaine Jenkins John Trombello
Eva Nove Maurice Judd Berryhill
Eric Hunter Ernest Gore
Karen Untz Paul Morehouse
Emily McNair Owen O'Grady
William Carroll Jacquelyn Betts
Joan Radford Priscilla Garland
Suzanne Kelly Teresa Lineback
Lew Bost Victoria Harrington
Edward Young



The Outreach Committee has secured a booth for the Society of Human Resource Managers (SHRM) state conference in Raleigh. The dates are September 12-14, 2001. We will be distributing the NC/EAPA Membership list and we want to make sure you are listed if you are a member and that all of your membership information is current and correct.

If you do not want your name and address included on the membership list for this occasion, please contact Miriam Bundy, Outreach Committee Chairperson, at (704) 527-5300 or

International EAPA has been doing a lot of updating on the membership list and we know that there have been a few mistakes and omissions. Would you please take a few minutes to email or call Paula Edwards, our Chapter Secretary, to give her your correct membership information. Please verify your information no later than August 1, 2001. Paula can be reached at (828) 757-5727 or


May 17, 2001 · Wrightsville Beach, NC

President Cliff Morgan called the meeting to order. The following business was discussed:

  • 1. The NC/EAPA Chapter Board members met for the annual Strategic Planning Meeting yesterday. Cliff reported that a lot of work had been accomplished at the meeting.
  • 2. Annual Officers Retreat ­ Pensacola, Fla.
    • All member of the NC/EAPA Executive Board attended
      the retreat.
    • Cliff reported that the retreat was productive in terms of information, networking and team building.
  • 3. LEAP Task Force ­ has been formed and is moving forward with their task of looking at the feasibility of a license in practice. It was agreed to give one hour for the August, October, and December meetings to present educational information to the members. The March Conference will be the culmination of the presentations. They will be educating the members at the August and December meetings with a presentation to the membership at the March 2002 conference.
  • 4. EAPA Membership ­ the current list from International is inaccurate. Cliff urged everyone to keep his or her address and information up to date. Members can notify Paula Edwards or Melissa Summer of changes.
  • 5. NC EAPA Website ­ Cliff reports that Andy Silberman stated that our web-site continues to have a large number of hits, with many coming from other states. Currently 53 Chapter members have signed to receive the Liner on-line.
  • 6. Treasurer's Report: Cliff reports for Martha that the:
    • March Conference a profit of $3,386.41 was realized for the 2001 year. The 2000 Conference showed a profit of $4,310.00. This year we had fewer attendees, fewer sponsors but more vendors.
    • The Chapter remains in good financial standing.
  • 7. March Conference 2002
    • Karen Molli stated that she has negotiated all hotel expenses for next year's March Conference to remain at the same rate as this year.
    • The First Timers Luncheon at the March 2001 conference was a success. It has been decided to continue with this at each March Conference. It serves as a way of welcoming new comers and also of informing them of our Chapter activities.
  • 8. Outreach Committee ­ Miriam Bundy reports that plans for marketing EAP include:
    • The development of a Speakers Bureau consisting of Chapter members.
    • Display at the SHRM Conference in September.
  • 9. Future Training Meetings ­ We voted to raise the registration fee for the quarterly meetings to $35 beginning with August 2001 meeting.
  • 10. Liner ­ The Liner costs approximately $500 to publish. We publish 5 editions a year. It was decided to not publish the February issue of the Liner since we also publish the March Conference during that time.

With no further business, Cliff Morgan adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted
Paula A. Edwards, M.S., CEAP, NC/LEAP
Secretary, NC/EAPA Chapter


For information about our CONFERENCES available, visit the Conferences & Events page.


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