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Welcome New Members

If you are a new Chapter member, let me know so we can recognize you in the newsletter. Also, don,t forget to register to attend the luncheon for new members and first timers at the March Conference.

Have You Moved?

If you have moved, you will want to let Paula Edwards know. Paula maintains the Chapter mailing list and Membership Directory. Paula can be reached at (828) 757-5727. If you have an email address change, contact Andy Silberman at Also, EAPA needs to know so you will continue to receive valuable benefits.

The Liner Emailed

Those indicating that they prefer The Liner be emailed will be contacted by Andy Silberman as soon as it has been loaded on the Chapter website. If you would like The Liner emailed to you instead of a hard copy through the mail, contact Andy at the above email address.

Looking For EA Professionals

CIGNA Behavioral Health is looking for skilled EA professionals to provide on site services to our customers in the North Carolina area. CIGNA Behavioral Health offers a competitive fee schedule and training materials are already prepared, requiring a minimum amount of preparation by providers. Interested professionals with experience in providing wellness seminars and management trainings should send a brief summary of their on site EA experience and training to: Julie Johnson, LPC at (mailing address: 7501 Boulders View Drive, Suite 400, Richmond, Virginia 23225). Candidates will be contacted for a brief phone interview at which time references will be requested. CEAP credentials are preferred.

Job Opportunity

The Employee Assistance Network is accepting applications for a full time position, with a good benefit package as an EAP Counselor. Requirements: LCSW or LPC, EAP experience preferred. The starting date is March 1, 2001. For more information, contact John Howard or Mary Bryan Roberts at the Employee Assistance Network,
1-800-454-1477 or via email at

Free Training

Carolinas Behavioral Health Centers is sponsoring a free seminar entitled "Understanding the Developmental Model of Recovery with Tammy Bell, LCSW, MAC on February 22, 2001 at 8:30am in the auditorium at Behavioral Health Center at Mercy Horizons Outpatient Services. For reservations, call (704) 395-3782.

Education Committee Update

The Education Committee is hard at work planning workshops for this year. We will meet again at the Blockade Runner in Wrightsville Beach on May 17th and 18th. The sessions are still being planned but it looks as if Ethics will be one of the topics we will address. Be thinking about ethical scenarios or questions that you would like addressed because we want input from you.

In addition to the above training dates for May, please mark your calendars with the following Chapter workshop dates:

  • Friday, August 10th: Four Points Hotel, Raleigh
  • Thursday, October 18th and Friday, October 19th: Quality Inn, Boone
  • Friday, December 7th: (location to be determined)

Andy Silberman, Chair of the New Technology Committee, has graciously agreed to post these dates on our website. Thanks, Andy!

If you are interested in joining the Education Committee, please contact me at (252) 823-5166, ext. 218 or at We would love to have you on our committee! Thanks very much to Cheryl Marsh, Laura Texier and Marilyn Raines for agreeing to serve on this committee.

Joan Radford, Chair

National Alliance For Mentally Ill Affiliates Can Be Resource For Employees And Families

EAPA members at the December meeting in Charlotte were reminded of a free, valuable resource for our clients: the National Alliance for the mentally Ill.

There are 30 local affiliates of NAMI across North Carolina, providing support and educational programs for persons with serious mental illness and their families. The nationwide organization, according to Executive Director Paul Bamford, "began in the waiting rooms of psych hospitals by people struggling with the mental illness of a family member. They quickly found common ground: a need for more education on the illnesses affecting their loved ones (and thus affecting the whole family); and support from one another people who knew what they were going through, and people they didn,t have to "hide their loved one,s illnesses from.

Dr. Bamford presented data from the U.S. Surgeon General,s 1999 report on Mental Health, which indicate that 9% of the adult population has a mental illness serious enough to cause "some functional impairment. More and more business leaders are recognizing that employees are distracted from their work by problems in their families, and this includes mental illness.

The North Carolina state affiliate of NAMI provides an 800 number Helpline; a low-cost Helpbook which includes comprehensive information on serious illnesses, their treatments, the North Carolina public mental health system, and related issues; two statewide conferences; 10 issues of its newsletters; and a variety of educational materials. The signature "Family-to-Family class is offered, free, across North Carolina.

The Helpline is 1-800-451-9682. We have invited NAMI to exhibit at our upcoming March conference.

NC/EAPA Business Meeting

December 7, 2000 Charlotte, NC

  • A. The meeting was called to order by President Cliff Morgan at 12:50 p.m.
  • B. The October Business Minutes were corrected as follows and approved:
    • 1. Toni Samuel,s title from CEO to COO
    • 2. The spelling of Marlene Kauffman,s last name, from Koffman to Kauffman.
  • C. Board Meeting Update
    • 1. Treasurer,s Report Martha Ausman reported the following:
      • The October 2000 Boone Conference had 25 participants including the Presenters. The Chapter grossed $500 in conference fees and expenses were $1,332.88. The Chapter remains in good financial standing.
    • 2. NC/LEAP Board There was discussion about the confusion about EACC, expiring CEAPs and the automatic loss of the LEAP. There is a reported backlog on CEAP renewal from International EAPA. This has delayed the receipt of CEAP certification, which is causing NC/LEAP licensure to lapse for those persons not receiving their Certification from International EAPA. Midgie Brawley stated that persons renewing their CEAPs should immediately send their renewal to the NC/LEAP Board to avoid the automatic loss of LEAP status. The next NC/LEAP Board meeting is in January. She also emphasized that names need to be submitted for candidates for the NC/LEAP Board. The Governor can,t appoint members to serve on the Board without names, which are recommended by us.
  • D. Standing Committee Reports
    • 1. Membership-The latest list from International shows 163 members in the NC/EAPA chapter.
    • 2. Education and Training - Joan Radford gave a projection of NC/EAPA training dates for the 2001-year as follows:
      • March 14, 15, 16 Charlotte, NC
      • May 16 Strategic Planning Meeting @ Wrightsville Beach, NC
      • May 17, 18 Wrightsville Beach, NC
      • August 10, Raleigh, NC
      • October 18, 19 Boone, NC
      • December 7 TBA though tentatively scheduled for Charlotte
        Discussion was focused on training days, overnights and meeting the needs of Chapter members. Cliff welcomed any suggestions from members.
    • 3. Research - No news.
    • 4. Outreach Miriam Bundy explained the need for additional committee members due to an expansion of duties.
    • 5. Liner Ray Robbins asked members to let him know if they do not receive a copy of the Liner. Paula Edwards maintains the mailing list for the Liner. If your address changes or you don,t get a copy, please email her at
    • 6. By-laws Paul Morehouse reminded members that the By-laws are contained in the Chapter Manual. Melissa Summer has manuals if anyone needs a copy. The Outreach Committee duties will be updated in the By-laws when Miriam Bundy gets him the new description.
    • 7. New Technologies Andy Silberman. Adjustments have been made to the list serve, which has resulted in no further complaints.
    • 8. Diversity Shannon South. No news.
    • 9. Certification Jim Cooper reported that EAPA had assigned just one number for today,s training event. Due to the amount of time needed to verify PDH,s, a $5.00 fee will be charged for verifying lost PDH numbers.
    • 10. Research and Information Karen Molli. No report.
    • 11. Ethnic & Diversity: No report
    • 12. Certification: Jim Cooper reports that he needs help for the March Conference. He expressed his appreciation to Joan Radford for her help.
    • 13. Standards and Ethics: Elaine reports she had an inquiry on the standard procedure for reporting an ethical violation from an employer. But no further action has been taken.
  • E. Southern Regional Director, Barbara Murdock has sent an e-mail updating activities and news within our region. She reports that the New York International Conference was good. The Conference for the year 2001 will be held in the later part of October in Vancouver, British Columbia. There are talks about separating EACC and International EAPA.
  • F. Special Committee Reports:
    • 1. Scholarship- Joan Radford reports that one scholarship was given for today,s conference. The form to apply for a scholarship can be found in the back of the manual. There are 3 scholarships available for the March 2001 conference.
    • 2. Awards - Elaine Jenkins reports that she has not received any nominations for the President,s Achievement Award or the Member of the Year Award. The deadline for taking nominations is December 22, 2000. The Official Box of Generosity was used to draw a name to be awarded a free registration for the March 2001 conference. Beth Dickens was the recipient for the March registration.
    • 3. March 2001 Conference Chuck Taylor is the Conference Chair and reports that all of the Speakers/Presenters are confirmed.
    • 4. Job Announcement :
      • Cumberland County- EAP Director
      • EAP Partnerships"EAP consultant
    • 5. History Midgie Brawley is heading a newly formed committee to bring together the history of the NC EAPA Chapter. There is a wealth of information and activities that need to be documented and compiled for posterity. Any pictures, artifacts, pins, etc. are needed. The deadline for completion is March 2001.

With no new business or no old business, the meeting was adjourned at 1:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Paula A. Edwards, M.S., CEAP, NC/LEAP
Secretary, NC/EAPA Chapter


For information about our CONFERENCES available, visit the Conferences & Events page.


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