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Congratulations and Thanks Bill Crawford!

As of February 1, 2000, Bill Crawford is officially retired from Duke Power! Bill is going to enjoy his well earned retirement with his lovely bride Kay. They plan to live in Charlotte until their new home is ready in Greensboro, Bill,s hometown. Bill,s immediate goals are to win the mixed doubles at Wimbledon and the PGA Senior Open­ in the same year! Thanks again for your many years of service, not only to the EA community, but to the recovering thousands you have touched at one time or another. If you ask Bill what he is most proud of, I'm sure he will say it was his two years as NC-EAPA President!


Douglas Elgin of Collinsville, VA
John Norris of Concord, NC
Ronda Outlaw of Greensboro, NC
Mary Lisa Pories High Point, NC
Kim Shault of Durham, NC
Steven Sweeney of Lancaster, SC


Janet Barefoot, Jane Schultz, Diane Daubler, Jill Shipman, Frances Ditto, Fred Underwood, Sharon McKnight


There are now at least 110 Licensed Employee Assistance Professionals (LEAPs) in North Carolina. As of January 1, 2000 a master's degree along with CEAP certification will be required for licensure. The Board was unable to meet in January due to inclement weather. The next Board meeting will be in April. The application deadline is March 30, 2000. Requests for licensure applications or inquiries regarding the status of your application should be directed to Jo Yarbrough at the Substance Abuse Section (919) 733-4670. Questions regarding the licensure process or requirements should be directed to Patrice Alexander, Board Chair (252) 533-6256. Remember, all applications must be complete to be considered.

Chapter Member Directory

The Chapter Membership Directory will be updated and available to all Chapter members at the March Conference. If your address, place of employment, or phone number have changed, call Ray Robbins at (828) 433-8887. Members unable to attend the March Conference can receive their copies by calling Melissa Summer at (704) 481-1337. The Chapter Membership Directory can be purchased by nonmembers by calling Vicki Harrington at (252) 355-9035.

Chapter awards

One of the highlights of the March Conference is the presentation of the Outstanding Member/Professional of the Year and the President's Achievement Awards. Some have asked who the past recipients have been, so here they are...

Outstanding Members of the Year:

John Burke, Ray Robbins, Midgie Brawley, Guy Ross, Chuck Taylor, John Howard, Melissa Summer, Karen Molli

President's Achievement Award:

Don Phillips, Jody Kellerman, Brenda Blair, Joe Coulter, John Burke, Roy Sonovick, Bill Cook, Patrice Alexander, Al Greene

Operations Manual Update

Another reason to attend the March Conference Chapter Operations Manuals will be updated and ready for all Chapter members. The Manual is updated every two years and distributed to members. If you are a Chapter member and do not plan to attend the March Conference, but would like a manual, call Bylaws Committee Chair Miriam Bundy at (704) 384-7475 or Melissa Summer at (704) 481-1337.


If you have job openings or any other information to share with EA professionals, call Ray Robbins at (828) 433-8887. Newsletters come out in February, April, July, September and November of each year­ approximately one month before regular Chapter meetings. Any announcements would need to be received no later than 2 weeks prior to the month The Liner is mailed.

May Chapter Meeting

The Chapter meeting for May will be held on the 18th and 19th at Wrightsville Beach. Mark your calendars now!

It's a mistake!

If you find an error in this newletter, call Ray Robbins. If you are the first to do so, you could receive a free registration to the next Chapter meeting (excluding the March Conference).

Certification News
By Joan C. Radford, Certification Chair

About twice a year, I begin to hear from people who never before have called me and they are usually in a crisis! It is time for them to renew as a Certified Employee Assistance Professional and they cannot find their PDH training forms. Most of the people request that I send them copies of PDH Training Attendance Record forms and usually they needed them yesterday.

Our Board has discussed how to respond to these requests and has established the following protocol:

a. Finance Chair will provide a participant list to the Certification Chair after each conference.

b. Certification Chair will file the list(s) and refer to the list(s) for verification of attendance whenever someone calls requesting a copy of a specific PDH Training Attendance Record. If the caller is not listed on the participant list, the information will not be provided. If the caller feels a mistake has been made in the participant list, he/she will need to call the Finance Chair.

c. Certification Chair will log all calls including caller,s name, date of call and information requested. We want to assist whenever possible, but may not be able to meet all requests if we are not given enough advance notice. If you have questions, feel free to email me at or call me at (252) 823-5166, est. 218



NC/EAPA business meeting
December 3, 1999
Charlotte, NC

A. The meeting was called to order by President Elaine Jenkins at 12:50pm.

B. EAP News: Elaine Jenkins welcomed the "first-time attendees to the workshop. Elaine also gave an update on International EAPA developing new categories for membership.

C. Committees:

1. Marketing Committee: Elaine Jenkins reported on the plans to develop new ways to market the Chapter. Elaine stated that John Howard, Ray Robbins and Mary Bryan Roberts will be on the committee.
2. Officers, Retreat: Elaine Jenkins reported the retreat will be held in April 2000. Elaine stated that the retreat was open to any member who may be interested in becoming an officer. Expenses would be the responsibility of the individual.
3. Operations Manual Update: Elaine Jenkins stated that the manual will be ready by the March Conference. Elaine also stated that the manual will be updated every two years.
4. Treasurer's Report: Martha Ausman reported on the October workshop. Workshop summary was: income, $456.87; Chapter expenses, $939.23; losses, $482.36. Martha also reported that the Chapter's assets, as of 12/2/99, are $79, 322.60.
5. Legislative & Public Policy: Elaine Jenkins stated that she had received information from International EAPA regarding Chapter Officers acquiring liability insurance. Elaine stated that she will contact Patrice Alexander regarding insurance.
6. Membership: Elaine Jenkins reported the Chapter has 161 members.
7. Education & Training: Cliff Morgan stated that the May workshop will be held at Wrightsville Beach and to contact him with topics.
8. Outreach: Elaine Jenkins stated that if anyone had information to be placed in The Liner to contact her or Ray Robbins.
9. Bylaws: Miriam Bundy had no report.
10. Research and Information: no report.
11. Diversity: Karen Molli gave an update on the afternoon presenter.
12. Standards & Ethics: no report.
13. New Technologies: Elaine Jenkins reported that Andy Silberman is the new Committee Chair. Elaine also stated that the web page changes are almost complete.
14. Scholarships: Cliff Morgan reported that one scholarship had been granted for this workshop.
15. Certification: Paul Morehouse reported that the Substance Abuse Credit information will be printed in the next issue of The Liner. Paul also stated that new booklets for CEAP information will be mailed out in early January or February.
16. Southern Regional Representative Report: Elaine Jenkins reported that Barbara Murdock is still representing the Chapter. Elaine also stated that International EAPA and the EACC may be discontinuing their association in the near future.
17. Awards: Karen Molli reported that the drawing for a free registration to the March Conference will be held later and the winner will be contacted. Karen also asked if any person had nominations for Chapter Awards to contact her as soon as possible.
18. March Conference: Elaine Jenkins stated the March Conference dates are the 15th, 16th and 17th. Elaine also stated that Greg Delapp, International EAPA President, will be the guest speaker at the awards banquet.
19. Jobs: Elaine Jenkins stated that Corporate Health International is advertising for an EAP Director.
D. New Business: No new business.
E. Old Business: Elaine Jenkins recognized Midgie Brawley. Midgie thanked the Chapter for its support over the years and also for nominating her for Member Emeritus.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:25pm.

Respectfully submitted
Vicki Harrington, LEAP
Secretary, Board of Directors

It is time again for our annual conference in Charlotte, NC.

Please plan to join your fellow members at the 21st Annual North Carolina EAPA Conference on March 15-17, 2000. Remember to call the Hilton at University Place (704-547-7444) early for reservations in order to receive the discounted room rate of $96.00, single or double. John Howard will moderate this year,s conference, "Marching into the Millennium: High Tech, Soft Touch. It promises the same high training value (if you register before March 3, it is just $175.00 for members and $210.00 for non-members) as the twenty conferences that have preceded. Mary Bryan Roberts and her conference committee have assembled a terrific cast of presenters. The cast includes internationally recognized EAP experts such as Greg Delapp, the President of International EAPA, John Burke and Al Greene. Since technology is quickly influencing our field, part of the conference is dedicated to the innovative use of technology and the new clinical challenges that technology presents. So, please join us to participate in this annual event that always produces new ideas, information and friends as well as the renewal of old acquaintances. We promise that you will leave feeling energized about our ever changing field. See you in Charlotte.

For more information visit the Conferences & Events page.


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