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There are no names available at this time, but they are out there. If you have joined the Chapter in the last six months call Ray Robbins at 704-262-1834 and let him know who and where you are.


The NC Board of Employee Assistance Professionals (NCBEAP) met on August 14, 2001 in Graham, NC.

New License: Ray Robbins.

Renewals: Irene G. Carroll, Christine Jones, Karen Molli, John Howard, Martha Ausman, Miriam Bundy, Dale Mundy, Denise Kuppinger, Patrice Alexander, Robert Denig, Ronald Pelt, Cathy Reinbold, Melissa Summer, Keith McDaniel, Melissa Holmes, Susan Bratton, Terry Newsom, Lindy Langston, Joe Coulter, Dennis Nance, John Burke, Mark Ferdinandsen, Janet Connelly, Sharon Howard, Mary Ann Puckett and David Hamby.

Pending: 1 application.

Congratulations to those new and renewed licensees.

The next postmarked deadline for receiving applications is September 30,2001. The next NCBEAP meeting will be on October 3, 2001.

The presentation in Raleigh had good response. It is necessary to continue the dialogue regarding this subject, so member attendance and participation is necessary. The Task Force will continue to collect facts and present them to the membership so a decision can be made whether to pursue this effort or not. Questions, suggestions and opinions are welcome.


If you have moved, going to move, or even thinking about moving, remember this: in order for you to continue to receive important communications such as The Liner, it will be necessary to let someone know you have moved or are about to move. JUST DO IT!


  • Don't miss the December training entitled "A Body To Die For" facilitated by Adrienne Ressler, CCSW, Director of Professional Relations and Education at the Renfrew Center of Florida. The training will focus on eating disorders and body-image issues. It will be at the Holiday Inn (across from the University Hilton) in Charlotte, NC on Friday, December 7, 2001. Keep your eyes open for more information on this training opportunity.
  • Blair & Burke will be conducting its 2nd Annual EAP Institute from October 1 through October 5, 2001 in Dallas, Texas. The Institute offers eleven comprehensive courses on various aspects of EAP service delivery. For further information go to their website at or contact John Burke at 910-328-0978.


Magellan,s Charlotte office has the following opportunity: Therapist, full time, with excellent benefits, LCSW, PhD, MSN (Psychiatric), LPC (with 300 hours), NC licensed, to provide EAP and outpatient managed care services. Some evening hours required. Three to five years clinical experience. Send resume to Sharon McKnight, Clinical Manager, Magellan Behavioral Health, 300 Billingsley Road, #109, Charlotte, NC 28210 or fax to 704-358-3714.


If you find a mistake (that is the fault of the editor) call Ray Robbins at 704-262-1834. If he agrees the mistake is his fault, the first caller will receive free registration to the NEXT Chapter meeting-excluding the March Conference.


Congratulations to Kathy Melvin for winning registration to four Chapter meetings for one year (excluding the March Conference) and to Elizabeth Schenck for winning a free registration to the I-EAPA conference in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada for those not proficient in geography). These prizes were awarded during a drawing at the Raleigh meeting in August.


August 10, 2001 Raleigh, NC
President Cliff Morgan called the meeting to order. The minutes of the May 17, 2001 Chapter Meeting were approved. The following business was discussed:

  • I. Presidents Report: Cliff Morgan
    • A. The NC/EAPA Chapter Board members approved and adopted a balanced budget for the upcoming year.
    • B. LEAP Task Force - will again be presenting at the October and December Chapter Meetings. The March Conference will be the culmination of the presentations on the pro,s and con,s of seeking a licensure in practice for NC/LEAP,s.
    • C. Membership List - The membership list at International EAPA is still not accurate. They are attempting to combine and correct several different databases. Cliff urged all members to check their information for accuracy and to notify Paula Edwards or Melissa Summer if changes need to be made.
    • D. International EAPA -
      • The International EAPA conference will be in Vancouver, Canada. International EAPA is asking for donations to support a silent auction at the conference. All donated items should represent a culturally significant aspect of the Chapter,s home state. Cliff asked that anyone having suggestions regarding this to contact him.
      • The 20001 election ballots for officers are in the mail. Cliff urged all members to vote.
      • The EAPA Directory will be mailed in September.
      • State of the Workplace: International EAPA is mailing surveys to 1,000 members this month. The results of the survey will be presented at the 2001 International Conference.
  • II. Treasurer,s Report: Martha Ausman, Treasurer, reported that the:
    • A. May Chapter Meeting in Wrightsville Beach had 30 attendees. The income for the meeting was $635 and the expenses were $1,306.59 with a net loss of $651.59.
    • B. Board adopted a balanced budget of $52,125.00 for the new fiscal year.
    • C. Budget for fiscal year 2000 - 2001 was balanced and completed. Two transfers were made from our money market to the checking account to cover incurred expenses during the year. The profit margin for the March Conference declined this year. This conference is where our Chapter makes a profit for operating expenses. This year we had fewer attendees, fewer sponsors but more vendors.
    • D. The Chapter remains in good financial standing.
  • III. Standing Committees:
    • A. Legislative and Public Policy: Patrice Alexander (No report)
    • B. Membership: Melissa Summer
      • The latest membership list from International EAPA shows that we have 137 members. We are aware that this list is not completely accurate and are continuing to update and correct the list as we receive information from our members.
      • Dues not received by International on the renewal date are resulting in that member being dropped from the membership list. This is a change in that members were given a "grace period before being deleted from the list.
      • It is important to include Chapter member dues with International dues when renewing or joining EAPA. International EAPA receives the Chapter member dues and returns the money to our Chapter.
      • All members are urged everyone to keep his or her address and information up to date. Members can notify Paula Edwards or Melissa Summer of changes.
    • C. Education and Training: Joan Radford
      • The Chapter Meeting on October 18th and 19th will be held in Boone at the Quality Inn. The rooms are $85 plus tax per night. The topics will be:
        • 1. Managing High Risk Situations presented by Dawn Klug.
        • 2. Treatment of Opiod Addiction in Rural Virginia by Life Center of Galax. The December Chapter meeting will be in Charlotte on December 7, 2001.
    • D. Outreach: Miriam Bundy
      • NC EAPA has a booth at the SHRM conference on September 12, 13 and 14, 2001. The purpose is to network and strengthen our ties with Human Resource persons. We hope to better represent the value of EAP to business and industry. Internal EAP representatives will staff the booth. The Marketing Director for International EAPA will be present also. Stress balls and back issues of the Exchange will be available to participants at the conference. Participants will be directed to our website for additional information and contacts.
      • NC EAPA members now have the opportunity to list their name and business information, as an EA provider, on our website. The fee for the listing is $50 per year.
    • E. By Laws: (No report)
    • F. New Technology: Andy Silberman
      • 108 persons are now on our list-serve.
      • 73 members have signed up to receive the Liner via the website.
      • There is an average of 166 hits per day on the website.
      • Six (6) Chapter members have signed up to be listed as EA providers on our website. Only Chapter members are eligible for this opportunity.
      • By laws and LEAP information is also accessible on the website.
    • G. Cultural Diversity: Shannon South
      • The December 7th Chapter meeting in Charlotte will be on a "Body to Die For presented by the Renfro Center.
      • Additional committee members are need for Cultural Diversity. If you are interested in becoming active in our Chapter, this is an excellent opportunity to become involved. Please contact Shannon at 1-800-252-5725.
    • H. Certification: Jim Cooper
      • Discussion was held regarding the Verification of Attendance forms. Slight revisions will be made on the CEU forms to be more inclusive of other disciplines in addition to Social Work, i.e. Nursing. Only one attendance form will now be used for PDH,s for quarterly meetings for paper and copy reduction.
    • I. By Laws: Paul Morehouse (No report)
    • J. Standards and Ethics: Elaine Jenkins (No report)
    • K. Special Committee: Joan Radford
      • There were no requests for a scholarship at this Chapter meeting. Our Chapter provides one scholarship for each Chapter meeting and three (3) for the March Conference. The March Conference scholarships are available for two (2) members and one (1) student. If someone wants to apply for a scholarship, the form is in the Operations Manual and should be sent to Joan.
    • L. March Conference: Karen Mollie
      • Cliff reports for Karen that plans for the March conference are progressing.
  • IV. Other Business
    • A. Southern Regional Representative: Barbara Murdock
      • No report
    • B. Official Box of Generosity: Elaine Jenkins
      • Every Chapter meeting a name is drawn to receive a free registration for a Chapter meeting. Every member has their name in the box one time. Each time a member attends a Chapter meeting, their name is placed in the box again. Only current members are eligible to receive the registration.
      • 2001 - 02 Chapter Meeting winner:
        • 1. Kathy Melvin won the drawing for a free registration to the all four Chapter meetings beginning October 2001 (this does not include the March Conference).
        • 2. Charles Odell won second place for the registration in the event that Kathy Melvin is unable to attend or is ineligible.
      • International EAPA Conference 2001 Winner:
        • 1. Liz Schenk won the drawing for a free registration to the International EAPA 2001 conference in Vancouver.
        • 2. Names were drawn in the event that the winner is unable to attend. These names are:
          • a. Joyce Vail
          • b. John Norris
          • c. Paul Morehouse
      • C. Job Announcements
        • Karen Untz, Raleigh EAP, reports that she has a half-time opening.
        • Cliff Morgan, EAP Partnerships, reports that he has a half-time opening.

With no further business, Cliff Morgan adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted

Paula A. Edwards, M.S., CEAP, NC/LEAP
Secretary, NC/EAPA Chapter


For information about our CONFERENCES available, visit the Conferences & Events page.


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