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Welcome First Time Attendees At The March Conference

Welcome to: Nadia Antoszyk, Ashley Cannon, Steve Floyd, Lucy Henry, Dawn Klug, JoAnn LaForce, Rudolph McMillian, Amy Propst, Raul Rauscher, Holly Robinson, Abier Salama, Jeannine Shook, Linda Smith, Tonya Smith, Sonya Snowdon, Stephanie Stewart, Sarah Taurianinen, and Sandra Walker-Beck as first time attendees to the March Conference. Please come back!

The Chapter Store Is Open

If you would like to purchase Chapter items such as shirts, canvas bags, and portfolios call Outreach Chair Miriam Bundy at 704-527-5300. Miriam, Christine Jones, Mark Kendrick, and Sandra Allen are doing a great job promoting our chapter.

Thanks For Your Support

Thanks to the following for supporting our chapter at the March Conference as exhibitors and sponsors: Carolina Manor, Carolinas HealthCare System-Behavioral Health Centers, Fellowship Hall, HDI, NAMI North Carolina, High Point Behavioral Health, Keystone Substance Abuse Services, Life Center of Galax, Lifeworks Behav-ioral Health Services, Renfrow Center, Three Springs of North Carolina, FirstHealth of the Carolinas, Timber Ridge Treatment Center, ValueOptions, Alzheimer's Association/ Council on Aging, Wilmington Treatment Center, Workplace Options, and NorthEast Medical Center.

Shannon Has Moved

Shannon South has joined the staff of EAN in Asheville as a EAP Counselor. If you need to reach Shannon she is at: 828-252-5725. Shannon was formerly with Carolinas Healthcare Systems.

Job Opportunities

  • Child Therapist: Flexible hours plus incentives. NorthEast Medical Center is looking for a fulltime child therapist in Concord, NC. If you or someone you know is interested fax your resume to: Debra McLaughlin at 704-262-1836.
  • EAP Counselor: Value Options is looking for a EAP Counselor in Lexington, NC. If interested contact Liz Thorpe at 1-800-435-1986.

Email It To Me

If you would prefer to have The Liner emailed to you immediately after it is completed contact Andy Silberman at If your email address has changed let Andy know in order to receive the latest Chapter information.

Advertise Here

The Chapter is currently receiving 150 hits a day. Does this sound like an opportunity to advertise? If you are interested in advertising your services through The Liner and Chapter website contact either Andy Silberman at the above address or Ray Robbins at 704-262-1834 or

Moving Or Moved

If you have moved resulting in a change of your address let Paula Edwards know by calling 828-757-5727. Interna-tional EAPA needs to know also. You can call them at 703-387-1000.

Peer Referral Program

As a Chapter member you have access to a Peer Referral Program. The Chapter will pay for two visits to a counse-lor on the approved referral list located in the Chapter Operations Manual. If you are a member and do not have a Manual contact Paula Edwards at the above number.

Congratulations Midgie and Vickie

Congratulations to Midgie Brawley for receiving the President's Achievement Award and Vicki Harrington for receiving the Outstanding Member Award at the recent March Conference (see picture). 'Way to go ya'll!

You Da Man Lew!

Lew Bost with Duke Power EAP won the passport award at the March Conference. The award was a EAPA-NC Chapter denim shirt and canvas bag!

Deadline For LEAP Applications

Postmarked no later than March 31, 2001 for review at the next Board meeting.

The North Carolina Board Of Employee Assistance Professionals Year 2000

The North Carolina Board of Employee Assistance Profession-als (NCBEAP) would like to thank you for your support and interest over the past year. It has been a time to experience both excitement and growth. The following are some of the high-lights of the past years' work to share with you. A lot of pride and work went into these efforts and it is hope that you will find them worthwhile. The Board looks forward to serving you in the coming years and encourages you to read the Liner for ongoing information.


  • Developed policies and procedures to implement licensure as defined by the NC Statute with the assistance of the Attor-ney General's office.
  • Communicated with members to ensure current CEAP status as required for NC licensure.
  • Developed rules and regulations for Board activities that were approved by the Administrative Rules Committee and the Legislative Rules Committee of the NC General Assembly.
  • Resolved (1) Ethics complaint that was filed with NCBEAP and the EACC.
  • Surveyed all private and public colleges and universities in NC to determine where EAP specific training was occurring.
  • Initiated discussions with NC-IEAPA regarding exploring to expand the scope of the NC Statute from title to practice. Recommended establishment of an Ad Hoc committee from NCBEAP and NC-IEAPA to investigate.
  • Issued 116 licenses to applicants.
  • Canvassed other NC Licensing Boards regarding history of lawsuits filed against them.

Current Activities:

  • Exploring feasibility of introducing legislation to ensure confidentiality of EAP records in NC.
  • Developing procedures for Code of Conduct violations. Interacting with IEAPA, EACC, NCBEAP and attorney from NC Attorney General's Office.
  • Continue to develop the NCBEAP Policy and Procedures Manual with the NCBEAP attorney.
  • Planning to attend NC-IEAPA Conferences/Meetings for member discussion and updates.

The NCBEAP continues to develop ways to improve its effec-tiveness. There is a continue dialogue with IEAPA, EACC and NC-IEAPA for guidance. Your comments, suggestions or ideas are welcome anytime.

The NC Board of Employee Assistance Professionals
Patrice Alexander, Chair
Midgie Brawley, Secretary
Joe Coulter
Ron Mangum
Jim Scarborough
Roy Sonovick ­ Administrative Support
Jo Yarbrough ­ Administrative Support

NC/EAPA Business Meeting

March 16, 2001 Charlotte, NC

  • A. The meeting was called to order by President Cliff Morgan at 8:25 a.m.
  • B. The December 7, 2000 Business Minutes were approved.
  • C. Cliff Morgan, President, encouraged participants to join the NC/EAPA Chapter and encouraged those with a CEAP to apply for NC/LEAP.
  • D. Board Meeting Update
    • 1. Treasurer's Report ­ Martha Ausman reported the following:
      • The December 7 2000 NC EAPA Conference, in Charlotte, had 28 participants and 3 presenters. The Chapter grossed $500 in conference fees and expenses were $1,630.93 netting a loss of $1,130.93. The Chapter remains in good financial standing.
  • E. Standing Committee Reports
    • 1. Membership-The latest list from International shows 163 members in the NC/EAPA Chapter.
    • 2. Education and Training - Joan Radford, Vice-President, introduced her committee and gave a projection of NC/EAPA training dates for the 2001-year as follows:
      • May 16 Strategic Planning Meeting @ Wrightsville Beach, NC
      • May 17, 18 Wrightsville Beach, NC: The speaker for this conference will focus on the interacting roles of Human Resources and EAP. This conference will be held at the Blockade-Runner in Wrightsville Beach, NC. Reservations should be made as soon as possible by calling the hotel at 1- 800-805-2252 and using #8217 for the NC EAPA rates.
      • August 10, Raleigh, NC
      • October 18, 19 Boone, NC
      • December 7 TBA though tentatively scheduled for Charlotte
    • 3. Research - No news.
    • 4. Outreach ­ Miriam Bundy explained the need for additional committee members due to an expansion of duties.
    • 5. Liner ­ Ray Robbins asked members to let him know if they do not receive a copy of the Liner and encouraged members to submit information for publication in the Liner. Paula Edwards maintains the mailing list for the Liner. If your address changes or you don't get a copy, please email her at
    • 6. By-Laws - Paul Morehouse, Chairperson. No report.
    • 7. Research and Information Committee -Karen Molli, Chairper-son. No report.
    • 8. Outreach Committee - Miriam Bundy, Chairperson, reported that the NC EAPA shirts and bags sold well during the March Conference. She explained that one of the committee's goals is to market EAP to organizations through education about EAP's. The marketing will include a collection of materials, the development of a speaker's bureau and an archive of pertinent materials that would be useful to organizations and EAPs'.
    • 9. Legislative and Public Policy Committee - Patrice Alexander, Chairperson, explained the Coalition 2001 and issues that are before this committee representing 100 organizations. Issues of particular interest are the parity of Mental Health and Sub-stance Abuse benefits along with EAP confidentiality. Patrice encouraged all members to attend the Legislative breakfast scheduled for their region of residence. Patrice is representing EAPA on Federal issues and Jerry Wilson is our representative on State issues. Vicky Harrington is NC/EAPA's representative LABOR · MANAGEMENT · CONSULTANTS LABOR · MANAGEMENT · CONSULTANTS on NC Coalition 2001 and Paula Edwards is the NC/EAPA representative on the NC Substance Abuse Federation Committee.
    • 10. LEAP Board, Patrice Alexander, reported that:
      • A pending ethics complaint has been resolved. The individual in question has voluntarily surrendered both his CEAP and LEAP.
      • She and Midgie Brawley have been appointed to a task force to research issues for LEAP license in practice.
    • 11. Information and Technology, Andy Silberman, Chairperson, gave a report per Chuck Taylor, that the website is receiving around 150 hits per day. Andy is encouraging EAPA members to join this committee with needs centering around providing information to members. The List Serve is working well and approximately 60 people are getting the Liner on-line.
    • 12. Ethnic and Diversity Committee- Shannon South, Chairper-son. No report.
    • 13. Certification Committee- Jim Cooper, Chairperson. No report.
    • 14. Standards and Ethics - Elaine Jenkins, Chairperson. Reported that the annual Officer's Retreat for the Southern District will be in Pensacola, Florida this year. This centers around networking for the region and issues that chapter officers can take back to their membership.
      • Award Recognition: Elaine recognized the recipients of this years awards at the banquet on Wednesday night. Vicki Harrington was awarded the Member of the Year Award and Midgie Brawley was awarded the President's Achievement Award.
  • F. Special Committee Reports:
    • 1. Scholarship- Joan Radford reports that three scholarships were given for this conference. The form to apply for a scholarship can be found in the back of the manual.
    • 2. March 2001 Conference ­ Chuck Taylor, Conference Chair and thanked everyone for participating in the conference and gave special thanks to the wonderful job done by his commit-tee members. The topics were very timely, especially in lieu of the workplace violence that occurred this week in Shelby. Karen Molli has agreed to serve as the March 2002 Confer-ence Chair. Karen asked that anyone interested in serving on the committee to let her know.
    • 3. Job Announcement :
      • Ray Robbins reports that NorthEast Medical has an opening for a child and an adult therapist.
      • Liz Thorpe has an opening at her organization in Lexington.
  • G. Special Guest: Linda Sturdivant, International EAPA President attended our conference this week. She thanked the Chapter for our hospitality and encouraged the continuation of our hard work. It was a great pleasure for our Chapter to have the opportunity to meet with her personally. We are very appreciative of her time and commitment to EAPA.

With no new business or no old business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:50 am.

Respectfully submitted,
Paula A. Edwards, M.S., CEAP, NC/LEAP
Secretary, NC/EAPA Chapter


For information about our CONFERENCES available, visit the Conferences & Events page.


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