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December 1999 SA credits

If you attended the December Chapter meeting and did not receive information about SA credit, then here it is: Training Event Approval #: 99-493-G with six hours in General Skill Building. If you have any questions call Joan Radford, Certification Chair, at (828) 823-5166.

Revised membership list & operations manual available

If you are a Chapter member and did not receive a membership list and/or Operations Manual during the March Conference, call Melissa Summer at (704) 481-1337. Also remember that Chapter Membership lists are available free to Chapter members and can be purchased by nonmembers by contacting Vicki Harrington at (252) 355-9035.


There are now 112 Licensed Employee Assistance Professionals (LEAPs) in North Carolina. As of January 1, 2000 a master's degree, along with CEAP certification, is required for licensure. However, if you took and passed the December 1999 CEAP exam you can still apply under the old rules that do not require the master's degree. Your application will have to be considered at the next meeting of the LEAP Board which is April 19th. Because of the delay in getting this information out, the Board will review all applications that are postmarked by April 14th. Applications may be obtained by calling Jo Yarbrough at (919) 733-4670.

At the last Board meeting, held March 15th in Charlotte at the EAPA Conference, the Board heard from Paul Morehouse about discussions he has had with representatives of ComPsych. They do not recognize either the CEAP or the LEAP; indeed they seemed to have no knowledge of either. The Board is interested in hearing from other LEAPs who have had similar experiences with managed care and insurance companies.

According to Board policy, upon direction from the Attorney General's Office, the names of all persons whose licenses have been allowed to lapse are to be published in The Liner. To date the following persons are no longer licensed as Employee Assistance Professionals by the North Carolina Board of Employee Assistance Professionals: Guy H. Ross, A. Smith Worth, and Susan M. Ross.

Patrice Alexander, Ph.D., LEAP
Board Chair

New Website and Membership Survey

The New Technology committee members, Linda Roberts, Stephen Sammons, Ben Stiling, Chuck Taylor, and Andy Silberman (chair), are pleased to announce that the new NC EAPA website is now online! Special thanks to our website design consultant and webmaster, Ingrid Beckman, for all her creative ideas and persistence in helping the committee with this project. If you haven't had a chance as yet to take a look, please do, as we think you'll like what you see. The website address is

Currently, the new site provides the membership with an easier way to stay abreast of news from the Chapter, information about upcoming training and conferences, job postings, The Liner on-line, and several resource links. The site will soon offer "members only" information as well, to first include membership contact information and then additional resources that provide an added incentive to be a Chapter member.

Towards that end, the committee wants to develop a list-serve for the Chapter. This would be an e-mail list for all NC EAPA Chapter members to use when wanting to communicate with all members to: pose a question, search for a particular resource, to deliver news, or invite discussion on a particular issue of relevance to the profession. A number of people attending the conference in Charlotte have already provided their e-mail address so this list could be developed. For those of you who have an e-mail address who did not sign the list in Charlotte, but would like to be included in the list-serve, please send your e-mail address to: Andy Silberman at

The committee is interested in knowing how the website can best serve your needs and those of the Chapter. We invite your input as to what you would like the website to try and include in its future development. A couple of questions may spur your thinking What do you use the Internet for currently in your professional life? What kinds of information or resources might be helpful to you, or to clients/organizations you serve, via access with the website? What is important to you regarding information/resources that you access via the Internet? Answers to these questions, or any ideas, comments, or suggestions can be sent to Andy Silberman at the e-mail address above, or via the postal mail address: Duke Medical Center, Box 3834, Durham, NC 27710.

"I've Been Moved!"

If you have moved or your address has changed, we need to know. Several copies of each edition of The Liner are returned due to incorrect addresses. Only Chapter members will be sought with new addresses, but you can prevent this by letting Melissa Summer know where you would like The Liner sent. Melissa can be reached at (704) 481-1337.

Mistake Found

Congratulations to Christine Jones for being the first to call identifying a mistake in the last edition of The Liner. By being the first to call, Christine will receive free registration to the May meeting in Wrightsville Beach. The runner-up prize (nothing) goes to Andy Silberman. Andy, however, graciously accepted one "atta boy" from the editor. The question remains as to whether mistakes are on purpose to give people a chance to win a free registration or not. If you find a mistake in this edition, call Ray Robbins at (828) 433-8887.

Congratulations Awards Recipients!

Chapter honorees for 2000 were recognized during the March Conference. Receiving the Outstanding Member Award was Chapter President Elaine Jenkins. Recognized for their Outstanding Member Award was Chapter President Elaine Jenkins. Recognized for their many contributions to the EA field with the President's Achievement Award were EAPA President Greg DeLapp and recently retired (Duke Power) Bill Crawford. While Karen holds Greg's Award for him, Greg poses with another special treat pecan pie and iced tea!

March Conference a Huge Success!!

The Chapter's annual March Conference was held at the University Hilton in Charlotte March 15-17, 2000. There were 170 professionals attending the conference to renew old acquaintances, meet new friends, and gain certification credits. The Conference Planning was chaired by Mary Bryan Roberts who worked since the completion of the 1999 conference to make sure this gathering was a success. Congratulations go to not only Mary Bryan, but also to: Vice Chair Chuck Taylor, Karen Molli, Elaine Jenkins, Kathy Van Dyke, Nancy Harville, Carolyn Burns, Martha Ausman, Paul Morehouse, Eric Hunter, and Cliff Morgan for a job well done.

Conference Moderator John Howard welcomed attendees on Wednesday before Dr. Henry Braddock shared his "common sense" approach of dealing with Violence in the Workplace issues. Professor Al Greene introduced several attendees to the entire EA field through his EAP Basics track. There were many positive comments on Glenn Smith's presentation of Adolescents & Substance Abuse. Wednesday ended with presentation of annual awards, good food, and a great band.

Thursday kicked off with Chuck Taylor presenting on Global ReachLocal Touch: how technology can and is increasing access to behavioral health services. Dr. William Tyson presented interesting thoughts on Sexual, Internet, and Sexual Internet Addictions by using Sensationalism vs. Reality. International EAPA President Greg DeLapp shared ideas on EAPA's need to grow and go in the 21st century. John Burke, as usual, had valuable information on Organizational Consulting the cutting edge, while Dr. Jeff Brantley showed EA professionals how to take care of themselves.

Friday morning started off with a very informative Chapter business meeting followed by the awarding of prizes from exhibitors. No one dominated like Presbyterian Hospital did in 1999, but there were a number of happy people. Wrapping up the conference was an always interesting subject: Legal Concerns for Employee Assistance Practitioners by David Terry and his associates.

The March Conference could never be the success it has been without the help of conference sponsors and exhibitors. The Chapter wants to thank the following exhibitors: Duke Addictions Center, Eckerd Youth Alternatives, Inc., Fellowship Hall, High Point Behavioral Health, Life Center of Galax, Little Hill/Alina Lodge, Northeast Psychiatric & Psychological Institute, The Renfrow Center, Rowan Regional Medical Center, First Health of the Carolinas/Moore Regional, Wilmington Treatment Center, and Performance Resource Press.

See you next year!

NC/EAPA Business Meeting
March 16, 2000 . Charlotte NC

A. The meeting was called to order by President Elaine Jenkins at 8:05 A.M.

B. EAP News: Elaine Jenkins welcomed the "first-time" attendees to the workshop. Elaine also invited members and non-members to get more involved in Chapter events. The December Business Minutes were approved as written and placed in The Liner.

C. Board Meeting Update

1. Chapter Operations Manual Update - Elaine Jenkins reported that the manual had been completed and copies had been provided to attendees.

2. Chapter Officer's Nominations - Elaine Jenkins reported that Miriam Bundy would chair the nominating committee.

3. Marketing Committee - Elaine Jenkins is going to form a committee to develop ways to improve marketing.

4. Strategic Planning Meeting - Elaine Jenkins reported that the meeting will take place at the Blockade Runner, Wrightsville Beach, on May 16, 2000. The meeting is open to members.

5. Upcoming Training Events - Elaine Jenkins reported that the 9th Public Policy Conference will be held in Washington, DC, on June 10th ­ June 13th. Elaine also stated that International EAPA Conference will be held in New York City on November 18th ­ November 21st.

6. International EAPA Elections - Elaine Jenkins reported that the deadline for nominations is April 5th.

7. Treasurer's Report - Martha Ausman reported the following information:

December Meeting - 26 attendees; income - $520.00; expenses - $1679.16; Loss of $1159.16

Assets as of 3/14/00



Colonial Mutual


Janus Funds





8. Standing committee

A. Legislative - Public Policy - no report

B. Membership - Melissa summer reported that there are 161 members.

C. Education & Training - Cliff Morgan reported the following upcoming events:
May 17th Strategic Planning, Wrightsville Beach;
May 18th & May 19th Chapter Meeting, Wrightsville Beach;
August 11th Chapter Meeting, Raleigh, Four Points Sheraton
October 19th - October 20th Chapter Meeting, Boone, Broyhill Inn.

D. Research & Information - Lindy Langston reported on the results of the member survey. Lindy stated that 57 members had responded.

E. Outreach - Ray Robbins stated that 300 newsletters are mailed each time. Ray also stated that The Liner is located on the web page.

F. Bylaws - Miriam Bundy stated that the operations manual had been complete and an updated copy of the bylaws was included in the manual.

G. New Technologies - Chuck Taylor reported that the web page is back on line. The address is: Chuck also stated to contact Andy Silberman regarding placing information on the web site.

H. Diversity - Karen Molli thanked her committee for contacting speakers for the conference. Karen also stated if people had suggestions for speakers/topics to
contact her.

I. Certification - Joan Radford reported that the substance abuse credit information for the December workshop had finally be received and the information would be published in the next issue of The Liner and on the web page. Joan also stated that she had been contacted regarding PDH information from prior workshops. Joan stated that she keeps all records for four years. Joan also stated that she will work with Martha regarding workshop attendees. Joan also stated that people asking for credit information will have to provide documentation of workshop attendance and a $5.00 fee will be charged for coping and mailing information.

J. Standards & Ethics - John Howard reported that the peer referral resource list had been updated and a copy is included in the operations manual.

K. LEAP Update - Midgie Brawley reported that there are 102 LEAPs registered. Midgie also stated that the next deadline for LEAP applications will be 3/31/2000. The person submitting the application must include a current copy of their CEAP certificate.

L. Officer's Retreat - Elaine Jenkins reported that the retreat is scheduled for April 6th - April 9th. The EAPA/NC Chapter is sponsoring one officer from the Central Florida Chapter to attend the retreat.

M. Scholarships - Cliff Morgan reported that three scholarships had been awarded for the conference. Cliff also stated that one scholarship is available for other meetings.

N. Awards - Karen Molli reported on the awards given during the banquet. They were: Outstanding Member of the Year Award went to Elaine Jenkins; President's Achievement award went to Greg DeLapp, President International EAPA and Bill Crawford.

O. March Conference ­ Mary Bryan Roberts thanked her committee for organizing the conference. The attendees totaled 167, including 12 exhibitors.

9. New Business: No new business.

10. Old Business: No old business.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 AM

Respectfully submitted, Vicki Harrington, LEAP
Secretary, Board of Directors

For information about the MAY CONFERENCE visit the Conferences & Events page.


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