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2008 March Conference Report


For those of you who attended, you know that this year's 2008 March Conference held at the beautiful Embassy Suites in Concord, NC, from March 26-28 was a success! We made it to the FINISH LINE in FIRST PLACE! And what a race it was with all our speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and participants battling for position. As your Crew Chief, I had the awesome responsibility of assembling a top-notch Pit Crew to make it all happen. Let me take this opportunity to again thank our 2008 Conference Committee for all their energy, time and talent. We really are very fortunate to have such a diverse group of talented professionals in our Chapter.

This year, we had over (100) attendees, (22) exhibitors, and (4) Diamond Sponsors. Special recognition, again, to our Diamond Sponsors this year: AARP, Alliance Credit Counseling, Cornerstone of Recovery, and United Behavioral Health. Our schedule of events included speakers presenting on a wide range of topics, including Diversity, flexible leaders, performance metrics, multi-generational workforce issues, spirituality, couples counseling, addiction issues and more. We have received very positive feedback on our presenters and continue to be recognized for offering top notch, professional speakers at this March event. One of the highlights of the conference was the celebration of the Chapter's 30th anniversary, which included birthday cake and a history of the Chapter presented by John Burke and Midgie Brawley at the conference banquet. We were also very fortunate to have author Steve Wilson join our conference to talk about his new book "Nogales: A Memoir of Courage, Survival and Escape." Steve was also available to autograph his book for conference participants and talk about his experiences as a former prisoner held unlawfully in a Mexican prison. Also, Patrice Alexander, LEAP Board President, was also present to talk about the importance of pursuing the LEAP credential. And I would be remiss, since I am also your NCEAPA Outreach Chair, if I did not recognize Terry Newsom for the great job he did staffing the merchandise table this year. Complete with racing attire and a NASCAR display, Terry promoted our NCEAPA merchandise in true racecar fashion. Overall, the food, fun, festivities, and fellowship left us all feeling energized and rejuvenated.

Now we are busy planning for 2009! I am pleased to announce that Andy Silberman has graciously agreed to chair next year's conference and John Waller will serve as co-chair. I know they will take this conference to even greater heights. If you are interested in sharing you time and talents to plan for next year, please contact us as soon as possible. We plan to be at the Embassy Suites again next year and are already planning for next year's event!

Thanks, again, to all those who helped to make this year's event a success. It was an honor and a pleasure to represent our Chapter as this year's conference chair.

Eileen Hodiak, LCSW, CEAP, LEAP
2008 NCEAPA March Conference Chair
April 17, 2008

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2008 NCEAPA Outstanding Member Of The Year

It has been my honor to serve as your 2007 Outstanding Member of the Year. I have appreciated the opportunity to be recognized by my peers and honored that you felt I was worthy of such an award. In addition to this honor, I have also had the responsibility of handling the famous BOX OF GENEROSITY, which follows us to every Chapter training and allows Chapter members to increase their chances of winning valuable prizes each time they attend a Chapter training.

At our 2008 March Conference, I had the privilege of recognizing another Chapter member for this award, who will now assume the responsibility for the BOX OF GENEROSITY.

CONGRATULATIONS to Paul Turney, LCSW, CEAP, who has been selected as your 2008 NCEAPA OUTSTANDING MEMBER OF THE YEAR!

The Outstanding Member of the Year Award recognizes a Chapter Member who demonstrates positive and professional member characteristics, knowledge and competence in core technology, leadership qualities and Chapter involvement. Paul is a natural leader who demonstrates a strong commitment to the profession and to the Chapter. He is able to effectively communicate ideas and offer a different perspective in a sensitive and caring manner. He is always professional, reliable and utilizes a positive attitude to work collaboratively with a group. Paul brings warmth, insight and a sense of humor to his work and to the Chapter. He is a calm presence in the midst of crisis and demonstrated the ability to manage several challenges and changes while serving at the Chairperson for the 2007 March Conference. As a result, he was able to create a conference that was "in a league of its own."

Thanks to all who nominated Paul for this prestigious award, and a special thanks to you, Paul, for all you do for NCEAPA and the EAP profession!

Submitted by,
Eileen G. Hodiak, LCSW, CEAP, LEAP
NCEAPA 2007 Outstanding Member of the Year
NCEAPA 2008 March Conference Chairperson
NCEAPA Outreach Chairperson
April 28, 2008

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2008 NCEAPA President's Achievement Award

The NCEAPA President's Achievement Award recognizes outstanding achievement by an EAPA member or non-member who has made a significant contribution to Employee Assistance Programming or in a related area having a significant relationship to EAP.

At our 2008 March Conference, Lindy Langston, NCEAPA Chapter President, had the privilege of announcing Chuck Taylor as this year's 2008 PRESIDENT'S ACHIEVEMENT AWARD WINNER!

The President's Achievement award reflects demonstrated skill and experience in the following areas: Service to the EAP field and EAP professionals; Leadership, integrity and ethics; Innovation and promotion of the profession; Contribution via research and publication; Advocacy and recognition as an expert in the field. Chuck has long been a visionary in the EAP field, and throughout his professional work he has left a positive and lasting impression of the value that Employee Assistance Professionals provide. He has been involved with NCEAPA since its early beginnings and his contributions have been significant on a state and national level. Chuck's creative energy and passion for the field is evident in the client relationships he has established and the unique programs that he has developed and led over the years. He has also been an industry leader over the years in advancing technologies to support EAP. Chuck's willingness to share, react and be creative with ideas has made him a magnet for all and many professionals have and continue to look to Chuck for his guidance, direction and wisdom. These are just a few of the many reasons Chuck Taylor is so richly deserving of this award.

Thanks to all who nominated Chuck for this prestigious award and a special thanks to you, Chuck, for all you have done for NCEAPA and the EAP profession!

Submitted by,
Eileen G. Hodiak, LCSW, CEAP, LEAP
NCEAPA Outreach Chairperson
Lindy Langston, M. ED., LEAP
NCEAPA Chapter President
April 28, 2008

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NCEAPA Announces May Conference Membership Appreciation Event

The next NCEAPA conference will occur on May 22, 2008 at the Doubletree Hotel in Greensboro, NC. The presenter will be Jordan Goldrich, an executive coach and consultant, as well as a provider of EA services in the San Diego, CA area. He will be discussing conflict resolution with a presentation titled "Blueprint for Success: EA Consulting and Conflict Resolution." This will be a highly participative program in which members will learn and practice a proven, usable and easily teachable consultant model and a rapid conflict resolution process. The program will convey a paradigm for the way the brain takes in information and produces behavior. This paradigm will then be translated in a tangible way for EA professionals to use in guiding their consultation processes.

This will be a special membership appreciation event and is similar to the presentation that Mr. Goldrich gave at the IEAPA conference in San Diego. Mark your calendars now for May 22. More info will be forthcoming. See you in Greensboro!

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LEAP Update

As you know North Carolina is one of two states that currently license Employee Assistance Professionals. The North Carolina Board of Employee Assistance Professionals (NCBEAP) encourages you to pursue licensure as an Employee Assistance Professional. Such licensure would enable you to use the title "Licensed Employee Assistance Professional" or "LEAP" when defining your professional status.

By achieving and maintaining licensure you send a message to the employers, employees, and family members that you serve that you have the experience and expertise needed to provide professional and quality-driven EAP services based on the core functions and the accepted standards and ethics of a worthy profession. The practice of EAP requires unique skills and knowledge that make us a valuable asset to both work organizations and their employees and family members. These specific skills and knowledge are generally outside of the education and experience required for clinical certifications and licenses.

To apply for licensure please download an application from the LEAP section of the NCEAPA website and submit as indicated on the application. The LEAP board meets quarterly and reviews applications during the course of these meetings. As a member of NCEAPA you are eligible for a one time reimbursement of the application fee or renewal fee.

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Articles of Interest

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Listserve Reminder

If you are a member of NC EAPA and are not yet on the listserve, or you have changed your e-mail address recently, send your e-mail address to Andy Silberman at:

If you are a chapter member and wish to send a message to the listserve, just address the message to: (that's a small "L" after the hyphen).

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Just a friendly reminder that anyone can submit updates, articles, book reviews, pictures, etc. for the On-Liner. You can send information anytime and I'll make sure that it gets in the next edition!!

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Exhibitor Lunch was awesome

Most of the members of the 2008 Planning Committee—great job!

Christine Dickson was our first Plenary Speaker

John and Midgie did a great job discussing Chapter history

Steve Wilson told his unbelievable story

Congrats to Paul Turney (Outstanding Member) and Chuck Taylor (President's Achievement Award)!!

Rich Paul and Kathleen Greco had a great presentation on the Multi-Generational Workforce

Vicki Thornberg, Alanna Brewton and Brooke Smith gave insight into Womens' Addiction Issues

Happy 30th Anniversary to us!!!!

Msgr. Ronald Beshara led a powerful presentation on Spirituality

Midgie and Lindy having fun

Karen, Jaci and David getting to catch up

LaSharion and Renee' enjoying a break

That looks like a fun table

Merchandise table looking better than ever

Patti Digh closed the conference with a great Diversity presentation

Birthday girl Jaci won a raffle!

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