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March Conference 2007 Summary

The dust has settled on the annual March Conference. After a pre-conference SAP training, and two gorgeous Spring days for the conference, Friday's downpour reflected the sweet sorrow of parting from our colleagues for possibly another year.

It is hard to summarize in a few sentences a conference that required so much planning and preparation and was filled with a wide variety of presentations and experiences. The brand new facilities of the Embassy Suites at Concord were impressive, the staff very accommodating and as always the camaraderie was warm and inviting.

We had 85 attendants, not including the sponsors (3) and exhibitors (19), which gave us daily participation of over 100, along with many presenters who could not resist the attraction of attending some additional sessions. We are so grateful to the sponsors (AARP, Alliance Credit Counseling and Cornerstone for Recovery) and the exhibitors who provide the financial backing to make the conference possible. Thank you very much — I hope everyone took time to get to know them and become familiar with their services.

Among the attendees, we had Eva who rushed back from Japan so as not to miss it. The South Carolina chapter was well represented. We had many first time attendees including Sandra from New Mexico, who is already making plans to return next year and bring some coworkers with her. She even offered to help with next year's conference. She continued to speak glowingly of our conference and hospitality despite learning on the final day that her father passed away and she was scrambling to change her travel plans to detour to Chicago for the funeral. We also had a surprise visitor — John Maynard, the CEO of EAPA, who came in from Washington, D. C. to join in the fun.

The conference offered 15 different presentations with over 13 hours of credit available to participants. The opportunities and experiences were too numerous to cover them all but included a focus on the basics, a view of EAP from baseball's front office, panel discussions, local therapists and teachers sharing their skills, nationally known experts, and the awards banquet which honored Maria Hartley, Paul Roman (President's Awards) and our conference committee's own, Eileen Hodiak (Outstanding Member).

Thanks to everyone who participated and "pitched in" to make it possible. The conference committee appreciates your support and is looking forward to a great 2008.

Submitted by Paul Turney

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May 2007 Training Update

I am very excited about our upcoming May training. We will be meeting in Greensboro at Fellowship Hall on May 17, 2007. We will have Johnny Lee come to discuss workplace violence issue. He will be helping us have the tools we need to consult with our client companies on workplace violence policy and procedures, including a discussion of contentious issues that can arise in the consultation process. In the afternoon, we will be looking at specific issues, such as domestic violence among employees, management of off-duty incidents, etc. that will need to be addressed in the policy and that you may be called upon for direct consultation. Johnny will also help us with ideas for management training, de-escalation of violent behavior and warning signs of violent behavior. This is an opportunity to combine our clinical skills with our unique EAP knowledge to provide more value to our client companies and, thereby, show more value for our programs.

Johnny Lee is the Executive Director of Peace@Work, a non-profit organization dedicated to crisis response and workplace violence prevention. Johnny was previously the Workplace Violence Specialist for the Office of State Personnel in Raleigh, North Carolina. His responsibilities included consulting state agencies on the development and revision of their workplace violence programs. He co-authored The Armed Robbery Preparation Manual and has written articles for The Journal of Safe Management of Disruptive and Assaultive Behavior.

See you in Greensboro!

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EAPA-NC March 2008 Annual Conference Update

As your March 2008 Annual Conference Chairperson, I am extending this personal invitation to each of you to consider sharing your time, talent and energy to help make next year's conference a SUCCESS!

As you can imagine, there are a million details that make up our Annual Conference and I know that each of you have something to contribute. Please consider joining next year's planning committee to help with any number of areas including: recruiting speakers or consider being a speaker yourself, obtaining sponsors and exhibitors, planning the conference brochure and passport, preparing name tags and registration materials, just to name a few!

Paul Turney has graciously agreed to Co-Chair with me, lending his experience and lessons learned from chairing this year's conference. We look forward to hearing from you and learning what you might be interested in contributing to next year's event. Please contact me by phone/email for more information.

Eileen G. Hodiak, LCSW, CEAP
March 2008 Conference Chairperson
Work Phone: (910) 829-1732
Work Email:
April 2, 2007

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EAPA-NC Outreach Committee Update

One of the responsibilities of the Outreach Committee is to select the EAPA-NC March Conference gift and for those who attended this year's conference in Concord, NC, you know that this years BASEBALL CAPS were a "HOME RUN!" The khaki and blue caps had not only the IEAPA logo, the NC Chapter designation, the EAPA-NC website but also included our SHRM advertisement slogan "EAP: Your Partner in Performance."

(Remember: Ray Robbins, EAPA-NC Chapter Member, submitted this slogan which was accepted for the SHRM advertisement in 2006)

If you missed the conference or need additional caps, they are available for $7.00/each plus postage/shipping. They will also be available at the May Chapter Training scheduled at Fellowship Hall this year, along with the rest of the EAPA-NC merchandise.

Congratulations to STEVE SAMMONS, EAPA-NC member, who won the free subscription to the Employee Assistance Program Management Newsletter. This raffle was coordinated in conjunction with your EAPA-NC Outreach Committee at this year's March Conference.

I am already looking for ideas for next year's March conference gift, so if you have an idea let me know! In the past we have offered calculators, clocks, portfolios, travel mugs, pen/pencil sets, and kaleidoscopes. So keep your eyes out for a clever new item you might find in a catalog or at another conference.

THE OUTREACH COMMITTEE needs your time, talent and energy so please contact me if you have any of the above to offer. This coming year I will be working with the Research and Information Committee, chaired by John Waller, to explore ways to advertise EAP's in conjunction with the LEAP Board. This is a new venture and we would love to work with you to explore your ideas! Please contact me, or John Waller, if interested.

Submitted by,
Eileen G.Hodiak, LCSW, CEAP
EAPA-NC Outreach Chairperson
Work Phone: (910) 829-1732
Work Email:
April 2, 2007

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Peer Referral Program Reminder

Just a quick reminder that the Peer Referral Program information is available on our chapter website under the Member Resources heading.

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Job Posting

Full Time Clinical Coordinator for Impaired Professionals Program based out of the South Central area of NC.

Requirements: Master's Degree with Substance Abuse Lic. or Lic. eligible. EAP background is helpful.

Confidential Resume to: Margie Graves, Exec. Dir., Box 1258, Southern Pines, NC 28388

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Charge It!

The Technology Committee and Treasurer are implementing a way for individuals to register and pay for chapter workshops and the March conference on-line from the NC EAPA website if they so desire, using the Pay Pal system. Pay Pal will provide a secure and encrypted means to use either credit or debit cards to pay the registration fee, and funds will be immediately deposited into the NC EAPA bank account. The process promises to be easy, convenient, and secure...and no cost to members. The hope is to have this in place before the May workshop.

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Listserve Reminders

Chapter members can send a message to the membership via the listserve, by sending the e-mail to: (that is a small L after the hyphen).

If you are a chapter member not on the listserve, or your e-mail address changes, send an e-mail to so changes can be made to the listserve.

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We were honored to have Gary LaRocque of the New York Mets as our "Opening Day" speaker

Midgie Brawley accepts the President's Award on behalf of Paul Roman

Maria Hartley accepts the President's Award from Lindy Langston

Eileen Hodiak accepts the Outstanding Member Award from Jay Hale

Award winners Eileen Hodiak and Maria Hartley with the President and VP

EAPA CEO John Maynard having fun at the Awards Banquet

Friends get to catch up during breaks

Outstanding Member Eileen Hodiak always has the merchandise table looking good

Conference Chair Paul Turney never stops working

Who will win the next prize?

Meet your 2007 Conference Planning Committee

C.C. Nuckols helped wrap up a great conference

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