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EAPA/North Carolina Chapter Training Dates for 2006

Please be sure to set aside time for the chapter meetings planned for the rest of 2006.

MAY 4 at Fellowship Hall in Greensboro REGISTER NOW!
Dr. Betty Gilmore of the Crisis Care Network will be training our group on Critical Incident Response in the Workplace. Nine PDHs will be available-6 classroom hours and three online research-based hours of instruction. See Trainings page for registration form. Opportunity to earn a total of 9 PDHs as there are 3 hours of web-based training prior to the training.

AUGUST 9 &10--Location not yet determined, but will be centrally located.
Planning to offer two days of "Professional Coaching in the Workplace" training. Look for more information soon!

OCTOBER 26 at Moore Regional Hospital in Pinehurst
Program details being worked out to offer a session on Gambling and Addiction (being coordinated in conjunction with beginning of lottery sales in North Carolina!)

DECEMBER 7- Location and presenter to be determined
For registration forms and more information, please go to the Trainings page. If you have any questions or ideas, please call Lindy Langston (803) 831-3218.

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Scott Wall

Employee Assistance Professionals Association
North Carolina Chapter
2006 President's Achievement Award Recipient

Scott Wall, in his element.

It is difficult to know where to begin in recognizing Scott Wall as the 2006 recipient of the North Carolina Chapter of the Employee Assistance Professional Association (EAPA). It is also difficult to know where to begin due to his untimely death just prior to receiving this award. The membership of the North Carolina Chapter mourns his passing, but celebrates his friendship, commitment, and dedication to a profession that he so loved.

Looking back, Scott began his admirable career in the EAP profession in the mid 1970's. He immediately developed a passion for the profession, a passion which never waned. During his nearly 30 years in the EAP field, he was instrumental in the growth of EAPs in North Carolina in his role with the public sector as a local, regional and State leader. As a business owner, he helped to open the EAP market to the private sector. His impact has been has been and will always be felt. Some of his many accomplishments include:

  • Serving as president and vice-president of the North Carolina Chapter
  • Becoming one of the State's first Certified Employee Assistance Professionals (CEAP)
  • Serving as an active member of the planning committee for our annual conference
  • Presenting at conferences locally, regionally and nationally
  • Serving as the North Carolina EAP Branch Chief with the Division of Mental Health Services
  • Serving on the board of directors for the Employee Assistance Society of North America (EASNA)
  • Being the first to bring program accreditation from EASNA to North Carolina
  • Serving as an international site reviewer for programs seeking certification through EASNA
  • Beginning what is now the employee assistance program (EAP) for the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) that currently covers over 16,000 employees and their eligible family members
  • Transforming EAP service delivery from a public sector initiative to a private for-profit business venture
  • Providing mentoring to professionals through the years
  • The list could go on and on

Scott had a high energy level and a "gusto" for life that you rarely see in an individual. Scott's excitement level and energy allowed him to develop relationships with leaders in the mental health profession and leaders within the business community that led to a significant growth in EAP services within the state. Here is what some of those who have known Scott have to say about him:

  • "Whether on a national level, regional level or local level, Scott has always made himself available to new professionals coming into the field. Scott has been a vocal supporter of professionalism in our field."
  • "What is difficult to measure is the energy, warmth and just plain fun that Scott has brought to this Chapter and this field. For many of us, knowing that Scott was attending a meeting made that occasion a must attend. Scott is well deserving of this special award."
  • "He has always been a friend to all those in the EAP field and always willing to share his knowledge and enthusiasm."
  • "Through the years, Scott has been a visible leader and voice in our Chapter. He dedicated his time and energy to the Chapter throughout his career. He has been a voice of optimism during the growth strains of the Chapter and he has always been there when the Chapter needed help from committee work to presenting at meetings."

The most significant attribute that Scott has brought to the Chapter and the profession is "Scott". He had a style and charisma that captivated anyone who has walked into a Chapter meeting. His energy level was contagious and he always created an atmosphere that you wanted to be around. When it was time to get serious, he could get serious, but he wanted you to realize not to take things too seriously. He has been a mainstay for our Chapter and part of the anchor that has kept the Chapter in steady water.

Once you got to know Scott, it became obvious as to what motivated him most in life and that was his love for his family. He always talked with pride about his sons Darren and Jason. He always talked with warmth about his wife Rita. His family came first. Scott also saw the Chapter as part of his extended family and wanted to see the Chapter grow and succeed just as he did his immediate family.

In many ways, Scott is a hero to the NC EAPA Chapter. He has contributed through the years and expected no recognition in return. Today we recognize one of our most committed members. Scott is more than deserving to receive recognition from our membership and unfortunately is not here in person to receive the award, but we all know that he is, and will always be, with us in spirit.

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March Conference

Kudos to the March Conference committee for arranging a fantastic conference! This continues to rival any other EAP conference offered anywhere on an annual basis. Our gratitude to Karen Molli, Lindy Langston, Jay Hale, Dawn Klug, Eileen Hodiak, Martha Ausman, David Hamby, Paul Turney, Margaret Larrea, Lisa Upchurch and Frank Horton.

Paul Turney agreed to be chairperson of the 2007 March Conference and is now assembling a committee. Please consider lending your creativity and assistance to making next year's as good as this one.

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Membership Update

There are currently 115 chapter members, with 10 new members in 2005. If you are interested in chapter membership, contact Lib Edwards at:

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If you have important information to share with chapter members you can do so via the chapter's listserve. This is an easy way to disseminate news about trainings, job openings, EAP info, etc to everyone in-between issues of the On-Liner.

You need to be a chapter member in order to receive postings and use the listserve. If you are a NC Chapter member and are not on the listserve, contact Andy Silberman at

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LEAP Update

Roy Sonovik has resigned his position as Chair of the LEAP Board. The Board is reorganizing and the Governor will appoint a new member. Thank you Roy for your leadership and work on behalf of the LEAP Board.

Reminder: The LEAP Board meets the last month of each quarter. ALL applications (new and renewal) MUST BE POSTMARKED by the last day of the previous month in that quarter.

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Outreach Committee

The NCEAPA Outreach Committee is pleased to announce that we had NCEAPA merchandise sales totaling $180.00 at this year's March Conference that was held at the Hyatt SouthPark in Charlotte, NC. Clipboards, travel mugs, and portfolios were seen everywhere as were calculators, desk clocks and stress balls (which were FREE with every purchase!)

The Outreach Committee also coordinated the conference gift. Since this year's March Conference theme was " The Kaleidoscope of EAP: The Changing Focus of Workplace Services," we presented every conference attendee with a beautiful brass kaleidoscope with the NCEAPA-NC Chapter logo imprinted. They look great on your work desk or bookcase and are a tasteful reminder of the many changes our EAP programs and services continue to face on a daily basis! If you missed the conference and would like to purchase a kaleidoscope, or other NCEAPA merchandise, contact Eileen Hodiak at the number listed below.

And finally, the Outreach Committee sponsored a drawing for a free, one-year subscription to the Employee Assistance Program Management Letter, a monthly newsletter published by Health Resources Publishing. A complimentary copy of this newsletter was placed in every registration packet. The winner of the complimentary subscription was JAY HALE, our NCEAPA TREASURER. CONGRATULATIONS JAY!


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Do You Know?

Which comes first, happiness or success?

Does success in life bring happiness, or is it the other way around? Most research studies presume that happiness follows success, but the American Psychological Association announced findings based on 250 studies on happiness that point to just the opposite: Success follows happiness. Other factors such as intelligence, family, and physical fitness contribute to success, but making decisions that help produce happiness really does help you achieve it. Happy individuals are more likely to have fulfilling relationships, higher incomes, superior work performance, community involvement, better health, and even a longer life. So, it looks like the saying "do what makes you happy and success will follow" has empirical support.

Source: American Psychological Association,
Press Release, Dec. 18, 2005.

"Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed."
-Corita Kent
From "Be Happy, Remember to Live, Love, Laugh, and Learn."

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Jay Hale receiving the 2006 Member of the Year Award from last year's recipient Dawn Klug
Jay Hale receiving the 2006 Member of the Year Award from last year's recipient Dawn Klug
You can not fool Jackie, especially for $100.  She was one of our past treasures.
You can not fool Jackie, especially for $100. She was one of our past treasures.
The board hard at work...well some of them!
The board hard at work...well some of them!

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