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Eloise Eller from Wilmington.

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Last Edition of the On-Liner Prior to April 2006

Please be aware that this is the last edition of the On-Liner prior to the March Conference 2006. If you have important information to share with chapter members you can do so via the chapter's listserve. If you are not a NC Chapter member and want something sent via the chapter listserve you will need to contact Andy Silberman at for consideration.

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Chapter Meeting/Training in Pinehurst Outstanding!

The EAPA-NC October 6, 2005 Chapter Training, held at the FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital Conference Center in beautiful Pinehurst, NC has been hailed a huge success!

A total of 38 participants gathered to hear Johnny Lee, Executive Director of Peace @ Work, present on "The Threat Assessment Process and New Workplace Security Laws." In his current role, Lee is dedicated to violence prevention in the workplace. He previously served as a workplace violence specialist with the Office of State Personnel. Lee is also the author of a new book entitled "Addressing Domestic Violence in the Workplace," published this year.

Participants included EAPA-NC professionals from across the State, FirstHealth Security and Facilities Management staff, and Moore County employers. There was lively discussion and group interaction as Johnny Lee educated and informed the group about workplace violence prevention and management strategies. His presentation focused on group-based, case-study activities with short lectures, role-plays and video presentations. He also addressed the new employment laws regarding workplace violence prevention and victim/employee rights.

To add to the festivities, there was a drawing to win a copy of Lee's new book, with consolation prizes consisting of EAPA-NC merchandise. Food, fun and fellowship were also shared over lunch and during the Chapter business meeting. Goody bags were provided to all participants, compliments of FirstHealth of the Carolinas EAP.

According to Eileen Hodiak, LCSW, CEAP, Director of the FirstHealth EAP, this is the third year that EAPA-NC has selected FirstHealth to host a quarterly Chapter training. Hodiak serves as the Outreach Chairperson for EAPA-NC and arranged for Johnny Lee to present. Feedback received from participants after this presentation indicated that this was definitely a stimulating and informative training. Thanks to all who helped to make it a success!

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LEAP Update

Due to the Governor's State travel directive, the September meeting of the North Carolina Board of Licensed Employee Assistance Professionals was canceled. The next Board meeting is scheduled for November 1st in Graham. The Board will be reviewing applications and renewal applications received by October 31, 2005. Other agenda items include compliance with North Carolina's Open Meetings Law, and reciprocity with the EACC regarding ethical complaints. There are currently seventy-two (72) LEAPs. If you have any questions or concerns contact Vicki Harrington at 919-355-9035 or Roy Sonovick, Chair NC Board of Licensed Employee Assistance Professionals, at 336-227-8923.

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Congratulations to...

Congratulations to Roy Sonovick upon his receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award from the North Carolina Foundation on Alcohol and Drug Studies (aka The Summer School on A&D Studies) during their conference in Wilmington last August. Also, Awards Committee Chair Dawn Klug, reports that congratulations go to Peter Nagel for winning a free 2006 March Conference registration that includes a luncheon and evening festivities! Peter is with FirstHealth in Pinehurst. Please remember that each time you attend a chapter training and meeting you are registered to win a prize from the "box of generosity." See you at the December meeting and training!

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North Carolina Chapter Receives the EAPA 2005 Outstanding Chapter Award!

On behalf of the North Carolina Chapter of EAPA, Chapter President Karen Molli accepted the Outstanding Chapter Award during the EAPA conference in Philadelphia.

Here are several noted achievements during the past two years to support this recognition:

Increased Revenue and Membership:
Budget year 2003-2004 EAPA set a goal for chapters to increase revenue 10% and increase membership 10%. North Carolina Chapter exceeded that by increasing revenue 14%, decreasing expenses 12% and increasing membership 10%.

Membership Recruitment:
In 2005 EAPA recognized two North Carolina Chapter members for winning Member-Get-A-Member awards as well as the North Carolina Chapter for recruiting the most new members.

Leadership and Support of Employee Assistance:
In 2004 the North Carolina Chapter donated $5,000 to EAPA's Infrastructure Champaign.

In 2005, the chapter helped sponsor the EAPA District II Officers Retreat.

The chapter has several members who are professionally active at the international level. Elaine Jenkins currently serves as the EAPA District II Director and is also a member of the finance committee; Andy Silberman is currently the President of International Association of EAPs in Education (I.A.E.A.P.E); and Frank Horton served on EAPA's Task Force.

An EAPA-NC Chapter member serves on the North Carolina Substance Abuse Federation. This is a consortium of statewide substance abuse organizations that promote statewide policies to assure quality systems of education, prevention and treatment.

In recognition that chemical dependence and emotional problems among professionals cannot be ignored, the NC Chapter maintains a Peer Referral Program. The chapter will pay a fee for an appropriate assessment of any member who self refers or is chapter referred to a provider on the referral list.

The EAPA-NC Chapter Board has also provided nominations of chapter members to the Office of the Governor to be appointed to serve on the NC Board of Licensed EA Professionals.

Nine (9) chapter members are currently providing CEAP advisement to twenty-three (23) counselors. One of those members is stationed in Germany.

Professional Development:
The North Carolina Chapter consistently delivers quality professional development at our annual two-day statewide conference and quarterly chapter trainings. The 2005 statewide conference was our chapter's 26th annual conference, and the program featured national and local speakers. The conference drew 146 attendees, 33 exhibitors/sponsors, and once again generated sufficient revenue to support additional chapter activities. Evaluation and attendee feedback is always positive that these conferences exceed expectations.

Several NC Chapter members provide internship opportunities in EA through their programs.

The chapter has been reaching out to other professions and building enhanced collaborations:

  • Selected chapter trainings are promoted to other professionals in the state, such as social workers and licensed professional counselors, who either work in employee assistance as affiliates, or who might share interest in the topic.
  • Meetings were held with the President of the NC Psychological Association to explore joint support of legislation regarding confidentiality of client records in NC.
  • The chapter maintains a speaker's bureau to help promote the EA profession statewide to organizations and colleges. We currently have two (2) student members.

These accomplishments all illustrate the commitment of North Carolina Chapter members to sustaining a strong and vibrant chapter, building new connections with others to enhance the understanding of employee assistance, and promoting the value of the work that is performed each and every day by EA professionals.

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2006 March Conference Lineup is Announced-Karen Molli

See March Conference information on the Conferences and Trainings page.

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NC to require employer reporting positive tests on CDL holder's to DMV

To follow up on information concerning HB 740 mentioned in the July edition of The On-Liner, chapter member Jon Speckman summarizes the legislation:

Some of you may be aware that House Bill 740 passed on July 5th 2005. This bill requires any transit operator or employers of persons who operate commercial vehicles subject to the Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) alcohol and drug testing requirements to report any positive tests required by those regulations to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for disqualification of their commercial drivers license (CDL).

This legislation directs DMV, beginning December 1, 2005, to disqualify any offending CDL holder from operating a commercial vehicle by suspending his/her CDL until the individual completes the required 49CFR Part 40 Subpart O-Substance Abuse Professionals and the Return-to-Duty Process. In light of the CDL license suspension until the required education/treatment is fully completed, it is likely your qualified Substance Abuse Professionals (SAPs) may receive more pressure to "shorten" required treatment. SAPs need to keep their qualification current in the event they are called in to testify on an appeal. This legislation should not be confused with HB670 which is the comprehensive legislation recently adopted to bring NC CDL violations in compliance with the violation offenses of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. State reporting of positive alcohol and drug test is not part of those violations.

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Research and Information Committee

Eileen Hodiak, the Outreach Chair, Andy Silberman, the Technology Chair and Dawn Klug, Research and Information Chair, conducted a survey of members about membership satisfaction and they are in the process of correlating those results and hope to have the final results distributed to members on the chapter listserve soon. They will distribute results in the On-Liner, as time permits, and we will provide a hard copy of results for members at the March Conference. Thank you to all who participated in the survey and to our winners from the drawing. Ava Nove was the winner of a free registration at a quarterly training, and Mary Greene was the winner of an EAPA-NC tote bag filled with EA goodies. Thanks again to all who participated to help make membership in EAPA-NC even more valuable.

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Alcohol Treatment Cost Effective...From the BBC

Alcohol abuse treatment programs save a lot more money than they cost to run, research has found. A British Medical Journal study found for every £1 spent, £5 was saved from the bill for dealing with the consequences of drinking.

Story from BBC News
Study from British Medical Journal

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Computer-assisted cognitive therapy is effective for the treatment of major depression...

"Cognitive therapy for depression has been tested in many controlled studies and meets the standards of an empirically validated treatment," writes Jesse H. Wright, MD, PhD, from the University of Louisville in Kentucky, and colleagues. "However, there is a paucity of appropriately trained therapists to provide standard cognitive therapy to the large numbers of patients with depression.... One strategy for reducing clinician time has been the development of computer programs for psychotherapy." From an article that appeared in the MEDSCAPE issue of June 27, 2005. To read the article go to:

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Contemplate This...

Believed to be from the teaching of Buddha, are the Five Remembrances:

I am of the nature to grow old.
There is no way to escape growing old.

I am of the nature to have ill health.
There is no way to escape ill health.

I am of the nature to die.
There is no way to escape death.

All that is dear to me and everyone I love are of the nature to change.
There is no way to escape being separated from them.

My actions are my only true belongings.
I cannot escape the consequences of my actions.
My actions are the ground upon which I stand.

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Karen Molli accepting The Outstanding Chapter of the Year Award on behalf of the North Carolina Chapter
Karen Molli accepting The Outstanding Chapter of the Year Award on behalf of the North Carolina Chapter.
Proud chapter members that attended
Proud chapter members that attended
(L-R) Lindy Langston, Mary Bryan Roberts, Karen Molli, Elaine Jenkins, Lib Edwards.

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