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March Conference Report

Dawn M. Klug, Conference Chair

The 26th annual NC EAPA March Conference was a great success! The theme of the conference this year was EAP: The Many Faces of Resiliency. We had a total of 96 attendees at the conference along with five Sponsors and twenty-three Exhibitors. The Exhibitor Luncheon was highlighted with Dotty Blum, IEAPA President, as our Kick off Speaker. Dotty opened with discussion of the Resiliency of EA Professionals and the EAPA organization.

Thanks to our gracious sponsors for the conference including Caron Foundation, Dilworth Center for Chemical Dependency, Pavilion International, and Bradford Health Services.

Also many thanks to our exhibitors who mean so much to the success of the conference: Fellowship Hall, First Health, Eckerd Youth Alternatives, Three Rivers Behavioral Health, Carolina Center for Behavioral Health, Day by Day Treatment Center, Carolinas Healthcare System, Hanley Center, Life Center of Galax with Wilmington Treatment Center, Father Martin's Ashley, Cornerstone of Recovery, Eastover Awakenings, Home Instead, Inner Harbor, Addiction Intervention Resources, Chandler Place Homewatch, COPAC, The Laurels, Ceredian, Voices for Recovery, and Open Care/Brain Center.

Our presenters were excellent and presented on a variety of subjects related to our conference theme of Resiliency.

John Maynard, CEO of IEAPA, started off the banquet with a bang by having the entire audience sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" as a way to introduce us to Resiliency. Jeff Ireland, motivational speaker and magician provided entertainment and inspiration.

Finally, thanks to the committee members who worked for an entire year getting the conference together and seeing that it fulfilled the goal of providing quality training and networking opportunities. Be looking for information on the 27th Annual NC EAPA March Conference soon! Volunteer to help with next year's conference.

Karen Molli presents a gift from the NC Chapter to IEAPA president Dotty Blum.

Dawn Klug, this year's conference chair, kicks off the conference.

>John Maynard, CEO of IEAPA, back by popular demand.

Presenter Paul Turney, inspiring resilience.

Can the CEO really make us do this?

From L-R: David Hamby, former Member of the Year; Dawn Klug, Member of the Year; John Maynard, CEO IEAPA; Karen Molli, Chapter President.

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Congratulations, Member of the Year!

Congratulations to Dawn Klug, the 2005 recipient of the Member of the Year award. Dawn was presented the award during ceremonies at the March Conference. Along with the award comes the opportunity to chair the Chapter's Awards Committee for the next year!

David Hamby presents Dawn Klug with the Member of the Year Award.

Welcome New Members!

International EAPA via Lib Edwards, Membership Chair, reports the following people as joining our chapter since October 2004:
Marianne Haynes, Mediation Services, Charlotte; Phil Barrineau, Laurinburg; Jeff Shook, Charlotte; John Waller, Carolinas Healthcare, Charlotte; Paul Turney, Clemmons; Deborah Briggs, New York, NY; Bob Dunlap, Charlotte; Wendy Nichols, Reach EAP, Winston Salem; Denise Schunk-Chrisman, Hope Mills; Elizabeth Vasquez, KV Consultants, Raeford; Deborah Woodhams, Winston Salem; Roswita Toepfer, Fayetteville; and Renee' Evans, Belmont.

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Member on the Move

Jaci Betts, formerly with Randolph County Area Program EAP, has recently joined the team of Frank Horton Associates. Jaci will be servicing existing EAP accounts as well as seeking new business in the Asheboro area. Jaci can be reached at 336-629-4748.

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Going Global

Christine Jones has accepted a position as Employee Assistance Program/Prevention Coordinator for the Department of Defense, U.S. Army - Europe. She will be based in Wiesbaden, Germany. Christine plans to let the world know that the North Carolina Chapter of IEAPA ist wunderbar! Auf Wiedersehen!

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Joan Retiring

Immediate Chapter Past President and veteran EAPA member, Joan Radford, has announced her retirement from State government after thirty years. Joan plans to remain active in Chapter activities at least through her term as Immediate Past President. Thanks for all you have meant to our members, profession, and Chapter!

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Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the Chapter business meeting will no longer be included as part of the newsletter. Minutes will be distributed to membership via the Chapter listserve.

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LEAP Update

The next meeting of the NC Board of Licensed Employee Assistance Professionals is June 7, 2005. Any applications for licensure need to be received no later than May 25, 2005. Renewal packets were just mailed to those scheduled for renewal. If you don't receive yours within the week contact either Jo Yarbrough or Joan Radford at 919-733-4670. If you have any questions about the process or licensure contact Board Chairman Roy Sonovick at 336-227-8923.

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Outreach Committee

The March Madness sale during the March Conference was a huge success! Total sales were $271. Total sales for the fiscal year are $459! The March Madness sale included a free stress ball for every $10 purchase and portfolios for only $5. The merchandise table was also added to the exhibitor passport to encourage attendees to come by and check out the merchandise. All merchandise now displays the IEAPA logo. The purchase of merchandise benefits the NC Chapter as well as promotes the EAP profession.

Merchandise is available at Chapter meetings and/or mail order. Here is what is available.

  • Black Portfolio
  • Brown Portfolio
  • Tote Bag
  • Travel Mug
  • Clipboard
  • Calculator
  • Pen/Pencil Set
  • Desk Clock (2005 Conference Gift)
  • Stress Ball
  • Red Garment Bag
$ 5
$ 5
$ 5
$ 2

If you believe that you must be a member of the Outreach Committee, contact Eileen Hodiak at 1-888-278-4595 or email her at!

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Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee presented the Annual December training on Dec 3rd, 2004. The title: Does Your Employee Wear Combat Boots? Supporting Our Citizen Soldiers and their Families in the Workplace. Christine Jones, CEAP with over 20 years of experience as an Employee Assistance Professional and military social worker was our keynote speaker. She also served as our Consultant in the planning. Christine is a Reserve Army Colonel in the 1493d Medical Detachment Combat Stress Control Unit in Durham, NC and has extensive expertise with military and reservist's affairs.

The afternoon provided an all star panel assembled and led by Christine. The afternoon panel of experts represented the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Program/Salisbury VA Medical Center; Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom/ Salisbury VA Medical Center; the Vet Center/Readjustment Counseling program/Charlotte; A Representative from the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESRG); An American Red Cross Stanly County Executive Director and a Representative from the US Army Reserve Family Readiness Program.

The panel enhanced and underscored Christine's timely morning presentation which provided real-time frontline footage as well as the most current research information on PTDS from Walter Reed Medical Center. The program received excellent reviews and attendees expressed appreciation for all the dedicated efforts by all concerned, especially to our own Christine Jones.

Thanks also to Stanley Memorial Hospital and Mona Johnson-Gibson, Director of Behavioral Development for their gracious hospitality in their state of the art facility. The Diversity Committee is going forward with the December 2005 training. Carol Colleran, Founder and Director of the Hanley Center's Addictions and Aging Program has agreed to present on Thursday Dec. 1st, 2005 on the timely topic of Aging and Addictions. With a huge focus on the Aging Workforce both in the EAP literature and in the Human Resources journals, this would be a presentation to which your company officials and human resource professionals could gain much insight. Our own Jim Cooper, Director of Community Relations: The Havens and The Laurels has graciously agreed to host this Diversity Training in the Charlotte area. We look forward to this. Please mark your calendars for this timely event.

Respectfully Submitted, Marilyn M. Raines, CEAP, LEAP Chairperson

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Information and Research Committee

Be looking for a NC EAPA membership survey on the list serve — coming soon!

Dawn Klug, Chairperson

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Useful Sites information on PTSD along with resources information on 42cfr (federal confidentiality statute) internet treatment/support system great website on depression website for article on Beware the Bully at Work

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More Turning to Websites for Help
Problem Drinkers Turning to the Web For Help

Tuesday, Feb. 15 (HealthDay News) -- The Internet is becoming an increasingly rich source of effective help for problem drinkers trying to stay sober, according to experts.

More and more alcoholics, and people concerned about their level of drinking, are turning to online tools modeled on what counselors call "in-person brief motivational interventions" (BMIs), according to reports gathered at a recent symposium of the Research Society on Alcoholism.

Examples of these online interventions include the "Drinker's Check-Up." In a prepared statement, Reid Hester, director of the Research Division at Behavior Therapy Associates in Albuquerque, N.M., described the Drinker's Check-Up program as "the Internet equivalent of two to three face-to-face sessions with a counselor."

Other Web-based interventions focus on college-age drinkers concerned about their level of consumption. They include e-CHUG, which helps students gauge whether or not their drinking falls within healthy norms, and, which provides college kids with information and help on a number of health concerns, including problem drinking.

"A number of studies show that people tend to respond best to certain kinds of interventions, those that provide feedback, are empathetic and nonjudgmental, emphasize personal responsibility, and give people several options for how they would like to go about changing their drinking," symposium organizer Scott Walters, an assistant professor of behavioral sciences at the University of Texas School of Public Health, said in a prepared statement.

"Interventions that have these elements are more likely to reduce drinking," he added. "In fact, many drinkers seem to prefer this format. It's a way to save face, and drinkers can begin to look at their drinking in a private and nonjudgmental way."

Web-based aids also have the advantage of being cheaper and more convenient than most 'bricks and mortar' interventions, Hester said. "[They] provide anonymity, convenience — they can be done anytime, day or night — and getting feedback that is objective and not influenced by counselor bias."

The symposium proceedings were published in the February issue of Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research.

The American Psychological Association has more about alcohol use disorders and treatment (

Robert Preidt

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Quote from a recent meeting: "We are going to continue having these meetings, everyday, until I find out why no work is getting done."

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A Book Worth Reading

The Relationship Edge in Business: Connecting with Customers and Colleagues When It Counts by Jerry Acuff New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2004 237 pages $24.95

Reviewed by Christine F. Jones, MSW, ACSW, CEAP, LEAP

Relationships. It's one of those things we EA professionals do really well. It's "our thing." We understand the value of relationships, how to build them and their potential leverage in the workplace. So why read a book about something we already do so well?

The Relationship Edge in Business is a reminder to not make assumptions and to remember that no matter how well you think you do something, there is always more to learn out there and other ways of doing it. Having been an employee assistance professional and account manager in external EAPs as well as an internal EAP in a large complex corporation with many internal customers to keep satisfied, I found this book to offer a great deal in practical, concrete information for both external and internal EAPs and those who market them. Whether you are an EAP in an external or internal program, the book will give you tools to develop strong, rewarding relationships with customers, coworkers and managers, and to coach others in doing so. Because the book demonstrates how to consciously and systematically build and maintain positive relationships, it furthers our skills and affirms the relationship edge EAPs already have in the business world.

The author, Jerry Acuff, is a consultant who helps market-leading companies to find new and innovative marketing strategies for their products. Don't let that fool you. This is not a book just about sales. Acuff's book promotes a three-step actionable process which will show you how to:

  • Develop the right mindset – understand that personal relationships are vital to business success
  • Ask the right questions – discover the common ground you share with others
  • Do the right thing – be truthful and straightforward or you will undermine the goodwill you have worked so hard to build

Acuff is ethical in his approach. "Caring about trying to find out what is right for the customer is what works." – p.197

If all this sounds too simple and obvious, consider the following on which you can expect specific and valuable tips:

  • What are the building blocks of strong relationships?
  • 13 facts about human beings
  • 20 questions helpful in learning your customer and his/her needs
  • what the person with whom you hope to build a strong relationship, is wondering about you!
  • How to set smart goals for yourself
  • 13 ways to gain respect
  • 6 drivers of business success
  • A coaching process for relationship development
  • What is relationship competency and when does someone have it?
  • 4 critical things to focus on in order to maintain meaningful relationships

If you are having a "well, duh" moment while reading this, I urge you to reconsider. This book may remind you about how to effectively use what you already know and help you to do it better. What is obvious to us, is not necessarily obvious to others including those to whom we must show our value, unique skill sets and establish credibility. Climb the relationship pyramid and demonstrate that building strong, positive business relationships is actually a skill. EAPs have relationship competency and help others to develop it. Relationships — something we know about, and we do really well!

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May Workshop

May 12, 2005
Fellowship Hall
Greensboro, NC

During the morning session of the training, Jeff Christie will be presenting on Ethics in Employee Assistance Practice. Learning objectives for the day include educating EA practitioners on the role and significance of ethics in professional practice, the theoretical underpinnings of EAP ethics, relevant codes of conduct, a model for ethical decision making, and various recourses available if a concern regarding an ethical violation exists.

Jeff Christie, LCSW, CEAP is Manager of the Halliburton Employee Assistance Program. For the last 20 years he has worked in the EA and substance abuse fields. Currently, he serves on EAPA's National Ethics Committee, was Commissioner of the EACC, is a past president of the Houston Chapter and co-chairs their Ethics committee. Additionally, Jeff is the primary author of the book, Ethical Dilemmas in Workplace Counseling: A Casebook.

We will have a panel discussion during the afternoon session, also on Ethics and EA practice. Contemporary ethical dilemmas will be discussed by our panelists and chapter members are asked to provide questions or situations to be considered. Panelists include Jeff Christie, Roy Sonovick, CEAP and member of the North Carolina Board of Licensed Employee Assistance Professionals, Joan Radford, CEAP, LEAP and Chair of NC EAPA's Ethics Committee and member of the North Carolina Board of Licensed Employee Assistance Professionals, and Lisa Corbett, JD, Assistant Attorney General representing the Division of Mental Health and the NC Board of Licensed Employee Assistance Professionals.

For more information, please visit our Calendar page.

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