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November 2004 Edition


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October Workshop

There will be two presentations. To lead us off, Lisa Corbett, JD, Assistant Attorney General will be discussing the confidentiality requirements for employee assistance professionals. Participants will also gain an understanding of the basic requirements of confidentiality of medical records, including mental health, HIV, and substance abuse records. In the afternoon, Mike Yow, Assistant Clinical Director/counselor at Fellowship Hall will raise the awareness of grief as a process with the goal of how to assist people in the process. (Find out more and register...)

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New and Renewing Members

Donna Cook — Winston Salem

John Burke       Jon Speckman
Lucy Henry       Elizabeth Upchurch
Rich Paul       John Worm
Jeannine Shook       Dwane Wynn
Andy Silberman

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August Meeting in Pinehurst

If you did not attend the August 6th training held at FirstHealth of the Carolinas Conference Center in beautiful Pinehurst, NC, you missed another entertaining and informative workshop!

Phil Barrineau, LPC, Ph.D., EAP Counselor with First Health of the Carolinas, presented on "Understanding the Adolescent Developmental Agenda," which was an interactive exploration of the developmental stages and issues of adolescence, including counseling strategies for Employee Assistance Professionals. Participants learned how to identify examples of "breakaway" behavior in adolescents, teaching strategies for helping parents understand these adolescent behaviors, and how to identify dysfunctional parenting patterns and their impact on adolescent development.

FirstHealth's Behavioral Services Department was also gracious enough to provide a beautiful gift basket, which was raffled off at lunch, in addition to setting up an information booth about their services.

REMEMBER THE BOX OF GENEROSITY! Each time you attend NC/EAPA workshops, your name is added to the Box of Generosity and a drawing is held at each workshop, with a prize awarded to one lucky participant. John Waller, an EAP Counselor with Carolinas Health System's EAP, was this month's winner. John's name was drawn and he received a complimentary NC/EAPA membership (a $40.00 value). CONGRATULATIONS, JOHN!

All in all, this was another successful NC/EAPA workshop!

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You're Invited!

I have good news for you. The Francis Marion Hotel in Charleston has allowed us to extend the deadline on discounted room rates (as long as they are available) for our upcoming Tri-Chapter Conference, Sept 16-18. For reservations you need to call the Francis Marion toll free at 877-756-2121 or locally in Charleston 843-722-0600. Please tell them you are making reservations for the Employee Assistance Professionals Association conference. If you have not received a brochure please go to to view the conference information and to download a conference brochure.
— Lucy Henry, IEAPA-SC Chapter Secretary

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Member News

EAP Representative for NC Nursing Board Advisory Committee

Andy Silberman, MSW, LCSW, CEAP was invited to serve on the NC Nursing Board's advisory committee for chemical dependency programs, as a representative from EAP.

This advisory committee is an outgrowth of the development of the NC Nursing Board's Alternative Program for Chemical Dependency in 1994. This program was designed to be a voluntary alternative to a traditional disciplinary action for a nurse whose competency may be impaired because of the use of drugs and/or alcohol. The program closely monitors nurses impaired by drugs and/or alcohol, to ensure the health and safety of the public, while also providing a potential means of returning a nurse to practice in a more efficient and rapid manner, and supporting recovery.

The advisory committee reviews evaluation data from the Alternative Program for Chemical Dependency and makes recommendations to the Board about needed changes or revisions; provides guidance to the Board; may be asked to participate in review of readiness to re-enter nursing practice; and provides input about current or emerging trends which could impact on the program.

If you would like additional information about the NC Nursing Board's Alternative Program, you can visit their website at:

Members who have input for Andy and the advisory committee can contact him at

Provider Directory Updates

Donna Cook has replaced Cheryl Marsh as Director of VISIONS EAP for HopeRidge Centers for Behavioral Health in Winston Salem. HopeRidge is a not-for-profit spin off of what used to be CenterPoint. The EAP services will still be called VISIONS EAP.

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August 6, 2004

Joan Radford, President, opened the meeting and welcomed all attendees. She then introduced Ken Lewis of First Carolina Care HMO. Mr. Lewis briefly talked about their integrated HMO and EAP programs. He also welcomed all NC/EAPA attendees to their facility.

  1. President's Report – Joan Radford
    After considerable of discussion at the NC/EAPA Board meeting in May, the Chapter sent a check in the amount of $5,000 to EAPA's Infrastructure Improvement Capital Campaign. John Maynard, CEO, and Don Jorgensen, President, both sent thank you letters to our Chapter. In John Maynard's letter, he stated that the North Carolina Chapter is "one of the most successful chapters in the world".

  2. Treasurer's Report – Jay Hale's report was read by Eileen Hodiak in Jay's absence

    • May Conference — Had 24 attendees and total revenues of $570. We had total expenses for the Conference of $1,290.31 for a loss of $720.31.
    • We have seen general improvement in the mutual funds since the last meeting.
    • The Chapter is in good financial standing.

  3. District II – Joan Radford
    No report from our present District 2 Director. Joan reported that our Chapter Board member, Elaine Jenkins, is running for the District 2 Director positiont.

  4. Standing Committee Reports

    1. Legislative and Public Policy — John Howard
      No report.

    2. Membership — Dawn Klug

      • We currently have 140 Chapter members.
      • There were 4 requests for application packets during this quarter.

    3. Education & Training — Karen Molli

      • Karen thanked our presenter, Phil Barrineau, PhD, LPC.
      • Our October 15th training will be held at Fellowship Hall in Greensboro. Our morning presenter will speak on Confidentiality Laws and EAP and our afternoon presenter will speak on Grief in the Workplace.
      • Our December training will be held at Stanly Memorial Hospital in Albemarle. Our presenter will be Christine Jones and she will speak on the deployed and returning military service men and women.

    4. Research and Information – Miriam Bundy
      No report.

    5. Outreach — Eileen Hodiak

      • Merchandise – Eileen reported that NC/EAPA has new merchandise and it will be sold at all NC/EAPA conferences.
      • Committee – The Outreach Committee is continuing to recruit new members.

    6. By-Laws — Elaine Jenkins
      Work is continuing on updating the Operations Manual. Final revisions will be posted on our website.

    7. New Technologies — Andy Silberman

      • Web Site
        • Information and links were put on the "Members Only" page to facilitate access to membership directory at International. Members can change their membership information or obtain address and phone information on other members
        • Andy thanked Ray Robbins for the excellent job of coordinating the latest issue of the On-Liner.
      • ListServe
        • The listserve has 120 participants.

    8. Diversity — Marilyn Raines
      No report.

    9. Certification — Jim Cooper
      Joan Radford reminded everyone to be sure to get their PDH form signed before leaving.

    10. Standards and Ethics — Elaine Jenkins
      No report.

  5. Special Committees

    1. Scholarship — Karen Molli
      Karen reported that one scholarship was requested and awarded for the August training.

    2. Awards — David Hamby
      David Hamby conducted the drawing for a free one-year Chapter Membership Dues valued at $40.00. The winner was John Waller.

    3. Nominations — Martha Ausman and Ray Robbins

      • As Secretary, Martha thanked the Nominations Committee — Ray Robbins, Chairman, Dawn Klug and Sandy Allen — for their work in getting nominations for the NC/EAPA Board Officers. They are as follows:
        President – Karen Molli;
        Vice President – Jim Cooper and Lindy Langston;
        Secretary – Martha Ausman and David Hamby;
        Treasurer - Jay Hale.
        The floor was opened to additional nominations but none were made. Ballots will be mailed to all NC/EAPA members within the next couple of weeks.
      • It was suggested that member ID numbers be added to the mailing labels. Since the labels for this election have already been printed, this suggestion will be carried over to future elections.
      • Joan Radford explained why she charged the Nominating Committee with doing their best to find at least two people to run for each position. She wanted: (1) each Chapter member to feel that they could run for office; (2) members to have a choice of whom to elect; and (3) wanted candidates to feel a sense of pride when they win the election.

With no further business, Joan Radford adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Martha Ausman, CEAP, LEAP
NC/EAPA Chapter

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Useful Sites North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence website listing information on domestic violence issues and assistance for North Carolina. North Carolina Child Care Network website listing resources for child care services.

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A Risk A Day Keeps Helps Keep Boredom Away

I am not talking about big risks like parachute jumping; I am talking about little risks that get you slightly out of your comfort zone. Do something that is new or challenging. Meet new people. Re-arrange your office. Take a dance class. Go to lunch with someone new. Send a letter to an old friend. Speak before a group about something important to you. At the end of each day, plan a small risk for tomorrow. This keeps your life interesting and exciting, and you will feel renewed.

Written by Harriet Meyerson, founder of The Confidence Center. Visit her website to take an Employee Morale Assessment and Confidence Quiz. Many free resources for HR managers, supervisors and employees.

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"When I consider how hard it is to change myself, then I will understand what little chance I have of changing others."

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