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Technology Committee: What's New on IEAPA-NC Chapter Website?

The Membership Directory page for IEAPA-NC Chapter now has easy access to the roster of Chapter members through the International EAPA website. On that page, you will need to be a member to enter into the directory, so have your Member ID ready. Click on that page's link to International's website, then Membership Directory. Enter your membership information as instructed in order to gain access. If you want to get the NC Chapter membership roster, select Chapter and then NC01 from the list. You can also get individual member info, or change your own listing on that site.

Check out new job postings on the Jobs page, as new ones are added upon request. Job postings are free to NC Chapter members, as a benefit of membership.

There are currently 24 EA Providers listed on the EA Providers page. This is where organizations and HR professionals are directed when looking for EAP services. If you are interested in being listed, contact Andy Silberman at Listing fee is $50 per calendar year. At this time, only IEAPA-NC Chapter members can list on this page.

There are now 120 members on the Chapter listserve, the most ever. If for some reason you are a member, but not yet on the listserve, contact Andy at above address.

Ray Robbins is the new coordinator for the On-Liner, beginning with this issue. Welcome back Ray! Many thanks to Gary Bailey, who had assumed this responsibility for the previous year.

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May Chapter Meeting a Big Success!

There was outstanding attendance and participation in the Chapter's May meeting. Michael Haswell discussed the finer points of mediation. He explained the different kinds of mediation available today, especially in the workplace setting. Attendees also learned how to determine when a mediator might be useful as well as how to select a professional mediator. Even though we thought we were knowledgeable about mediation, Michael was able to add to our information base.

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Upcoming Chapter Elections

Chapter elections are coming up in September. Eligible voters will be receiving announcements about the nomination process. Nominees will be announced during the August Chapter meeting. Ballots will then be mailed. If you are an eligible voter and did not receive an announcement by the time this newsletter is released, call Martha Ausman at 704-529-1428. Take the time to choose your chapter's leadership.

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March Conference Committee

The IEAPA-NC Chapter March Conference Planning Committee is busily working on having a fun, informative and interesting group of presenters, speakers, and activities for our 2005 Conference. We will be back at the Hyatt SouthPark on March 16th, 17th and 18th, so start making your St. Patty's day plans to include the March Conference. The theme for the 2005 conference centers on resiliency and we have already put out a call for papers on the listserve. Anyone interested in presenting at the conference can contact Dawn Klug at or 828-252-5725.

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Membership Committee

As of the May Meeting, we have 11 new or rejoining members including:

Welcome New Members!
Phil Barrineau – Laurinburg, NC
Deborah H. Briggs – New York, NY
Kathy Murphy – Duncan, SC
Jeff Shook – Charlotte, NC
Paul E. Turney – Clemmons, NC
John C. Waller – Charlotte, NC

Thanks for Staying, Renewing Members!
Margaret N. Graves – Southern Pines, NC
Rhonda Jordan – Greenville, NC
Murray H. Merner – Greenville, NC
Elizabeth H. Schenck – Winston-Salem, NC
Nancy M. Terry – RTP, NC

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Outreach Committee Update

The Outreach Committee is pleased to announce that we will be offering new and exciting IEAPA-NC Chapter merchandise at the next Chapter training, to be held on August 6, 2004 at FirstHealth of the Carolinas Moore Regional Hospital Conference Center in beautiful Pinehurst, NC! In addition to some old favorites, we will have a selection of new items available for purchase to help promote EAP in your workplace. These items make nice staff appreciation gifts in addition to being practical and functional in the workplace. So plan on attending the next IEAPA-NC Chapter training conference and be the first to preview this exciting new merchandise. We will continue to offer these items for sale at all of our Chapter trainings and by mail-order.

The Outreach Committee continues its search for energetic and enthusiastic members to help promote the NC Chapter in the workplace and in the community. Please consider offering some of your time for the Outreach effort. Together we can "reach out" to employers and the community and help educate them about the benefits of employee assistance programs. Don't delay — join the Outreach Committee today! Contact Eileen G. Hodiak, LCSW, Outreach Committee Chairperson; Work # 910-215-3435 or toll-free 1-888-278-4595; Email:

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The next meeting of the North Carolina Board of Employee Assistance Professionals (NC BEAP) will be September 14, 2002. In order to apply for a license or renew your license, an application or renewal application along with a current copy of certification as an Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP) and a check for $100 for the initial application or $75.00 for license renewal must be received by August 31, 2004 to be considered during the September meeting. All applications must be sent to: North Carolina Board of Employee Assistance Professionals, PO Box 10344, Raleigh, NC 27605-0344. If you have any questions contact Jo Yarbrough at 919-733-4555 or email at

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Good judgment is the result of experience... Experience is the result of bad judgment.
Fred Brooks


May 21, 2004
Brownstone Hotel
Raleigh, NC

Joan Radford, President, opened the meeting and welcomed all attendees. There were no first time attendees.

  1. President's Report – Joan Radford

    • Karen Molli and Joan Radford attended the District II Officer's Retreat April 2-3, 2004. John Maynard, CEO, reported the following:
      • IEAPA has lost money 6-7 years in a row.
      • Ended last year in a negative asset situation but projecting by end of June, 2004, a net of positive assets of $60,000. We are on track to continue to build revenue.
      • One year ago, IEAPA had a staff of 22 and now it has a staff of 9. Office is short on resources.
      • Houston Chapter has donated $5,000, Colorado - $2,000 toward the Infrastructure Campaign.
      • John was very up front about "incredible waste" at the national office. No fat left in the system. They plan to "institutionalize" process of ensuring assets are safe in the future.
      • Has been tendency for "perks" for Board members. Resources should serve membership, not the Board.
      • Plans are to build membership, conference attendance and value of CEAP since they are the 3 biggest sources of revenue. Plans are to improve website and to develop CEAP advisement process.
      • IEAPA/EASNA merger – the IEAPA Board of Directors concurred with the recommendation of the IEAPA-EASNA Task Force that pursuing a merger with EASNA at this time was not prudent or in the best interest of IEAPA members or the Association.
      • Chris Drake promoted to Senior Director and oversees Finance and Operations. John Maynard will focus on revenue and value added work.
    • After an in depth discussion at yesterday's Board meeting, the Board made the decision to donate $5,000 to IEAPA's Infrastructure Campaign. The Board feels very comfortable with John Maynard as CEO and Don Jorgensen as President. Frank Horton, NC Chapter member, is Chair of the IEAPA Task Force and he met with our Board yesterday. Frank further explained the need.
    • Joan Radford was asked to serve on the Nominating Committee for IEAPA and she accepted. Joan was also asked by Dotty Blum, IEAPA Vice President, to serve on the Chapter Relations Task Force (purpose is to ask IEAPA Chapter Presidents for information enhancing chapter relations). Due to Joan's work load, she declined the request to serve.
    • Elaine Jenkins has been nominated to run for the District II Director position.

  2. Treasurer's Report – Jay Hale

    • March Conference — Had 151 attendees, 82 paid, 35 waived. It took in $29,420 in gross revenues and had a profit of $7,031.99.
    • Year to Date Revenues — Membership fees - $4,000; March Conference registrations - $15,780, Exhibitors - $8,660, Sponsors - $4,800; Quarterly meetings registrations - $2,335.
    • Year to Date Expenses — March Conference - $22,288; Chapter Officers expense - $2,455.55.
    • The Chapter is in good financial standing.

  3. District II – Joan Radford
    No report.

  4. Standing Committee Reports

    1. Legislative and Public Policy — John Howard's Report was read by Joan Radford

      • Confidentiality of Records – There has been no movement on this issue. To date there has been no further discussion with the other disciplines and no further discussion with Randolph Cloud Associates. "I don't necessarily think this is a dead issue. It's just not priority with the other disciplines right now. We will work to follow up with Randolph."
      • Coalition 2001 – The immediate concerns are with the proposed funding cuts to the MH/DD/SA system. The funding cuts being considered by the legislature amount to $17.5 million to MH/DD/SA and $38 million from the CAP/MR/DD system.
        • Coalition 2001 now has a website. It is being hosted by the Coalition for Persons Disabled by Mental Illness (CPDMI). To get a better idea of what Coalition 2001 is doing, go to and click on the Coalition 2001 link. You will notice that we are listed as one of the participating organizations
      • Health Savings Accounts (HSA) – We have been following this issue for a couple of months. The new HSAs created by the recent Medicare legislation seems to suggest that EAPs constitute a Health Plan and are considered a "first dollar" expense because EAPs offer counseling to employees. The IRS is in the process of determining the "rules" and it appears that their definition of EAP is very limited.
        • This is a fairly complicated issue. The best way to understand it is to read the Public Policy Alert sent out by IEAPA. The Alert gives an understandable definition of the HSA. This Alert is the most concise and best written piece I have seen. Our association folks did a good job with this. John Maynard's letter to the IRS was also well crafted and I believe represents our interests effectively.
        • Helen Darling, President of the National Business Group on Health, sent a letter to the IRS urging the IRS to not create a rule that would prevent companies that offer HSAs from also offering an EAP. She mentions EAPs in both her cover letter and in the last few paragraphs of her extended comments.

    2. Membership — Dawn Klug's report was read by Elaine Jenkins in Dawn's absence

      • We currently have 143 Chapter members.
      • Eleven new members have been added to the membership list, including new members and returning members whose membership had lapsed.
      • Eleven members are due to renew their membership in June.
      • There were four requests for application during this quarter.
      • Two members did not renew their membership.

    3. Education & Training — Karen Molli
      Karen thanked our presenter, Michael Haswell. Our August training will be held at FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital in Pinehurst and our October training will be held at Fellowship Hall in Greensboro. Dates and further information will be posted on our website.

    4. Research and Information – Miriam Bundy
      No report.

    5. Outreach — Eileen Hodiak

      • Merchandise – Eileen reported that over $400.00 of merchandise was sold at the March Conference. Our current stock of merchandise is limited to: 33 calculators, 12 tote bags, 11 portfolios, 16 garment bags, and 23 pen/pencil sets.
      • Committee – The Outreach Committee is continuing to recruit new members.

    6. By-Laws — Elaine Jenkins
      Still working on the proposed revisions to the By-Laws. They will be completed and presented to the Board meeting in August.

    7. Technologies — Andy Silberman

      • Web Site
        • A change has been made in coordinator for the On-Liner. Many thanks to Gary Bailey, who assumed this responsibility for the past year. Ray Robbins has agreed to coordinate the On-Liner again, beginning with the next issue. Welcome back Ray!
        • One new provider joined the EA Providers page since last report. There are now 24 EA provider listings. These generated enough revenue in 2004 for the Chapter to offset cost of maintaining the website.
        • Plans are in process to put the Chapter's membership list on the "Members Only" page.
        • Changes to website past couple of months on job postings page. Jobs posted by members have no listing fee, as a benefit of membership.
        • Last month, website had 638 "unique users", averaging about 22 people visit the website every day.
      • ListServe
        • The listserve had 113 participants as of mid-May.
        • Listserve guidelines were sent to members via the listserve and for placement in the Operations Manual.

    8. Diversity — Marilyn Raines
      The Diversity Committee has met once since the March meeting. A meeting with Christine Jones proved very helpful in pursuing information and resources on the topic of reintegrating military personnel into the workforce, community and home. The committee is making progress in canvassing employers, communities and agencies in their efforts to assist this population and their families. One area for further consideration is the impact on the employees who remain in the workforce when the reservists leave. Recruitment of new members is open.

    9. Certification — Jim Cooper
      After a delay, CEUs for the March Conference are being awarded from UNC-Wilmington.

    10. Standards and Ethics — Elaine Jenkins
      One ethics complaint has been dismissed because EACC did not find reason.

  5. Special Committees

    1. Scholarship — Karen Molli
      Karen reported that no scholarships were requested for the May training.

    2. Awards — David Hamby
      In David's absence, Karen Molli drew the name of the winner of free registrations for four trainings. The winner was Cecile Broadhurst.

    3. Substance Abuse Federation — Jaci Betts
      The Substance Abuse Federation meets monthly. At the Division level, Dr. Visengardy has returned to Michigan and Michael Mosley was selected to replace him. A reception will be held on June 10th in Raleigh to welcome him. The SA Federation is making every effort to inform him about the SA needs as the result of Mental Health reforms.

With no further business, Joan Radford adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Martha Ausman, CEAP, LEAP
NC/EAPA Chapter

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Geese Know Best

Adapted from the work of Dr. Angeles Arrien

Fact No.1

As each bird flaps its wings it creates uplift for the bird following, by flying in a "V" formation; the whole flock has 71% greater flying range than if the bird flew alone. Many of us recognize that there is a lot we can do by ourselves, there is a lot we can do with a colleague or partner, but the power of what we can get done with a network group is quantum. The lesson from this fact - people who share a common direction and sense of community can get where they are going quicker and easier because they are traveling on the thrust of one another.

Fact No.2

Whenever a goose falls out of formation, it suddenly feels the drag and resistance of trying to fly alone and quickly gets back into formation to take advantage of the lifting power of the bird immediately in front. Lesson from this fact - if we have as much sense as a goose, we will stay in formation with those who are headed where we want to go and be willing to accept their help, as well as give ours to others who are looking for support.

Fact No.3

When the lead goose gets tired, it rotates back into the formation and another goose flies at the point position - an invaluable lesson for us to apply to all our group work. It pays to take turns doing the hard tasks and sharing the leadership. With people, as with geese, we are inter-dependent on each other's skills and capabilities and unique arrangements of power and resources; no one person is right to lead in all circumstances and at all times. Leaders need to learn to let go at times, and others must feel comfortable in stepping forward - no false modesty - no greed for power and position for its own sake.

Fact No.4

When a goose becomes ill or wounded or shot down, two geese move out of formation and follow it down to help protect it. They stay with it until it is able to fly again or dies, then they launch out together with another formation or they catch up with their flock. Lesson - if we have as much sense as geese, we, too, will stand by each other in difficult times as well as when we are strong.

Fact No.5

The geese in formation honk from behind to encourage those up front to keep up their speed. Lesson - we need to make sure our honking from behind is encouragement and not something else! In groups where there is great encouragement against great odds, the production is much greater by the power of encouragement. The word "courage" means to stand by one's heart, to stand by one's core, to encourage someone else's core, to encourage someone else's heart - that's the quality of honking.


This article was given to me some time ago, but I have forgotten where. If it is yours, please let me know so that I can give you the appropriate accreditation. It tells us that we all need someone, sometime. We cannot do it all by ourselves.

This came from the website of Eric Sutherland, a professional coach at along with his consent to use the article in The Liner.

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