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Plan to put Membership List on Website

The Technology Committee has plans underway to include the chapter membership list on the NC EAPA website, on the "Members Only" page. This will be a password protected page, so only members will be able to access the list. This should help improve access, increase accuracy of the list, and save chapter expenses that are incurred now from having to print hard copies of the membership list.

Once this is completed, a message will be sent via the listserve with a password on how to access the page.

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Mark Your Calendar!

The next chapter training and meeting will be held on Friday, May 21 at the Brownstone Hotel in Raleigh. This training, led by certified mediator Michael Haswell, will outline what the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), specifically mediation, looks like in North Carolina. Michael will also discuss the impact of unresolved conflict in the workplace and on the employee, the mediation process and the benefits of mediation in the workplace from the perspective of EAP, HR, and employee/employer.

To make a room reservation you will need to call 919-828-0811 and let them know you are with NC Employee Assistance Professional Association. You need to call by May 6, 2004 to get the discounted room rate of $79. They do honor the state rate to those state employees with NC State Identification.

Additional details are available on the Training Page of the website.

The training schedule for the remainder of 2004 was not completed by press time, but Karen Molli plans to send this out soon via the listserve.

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Outreach Committee Update

Going Out For Business Sale!!!

GOING, GOING, GONE... that's what happened to the NCEAPA merchandise at the March Conference! The Outreach committee sold almost $400.00 in NCEAPA merchandise to EAP professionals during the 3-day conference held in Charlotte, NC. Thanks to all of you who purchased mugs, portfolios, tote bags, calculators and gym bags. And a special thanks to one of our prestigious speakers, Larry Stockman, PhD, LCSW, CEAP, for promoting the sale of our RED GYM BAGS! Larry personally purchased 2 bags for himself and announced during his presentation that we were the only EAPA chapter who promoted the sale of NCEAPA merchandise at our conferences. We couldn't ask for a better testimonial than this, could we? We will continue to look at new and exciting merchandise to personalize with the new NCEAPA logo, so let us know if there is a particular item you think is worthy of this logo. Who knows, you may find lunch totes, clipboards, desk clocks, or t-shirts on sale at our next eventů

Red Garment Bag Award

The Outreach Committee started a new tradition this year by awarding the coveted Red Garment Bag Award to the first runner up in the Exhibitor Passport Prize Drawing. Yes, the award was actually a red NCEAPA garment bag and the recipient has asked to remain anonymous due to the enviable nature of the prize. If you missed out on this award, you will have another chance to win at next year's March Conference.

Back By Popular Demand

Due to the overwhelming success of the October 2003 conference held at Moore Regional Hospital here in beautiful Pinehurst, NC, FirstHealth of the Carolinas EAP has agreed to host the August 6, 2004 conference (speaker/topic to be announced). If you were here for last year's conference, you know what a good time we had and if you missed it, plan to attend. Tee times are optional...

Outreach Committee Looking For...

I continue to search for creative and talented individuals who have lots of energy to help market and promote NCEAPA! DON'T DELAY - JOIN THE OUTREACH COMMITTEE TODAY!

Eileen G. Hodiak, LCSW
Outreach Committee Chairperson/2005 March Conference Committee Co-Chair
Work 910-215-3435 or toll-free 1-888-278-4595

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2004 March Conference a Success

Thanks to the hard work of the 2004 March Conference Planning Committee (Karen Molli, Margaret Larrea, Dawn Klug, Jay Hale, Joan Radford, Sandy Allen , Melissa Holmes, Elaine Jenkins, Martha Ausman, Jim Cooper, Midgie Brawley) the 2004 Silver Anniversary was held in grand style at the Charlotte Hyatt at SouthPark. Attendees made many comments on the graciousness and comfort of the new setting. I have been going over evaluation forms, which are showing that the speakers and topics were viewed as outstanding.

On Thursday everyone was buzzing about the happenings at the Awards Banquet on Wednesday night. After a wonderful meal, we were lucky enough to hear IEAPA President, Don Jorgensen, speak inspiringly about happenings at our international office and within our organization, as well as their bright future. Bill Cook, the conference founder, shared the Chapter's history. Welcome back Bill! Then awards were presented to Elaine Jenkins for President's Achievement and David Hamby as Member of the Year 2004. Finally, the evening was topped off with entertainment by a Robin Williams impersonator (provided by Cornerstone of Recovery) who "brought the house down."

One of our biggest successes this year was in having 28 exhibitors and 6 sponsors. Margaret Larrea went beyond what we have done in years past with arranging the support from so many providers. Friday morning, after the NC/EAPA Membership Meeting, there was plenty of excitement as these exhibitors and sponsors went beyond the call of duty and showered our attendees with gifts.

With the conclusion of our Silver Anniversary I just feel very blessed to have been the Chair of the NC/EAPA March Conference 2004 Planning Committee. The great people on this Committee made the work a pleasure all year long. A BIG THANK YOU to the Committee, the attendees, the presenters, the sponsors, the exhibitors, the Board, the hotel staff and everyone involved with the Conference. We'll see you at the 2005 Conference.

David A. Hamby, Conference Chair 2004

Here are some pictures to remind you of the event (and to entice those of you who didn't attend to be sure to make it to the next conference!):

Former and current NC EAPA Presidents with Don Jorgensen, President of International EAPA (view larger photo)

Past Presidents of NC EAPA: (left to right) Bill Crawford, Elaine Jenkins, Midgie Brawley, Chuck Taylor, Joan Radford, John Burke, John Howard, Scott Wall, and Ray Robbins. (view larger photo)

President's Achievement Award winner Elaine Jenkins, and Member of the Year David Hamby proudly display their awards!

Don Jorgensen, President of International EAPA, congratulating the NC EAPA Award winners, Elaine Jenkins and David Hamby.

Look that fellow in the middle really Robin Williams, or an impersonator? (view larger photo)

Presenters from across the US and our own chapter, like Andy Silberman (above), helped make the 2004 March Conference a success!

NC EAPA celebrates its Silver Anniversary at the March Conference! (view larger photo)

You can have your cake and eat it too, as several Past Presidents and conference chair of this year's March conference prepare to do just that! (view larger photo)
Scene from the conference Scene from the conference
Scene from the conference Scene from the conference
Scene from the conference

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The LEAP Board meets the last month of each quarter. All applications (new and renewal) must be postmarked by the last day of the previous month in that quarter.(i.e. LEAP Board meeting June 18, the application must be postmarked May 31.) Applications are available by contacting Jo Yarbrough at

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Please visit the Jobs page of this site to view the latest job postings! Remember, if you have a job opening you'd like to have listed, please contact Andy Silberman at

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NCEAPA Chapter Officers
Your Chapter Officers (L-R): Jay Hale, Treasurer, Martha Ausman, Secretary;
Joan Radford, President; Karen Molli, Vice President


March 12, 2004
The Hyatt at SouthPark
Charlotte, NC

Joan Radford, President, opened the meeting and thanked David Hamby, March Conference Chair, and his Conference Committee for the fabulous Conference at the new location, the Hyatt at SouthPark. Joan also thanked all the exhibitors and sponsors.

  1. President's Report – Joan Radford

    • Announced the resignation of Cliff Morgan, Standards and Ethics Chair, from the Board. The Board has appointed Elaine Jenkins to Chair the Standards and Ethics Committee along with her responsibilities as Chair of By-Laws.
    • Reviewed procedures for filing an ethics complaint
    • District 2 Officers Retreat - Joan Radford and Karen Molli will attend the retreat scheduled for April 2-3 in New Orleans.
    • Don Jorgeson, EAPA President, was at the Conference on Wednesday and spoke at our banquet that evening. Don attended our Board meeting on Tuesday. The Board discussed with Don EAPA's request for Chapter donations to its Infrastructure Improvement Capital Campaign. Our Board will further discuss the request at its Strategic Planning Meeting in May.
    • Resource Directory on the NC EAPA website: When companies call the NC Chapter for EAP resources, they are referred to our website.
    • Reminder for all members to check their membership information (addresses and phone numbers, etc.) at both the NC Chapter and EAPA websites and keep all information current.
    • LEAP Board - Cathy Reinbold has been appointed to the Board.

  2. Treasurer's Report – Jay Hale

    • December Conference — Had 25 attendees plus 2 speakers. It took in $915.00 in gross revenues, had expenses of $430.00, giving us a profit of $485.00.
    • March Conference — Has 101 registered, 29 exhibitors.
    • Assets — Jay reported that we have seen a continued increase in value of our mutual funds. Our Chapter is in good financial standing.

  3. District II – Joan Radford
    Joan reported from Rich Barrett, District II Director, that he thinks the major accomplishment recently has been the improvement in customer service/membership renewals which was an issue that came out of the 2003 District Officers' Retreat. Feels we were listened to and supported by the other District Directors.

  4. Standing Committee Reports

    1. Legislative and Public Policy – John Howard

      • Joan Radford and John Howard met with other disciplines to look at co-sponsoring a bill on confidentiality of records.
      • John thanked all members who responded to the recent survey that Miriam Bundy sent out.
      • Coalition 2001 meets monthly. There has been a lot of discussion on issues related to the mental health reform in North Carolina.
      • Jackie Betts reported on the NC Substance Abuse Federation. By-laws have been revised. Proposals for budget requests are: (1) a cross-provider based MIS system; (2) non-target population transitions; (3) adequate funding to continue reform implementation.

    2. Membership – Dawn Klug

      • We currently have 135 Chapter members.
      • Three new members this quarter.
      • Reminder to keep track of your membership renewal date as some members haven't received renewal notices from EAPA until close to renewal time.
      • International is doing a much better job of keeping up with renewals.
      • Membership Directory - directories are sent out periodically to all members on the email ListServe. A hard copy was put in each members packet of information at registration for the March Conference.

    3. Education & Training – Karen Molli
      Karen reported that there will be changes in locations of the four NC EAPA conferences. The next conference will be May 20 & 21st in the eastern part of the State. Dates for the rest of the conferences will be posted on our web site.

    4. Research and Information – Miriam Bundy
      In Miriam's absence, John Howard thanked Miriam for the hard work she put into the recent members' survey. The survey will help us know who makes up our membership in regards to educational degrees, certifications, and licensures.

    5. Outreach – Eileen Hodiak

      • Merchandise – Eileen has sold over $300.00 in merchandise at this conference.
      • Committee – since it is presently a committee of one, Eileen asked that if anyone is interested in being on the Outreach Committee to please contact her.

    6. By-Laws – Elaine Jenkins
      Proposed revisions to the By-Laws will be discussed at the Strategic Planning Meeting in May.

    7. Technologies – Andy Silberman

      • ListServe – has 116 participants; 18 current members are not on the ListServe. Please get email addresses to Andy in order to be included in the ListServe. ListServe is also an opportunity to pose questions to other members.
      • Web Site – 23 providers are listed in the Resource Directory; For Members Only site still under construction.

    8. Diversity – Marilyn Raines
      Marilyn thanked everyone who attended the December Conference which included two programs – "Who Me A Culturally Skilled Counselor" presented by Dr. Michael Hall and "Who Me? A Diversity Resource" presented by Ron Pelt. The Diversity Committee of three has met once this quarter and is working on topics for the December 2004 training. We are recruiting members and would welcome newcomers.

    9. Certification – Jim Cooper

      • PDHs – March Conference provides 14 hours of PDHs.
      • CEUs – Individuals may submit their CEU form directly to UNC-Wilmington or give it to Jay Hale at the registration desk and he will submit them.

    10. Standards and Ethics – Elaine Jenkins
      Two ethics complaints – one is being reviewed and the other is not being pursued.

  5. Special Committees

    1. Scholarship – Karen Molli
      Karen reported that two members and two students were awarded scholarships for this March Conference.

    2. Awards – Andy Silberman
      Andy stated that at the Conference banquet, the Member of the Year Award was given to David Hamby and the President's Achievement Award was given to Elaine Jenkins. Congratulations to both of them.

    3. March Conference – David Hamby
      David reported that he has heard many very positive comments on the Hyatt Hotel as well as the quality of the Conference speakers. The banquet was excellent, especially having both Don Jorgeson, EAPA President, speak to us and the Las Vagas Robin Williams impersonator for our entertainment. Overall, David said it looks like the March Conference 2004 is excellent.

With no further business, Joan Radford adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Martha Ausman, CEAP, LEAP
NC/EAPA Chapter

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