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November 2003 Edition


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Friday, December 5, 2003, 9:00 a.m.—3:00 p.m.

One of the ascents of Employee Assistance Programs across the last two decades has been a response to the changing demographics of the workforce. With the workplace expected to continue in this direction at an unparalleled rate, EAPs may anticipate more demand for multicultural programs. This workshop is designed to raise awareness and strengthen skills in multicultural counseling competencies and offer "Best Practices" with specific cultural groups.

Michael E. Hall, Ph.D will present the morning session. Dr. Hall is in independent private practice in the Charlotte area. He is Director of Executive Career Management for The Transition Team, a human resources consulting firm. He is an adjunct faculty member in the Counseling program at UNC-Charlotte. An active member of the National Association of Career Development, Dr. Hall serves on the editorial board for the Career Development Quarterly.

The afternoon brings us our own Ron Pelt, MS, LPC, LEAP to present Who Me? A Diversity Resource? Ron has extensive and varied experience in the counseling field: working in public schools, mental health, juvenile justice and youth and family treatment, adult and emergency services. As a race relations facilitator in the United State Air Force, Ron won the Air Force Commendation for his work at the Department of Defense Race Relations Institute at Patrick AFB Florida. Ron has worked as an Employee Assistance Professional with the United Postal Service and currently with Corporate Health International, Charlotte, NC. Ron provides hands on didactic training for everyday practical uses.

For more information, see our Conferences & Events page.

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The Outreach Committee has been busy since our last edition of the On-Liner! We successfully hosted the October NC/EAPA Workshop at FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital's Conference Center, with Peter Nagel, LMFT, CCAS as presenter. Peter did a wonderful job exploring the use of "Personality Adaptations to Guide Counseling with Employees." The workshop was well attended and a good time was had by all who participated. Thanks, again, to all of you who helped make this event a success. Feedback from the participants has indicated a strong desire to host another workshop next year at the FirstHealth Conference Center.

The Outreach Committee also offered EAPA merchandise for sale at the workshop and the result was $36.50 in sales. We will continue to offer EAPA merchandise, at a 50% discount to NC/EAPA members, at future workshops. Remember, the holidays are coming and NC/EAPA mugs, denim shirts, and portfolios make great gifts and stocking stuffers for friends, family, coworkers and your boss! Prices are listed below (shipping not included) and supplies are limited!


Member Price
Denim Shirt $15 each $30 each
Gym Bag $10 each $20 each
Garment Bag $10 each $20 each
Canvas Tote Bag $10 each $20 each
Attache Case $5 each $10 each
Portfolio $5 each $10 each
Travel Mug $4 each $8 each
Calculator $4 each $8 each
Business Card Holder $1.50 each $3 each

Eileen G. Hodiak, LCSW
Outreach Committee Chairperson
Work 910-693-3603 or toll-free 1-888-278-4595

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At previous board meetings, members of the NC EAPA Board have discussed ways to insure that NC EAPA members are receiving the full value of their membership.

One of the items the board members decided was that only NC EAPA members will receive a discounted rate for quarterly training and the March Conference. That is a huge discount!

Another benefit of being a NC EAPA member is being a part of the listserv to receive email on EAP related topics, training, and job openings. And of course, NC EAPA members have access to great networking opportunities, which we all know is an important resource for EA Professionals.

All of that for only $40.00 per year!

International EAPA has been working to help speed up the process of becoming a member and renewing membership, but please remember that renewing prior to your lapse date will insure that you won't miss out on any of the benefits of membership.

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The LEAP Board meets the last month of each quarter. All applications (new and renewal) must be postmarked by the last day of the previous month in that quarter.(i.e. LEAP Board meeting June 18, the application must be postmarked May 31.) Applications are available by contacting Jo Yarbrough at or Midgie Brawley at

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David A. Hamby, Conference Chair

Don't forget the 25th Anniversary of NC/EAPA's March Training Conference coming up March 10-12, 2004! EAPs: The Silver Lining is our theme and was chosen to reflect our anniversary and the tasks we as EA Professionals face in helping our employee / employer clients in renewing hope and motivation after our country's recent trials.

New location for 2004 will be the Hyatt Charlotte at SouthPark. The Planning Committee is very excited about their facilities, their location and their staff's commitment to making our Conference a great success. This area has lots of great restaurants and shopping, as well as this Hyatt's fabulous food.

Speakers are being identified and contacted by Planning Committee members who will not only educate our membership, but help us as professionals renew ourselves and our efforts. Also, the Membership of NC/EAPA is being asked to submit proposals for presentations, through NC/EAPA listserv and On-Liner.

Our Silver Anniversary means there will be lots of special and fun events to commemorate this auspicious occasion. So plan to be there and contact me or any of the Planning Committee members with your ideas (704-355-5021 or e-mail

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Please visit the Jobs page of this site to view the latest job postings! Remember, if you have a job opening you'd like to have listed, please contact Andy Silberman at

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The Liner is now completely electronic. In order to be notified when the latest edition is available on the Web site you will need to make sure Andy Silberman has your correct email address. If your email address changes or if you want to be added to the listserv, contact Andy at

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NCEAPA Chapter Officers
Your Chapter Officers (L-R): Jay Hale, Treasurer, Martha Ausman, Secretary;
Joan Radford, President; Karen Molli, Vice President


October 17, 2003
FirstHealth of the Carolinas
Pinehurst, NC

Joan Radford, President, called the meeting to order.

  1. President's Report – Joan Radford

    • Joan thanked Eileen Hodiak and FirstHealth for providing the excellent location and hospitality. Joan also thanked Eileen for the luncheon and hotel arrangements.
    • Joan stated that there are a lot of positive changes taking place at EAPA.
    • E-Member News: Joan reviewed the new member categories. Joan also said that if anyone is not receiving the E-Member News, they need to go to the EAPA website and update their information with their email address.
    • International EAPA has created a new EA definition. It is as follows:
      Employee Assistance is the work organization's resource that utilizes specific core technologies to enhance employee and workplace effectiveness through prevention, identification, and resolution of personal and productivity issues.
    • EAPA/EASNA Merger: Joan reported that the EAPA Board of Directors has committed to actively participate with EASNA in a strategic planning process that will lead to the formation of one employee assistance organization positioned to represent membership and the emerging market place. The Task Force will meet in New Orleans to continue this work.
    • Toni Samuels, CEO of EAPA, has resigned. Job posting was sent to all NC EAPA members via list serve

  2. Treasurer's Report – Jay Hale

    • August Conference — we had 17 in attendance, $280.00 in revenues, $183.40 in expenses, $96.60 in profit
    • October Conference — we have 22 in attendance, $500.00 in revenue.
    • Jay reported that our mutual funds are continuing to increase and the Chapter is in good financial standing.

  3. District II
    There was no report from Rich Barrett, District II Director, but Joan reported that Rich hopes to attend our 2004 March Conference.

  4. Standing Committee Reports

    1. Legislative and Public Policy – John Howard
      Joan Radford gave John Howard's report in his absence:

      • Randolph Cloud — John is waiting to hear back from Randolph.
      • Substance Abuse Federation — Jackie Betts is representing NC EAPA.
      • Coalition 2000 — Almost all meetings at this time are dealing with the NC State Mental Health Reform.

    2. Membership – Dawn Klug
      Jim Cooper gave Dawn Klug's report in her absence:

      • Membership list from EAPA has NC Chapter as having 128 paid members.
      • We have five members who are not in the International listing because they have allowed their membership to lapse within this past quarter. Dawn is in the process of attempting to contact them. Our NC Directory currently has 133 members.
      • We have had two requests for applications for membership since the August meeting.

    3. Education & Training – Karen Molli

      • Karen thanked Eileen Hodiak and FirstHealth of the Carolinas for coordinating and sponsoring the October Conference. She also thanked Peter Negal for being our presenter.
      • Karen mentioned that the Board is targeting Charlotte and the Raleigh areas for all future conferences, as we have dropped the Boone and Wilmington locations.

    4. Research and Information – Miriam Bundy
      Joan Radford reported in Miriam Bundy's absence:
      We have been working on a survey to send out to NC EAPA members requesting specific information regarding credentials and practice. The information will be used to give general numbers to the Legislative Committee as they review the confidentiality issue. The survey will be sent within the next few weeks by list serve.

    5. Outreach – Eileen Hodiak

      • Eileen thanked Peter Negal for his all-day presentation.
      • Eileen reported that Christine Jones at NovantHealth, Charlotte, has joined the Outreach Committee. Christine has had previous experience with the Outreach Committee, which will make her a valuable asset to the Committee's mission of marketing and promoting EAP.
      • Merchandise Sales — Eileen reported that she netted NC EAPA merchandise sales totaling $94.00. These sales were due, in part, to the items being offered at a 50% discount for members. The Outreach Committee will be exploring new merchandise to be offered at the March 2004 Conference. We will continue to advertise merchandise in the On-Liner as well.
      • Outreach Committee By-Laws have been revised and submitted to Elaine Jenkins. These revisions were made to more accurately reflect the current roles and responsibilities of the Committee.

    6. By-Laws – Elaine Jenkins
      Joan Radford reported in Elaine Jenkins' absence. Changes in the Operations Manual are not yet completed.

    7. Technologies – Andy Silberman
      Karen Molli gave the report in Andy Silberman's absence:
      Listserv Guidelines — Andy Silberman has created guidelines for using the listserv. The Board has approved the Guidelines except for one suggested change in clarifying how members will subscribe. When finalized, the guidelines will be distributed to the membership.

    8. Diversity – Marilyn Raines

      • Marilyn reported that the December Conference on Diversity would have Dr. Michael Hall and Mr. Ron Pelt as the two presenters. It will be held at Carolinas Medical Center - Mercy Horizons IOP at 1921 Vail Avenue, Charlotte on December 5th. Marilyn has made hotel arrangements with the Hampton Inn Downtown at Second & Caldwell Streets. Free shuttle will be available between the hotel and conference. Hotel room rate will be $69.00
      • The Diversity Committee is looking for new members.

    9. Certification – Jim Cooper
      Certificate of Attendance — Jim has combined all disciplines into one certificate: EACC, Substance Abuse and LPC.

    10. Standards and Ethics – Cliff Morgan

      • Ethics Complaints — There have been two ethics complaints in the past several months, which are being reviewed by the EACC.
      • Operations Manual Revisions — Cliff said that revisions are needed in the Standards and Ethics section and the EACC has provided Cliff with suggested guidelines for his review.
      • The EACC website lists all people who are CEAPs and whether they are in good standing or not.

  5. Special Committees

    1. Scholarship – Karen Molli
      Karen reported that no applications for a scholarship for the October Conference were received by the deadline.

    2. Awards – Andy Silberman
      The Box of Generosity is ready and the name to be drawn will receive a one-year paid NC EAPA membership. The winner was Marilyn Raines.

    3. March Conference – Karen Molli
      Karen reported the most of the presenters for the March Conference are selected. There is room for one more presenter. The Conference will be held at the Hyatt SouthPark. Nordstrom's new department store will be open and it is across the street from the Hyatt.

  6. Old Business
    LEAP Board nominations — Joan reported that Roy Sonovick and Linda Braswell have been appointed to the Board and have attended their first board meeting. Roy was elected to serve as Chair. Lisa Corbett, J.D., from the Attorney General's office, has been assigned as the Board's attorney.

  7. Announcements

    • Eddie Young said that Charlie Mitchell, formerly with Duke Energy and a past President of NC EAPA, recently died.
    • Eileen Hodiak announced that the NC Domestic Violence Workshop would be held on October 30th in Chapel Hill.

With no further business, Joan Radford adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Martha Ausman, CEAP, LEAP
NC/EAPA Chapter

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