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October 2003 Edition


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Read the latest President's Message

Karen Molli, Vice President/Education and Training Chair

Come to Pinehurst for the October training conference!

A big thank you to FirstHealth of the Carolinas and Eileen Hodiak for sponsoring our October training. Peter Nagel will be presenting on Using Personality Adaptations to Guide Counseling with Employees. See the registration form for more information. (Word format) (PDF format)

The Carolina's Moore Regional Hospital Conference Center is located at NC 211 and Page Rd. See the attached map (PDF format). There is ample parking in the Conference Center parking lot.

To reserve a room, you need to contact Eileen Hodiak directly to get the corporate rate of $59 at the Comfort Inn. Eileen's number is 910-693-3603. When you register, she will fax you directions to the hotel.

For those interested, Eileen has arranged for a tour of the new inpatient chemical dependency facility at Moore Regional Hospital. It will begin at 8:30 am Friday the 17th. We will meet at the Conference Center and go from there.

For those golf enthusiasts among us, Eileen has arranged a contact person to organize tee times. Contact JoAnna Martin at Tin Cup Golf and Travel at 1-888-465-3857. If you would like to golf at the Pinehurst Resort Golf Course you must contact them directly at (910) 295-6811.

We will see you there!

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The Outreach Committee is pleased to welcome Christine Jones, EAP Counselor/Account Manager for NovantHealth, as our newest member! Her previous experience with the Outreach Committee will make her a valuable asset to our mission of marketing and promoting EAP.

I am also pleased to announce that we sold $94.00 worth of NCEAPA merchandise at the August conference held in Oxford, NC. We will continue to have NCEAPA merchandise for sale at each of our conferences and on a year round basis via mail orders. For a limited time only, all merchandise will be half-price for NCEAPA members — prices listed below (postage and handling not included). Supplies are limited — so don't delay and order today!


Member Price
Denim Shirt $15 each $30 each
Gym Bag $10 each $20 each
Garment Bag $10 each $20 each
Canvas Tote Bag $10 each $20 each
Attache Case $5 each $10 each
Portfolio $5 each $10 each
Travel Mug $4 each $8 each
Calculator $4 each $8 each
Business Card Holder $1.50 each $3 each

Hope to see you at the October 17, 2003 conference to be held at FirstHealth of the Carolinas – Moore Regional Hospital here in beautiful Pinehurst, NC!
Eileen G. Hodiak, LCSW
Outreach Committee Chairperson
Work #(910) 693-3603 or toll-free #1-888-278-4595

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At the last board meeting, members of the NC EAPA Board discussed ways to insure that NC EAPA members are receiving the full value of their membership.

One of the items the board members voted on was deciding that only NC EAPA members will receive a discounted rate for quarterly training and the March Conference. That is a huge discount!

Another benefit of being a NC EAPA member is being a part of the listserv to receive email on EAP related topics, training, and job openings. And of course, NC EAPA members have access to great networking opportunities, which we all know is an important resource for EA Professionals.

All of that for only $40.00 per year!

International EAPA has been working to help speed up the process of becoming a member and renewing membership, but please remember that renewing prior to your lapse date will insure that you won't miss out on any of the benefits of membership.

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The LEAP Board meets the last month of each quarter. All applications (new and renewal) must be postmarked by the last day of the previous month in that quarter.(i.e. LEAP Board meeting June 18, the application must be postmarked May 31.) Applications are available by contacting Jo Yarbrough at or Midgie Brawley at

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David A. Hamby, Conference Chair

Don't forget the 25th Anniversary of NC/EAPA's March Training Conference coming up March 10-12, 2004! EAPs: The Silver Lining is our theme and was chosen to reflect our anniversary and the tasks we as EA Professionals face in helping our employee / employer clients in renewing hope and motivation after our country's recent trials.

New location for 2004 will be the Hyatt Charlotte at SouthPark. The Planning Committee is very excited about their facilities, their location and their staff's commitment to making our Conference a great success. This area has lots of great restaurants and shopping, as well as this Hyatt's fabulous food.

Speakers are being identified and contacted by Planning Committee members who will not only educate our membership, but help us as professionals renew ourselves and our efforts. Also, the Membership of NC/EAPA is being asked to submit proposals for presentations, through NC/EAPA listserv and On-Liner.

Our Silver Anniversary means there will be lots of special and fun events to commemorate this auspicious occasion. So plan to be there and contact me or any of the Planning Committee members with your ideas (704-355-5021 or e-mail

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Please visit the Jobs page of this site to view the latest job postings! Remember, if you have a job opening you'd like to have listed, please contact Andy Silberman at

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The Liner is now completely electronic. In order to be notified when the latest edition is available on the Web site you will need to make sure Andy Silberman has your correct email address. If your email address changes or if you want to be added to the listserv, contact Andy at

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NCEAPA Chapter Officers
Your Chapter Officers (L-R): Jay Hale, Treasurer, Martha Ausman, Secretary;
Joan Radford, President; Karen Molli, Vice President


August 8, 2003
Granville Medical Center
Oxford, NC

Joan Radford, President, called the meeting to order.

  1. President's Report – Joan Radford
    Joan stated that there are a lot of positive changes taking place at EAPA.

    • CEAP Only Website is being constructed.
    • As Chapter President, Joan is receiving a monthly EAPA Chapter President's Update. She cuts and paste information from that report that she thinks would be of interest to all members and sends it to them via our listserv.
    • EAPA is very good at sending the monthly membership lists and chapter dues.
    • Member Service Communication Form: Dawn Klug will bring copies to each meeting and/or email a copy to members who have complaints or breakdown in communication with EAPA.
    • Chapter Tool Kit in the works. Joan asked members to share their ideas on what we would like to have included.
    • Joan stated that Karen Molli and David Hamby have already gotten our March Conference information posted on EAPA's website and will also do that with our quarterly workshops.
    • Joan encouraged everyone to complete EAPA's on-line survey on EAPs and the Delivery of Alcohol and Drug Services.
    • CEAP Certification: Anyone who re-certified as a CEAP by June 30 should have received their certificate by now.

  2. Treasurer's Report – Jay Hale

    • May 2003 Conference — Jay reported that we had a total of 20 people attend the May Conference held at Wilmington Treatment Center in Wilmington, NC. We collected a total of $505 in registration and had expenses totaling $290.27 (including a $35 scholarship) for a total profit of $214.73. For the year, we were able to clear $625.96. This figure does not include June Membership Dues download, which we have not received as of this report, nor did we have a December workshop due to the ice/snow storms.
    • Jay reported that our mutual funds are slowly coming back and the Chapter is in good financial standing.
    • Jay stated that we have a tighter budget this year but are still providing quality programs, necessary PDHs and opportunities to network.

  3. District II
    Joan Radford reported that Rich Barrett, District II Director, reported that he hopes to attend our 2004 March Conference. He stated that if anyone is interested in running for District II Director, he would like to meet with you during the Conference.

  4. Standing Committee Reports

    1. Legislative and Public Policy – John Howard
      In his absence, John sent the following report:

      • The Nurse Privilege Bill passed into law during this session of the Legislature. This law extends privilege to nurse testimony in court cases. The bill was sponsored by Rep Martin Nesbitt, Democrat from Buncombe. There was early minor opposition from the NC District Attorney's Association.
      • Randolph Cloud has talked with Rep Nesbitt about the interest of the various counseling disciplines (including LEAPs) in pursuing legislation to ensure confidentiality of records. Randolph believes that Rep Nesbitt will likely agree to sponsor this bill. If all goes well, the bill would be introduced in the long session in 2005. A properly drafted bill would give greater protection to records than is afforded by HIPAA. Next step is to meet with Randolph and a small group of interested parties from the other disciplines to build a foundation before widening the participation. Randolph is working to schedule this first meeting which will likely take place in September, 2003.
      • The Legislative Committee has asked Miriam Bundy's Research and Information Committee to poll the membership regarding credentials, license, etc. to obtain a clear picture of disciplines within the chapter.

    2. Membership – Dawn Klug
      Dawn reported the following statistics as of August 4, 2003:

      • NC01 EAPA membership as recognized by EAPA stands at 137.
      • Total number of members in the NC EAPA Directory is 154.
      • Lapsed members in the NC EAPA Directory are 16.
      • ZZ01 members who lapsed with NC01 membership is 3.
      • Confirmed renewal of lapsed members by EAPA is 1.
      • Since May 1st, 6 people contacted the Membership Chair for application and one has been processed.

      Dawn stated that the Board will start enforcing that NC EAPA members only will receive the members fee for all NC EAPA conferences, including the March Conference. All non-NC Chapter members will pay the non-member fee.

    3. Education & Training – Karen Molli
      In Karen's absence, Joan Radford reported that the October Conference will be held on October 17th at First Health in Pinehurst, NC. Peter Nagel will present on Personality Adaptations. Fifteen people are registered for the August Conference.

    4. Research and Information – Miriam Bundy
      In her absence, Miriam submitted the following report:
      John Howard and I have been working on a survey to send out to NC EAPA members requesting information on credentials, etc. The cover letter and survey are ready to be sent out in either September or October when people are back from vacations.

    5. Outreach – Eileen Hodiak

      • The Outreach Committee is currently seeking new members.
      • Eileen announced that there is a 50% discount on the merchandise she has displayed and that this is for a limited time only.
      • Outreach and Technology Committees are currently seeking a coordinator for the On-Liner.
      • Eileen also announced that she is working on some golf packages for the October conference that will be held in Pinehurst.

    6. By-Laws – Elaine Jenkins
      In Elaine's absence, it was reported Elaine is working on changes in the Chapter's By-Laws.

    7. Technologies – Andy Silberman
      Andy reported that there are only about 20 current NC EAPA members that are not on the listserv. He reminded everyone that the listserv is the only means of communication. The listserv may be used to post questions for response from other members.

    8. Diversity – Marilyn Raines
      In Marilyn's absence, it was reported that the December 2003 conference will have the same two speakers that were scheduled for last December but cancelled due to ice and snowstorms.

    9. Certification – Jim Cooper
      Jim reminded all attendees that there are different forms for different disciplines and please be careful to get the correct ones. He also reminded everyone that CEAP renewal is on a different cycle than membership renewal. EACC may not send notice of renewals for CEAP so be very careful to watch when your CEAP renewal is coming up.

    10. Standards and Ethics – Cliff Morgan
      In Cliff's absence, he sent a report that we have had one ethics complaint which was turned over to the EACC for investigation. The LEAP Board will most likely get involved since the individual in question is also a LEAP.

  5. Special Committees

    1. Scholarship – Karen Molli
      In Karen's absence, it was reported that we awarded one scholarship for the August Conference.

    2. Awards – Andy Silberman
      The Box of Generosity is ready and the name to be drawn will receive free registrations for the next four Chapter trainings. This will not include the March Conference. The winner was Stan Bolton. A second name was drawn in case Stan does not accept the award and that name was Joanna Lipscomb.

    3. March Conference – Karen Molli
      In Karen's absence, it was reported that the March Conference in 2004 will be held at the Hyatt Hotel in Charlotte at Southpark. Information on the March Conference has been put on EAPA's website.

With no further business, Joan Radford adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Martha Ausman, CEAP, LEAP
NC/EAPA Chapter

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