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The March Conference gave us all time to catch up with old friends and get to know new ones. Many members updated their information in the Chapter Directory. A revised version will be sent via listserve in the upcoming weeks. We also had a great turnout at the Newcomer's Luncheon. Some of the new members participating in the event were Jennifer Jantsch, Marca Storey, Kayce Lee, and Stan Bolton. Perspective members included Gabriel Rogers, Shevene Bryant, Martha Vallery, Dr. Sara Stevenson, Teri Sauer, and Kathy Murphy. Welcome to all newcomers. We hope you come back to see us and choose to participate in shaping employee assistance in North Carolina. If you need to update your information in the Directory or have any questions about membership contact Dawn Klug at 828-252-5725 or


The LEAP Board met March 5, 2003. Board members included Midgie Brawley, Acting Chair; Ron Mangum, Secretary; and Jim Scarboro, Treasurer. Staff members included Jo Yarbrough and Joan Radford. The Board issued license renewals to Gerald Britt and George McGaskey. International EAPA has changed the renewal dates for the CEAP to the end of the quarter in which it will expire i.e. if your CEAP expires May 15, then your CEAP renewal date will be June 30. IEAPA will notify you of this change. Any lapse of the LEAP due to this change will be noted by the NCBLEAP. The LEAP Board has submitted a list of names for consideration for the Board. The Board prior to their next meeting June 18, 2003 must receive license applications. Applications are available by contacting Jo Yarbrough at or Midgie Brawley at


Your Outreach Committee is already actively promoting the EA profession and our chapter. We continue to attract new members by educating and promoting ourselves to the professional community. One way of promotion is merchandising. Sales at the March conference totaled $252. Thanks to all of you who purchased items. A list of merchandise and prices are listed below. Remember, quantities are limited and prices do not include postage. If you want to share in the opportunity to promote our profession and chapter contact Eileen Hodiak, Outreach Committee Chair, at 910-693-3603. We'll do great things!


Denim Shirts (small/large) $30 ea Canvas Tote Bag (white w/blue trim) $20 ea
Gym Bag (red) $20 ea Garment Bag (red) $20 ea
Attache Cases (brown) $10 ea Portfolios (brown -black) $10 ea
Travel Mugs $8 ea Business Card Holders (black) $3 ea
Calculators $8 ea


The Liner is now completely electronic. In order to be reminded when the latest edition is available on the website you will need to make sure Andy Silberman has your correct email address. If your email address changes or if you want to be added to the listserve, contact Andy at



Chapter members Richard Varela and Mark Kendrick (KV Consultants -Associates) responded to the explosion in Kinston recently in support of the Red Cross and other agencies. Needs continue to be met weeks after the explosion.

In Other EAP News...


SouthLight will be offering its Spring SAP Qualification Training May 8 - 9 at the Holiday Inn in Raleigh. The cost is $250. It is being explored whether or not to offer the national exam in conjunction with the training (extra cost). If you are interested contact Cecile Broadhurst at 919-787-6131 x102.



According to the most recent statistics from the U.s. department of Justice, almost 800,000 incidents of domestic violence were reported in 1999. However, because many incidents are not reported to authorities, some experts believe that the number of incidents may be much higher. Many people think that domestic violence would never happen to someone they know. In reality, domestic violence can happen to anyone. Victims can be of any nationality, sexual orientation, religion and income level. Although most victims are women, domestic violence can happen to men too. What is domestic violence? When a husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend abuses a current or former partner, it's called domestic violence. Abusers may use physical violence such as hitting, shoving or grabbing to control their victims. They may also use other tactics, including the following:

- Emotional abuse through frequent humiliation or criticism
- Isolation of victims from important people in their lives, such as family and friends
- Control of what victims do and whom they see
- Intimidation or threats
- Control of all family finances

Sexual abuse Domestic violence is not a private issue-it's a crime. Only the victim can decide when it's time to leave. Assistance is available through the employer's employee assistance program (EAP) or by calling the 24-hour National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).



Grief -Loss:
Critical Incident Management:
Work/Life:;; and
Stress Management:
Substance Abuse/Dependency:



In a recent ABC News survey, people were asked, "How do you get a life?"
- Quit your job, 8%
- I think a life is overrated, 9%
- Work less, 21.2%
- Work smarter, 61.7%


Check the Jobs section of this website for the latest job postings.


Kevin Monroe, Regional Representative for US Senator John Edwards, gives opening remarks.

Left to Right: Andy Silberman (Outstanding Member), NC Chapter President Joan Radford
and Lindy Langston (President's Achievement Award)

Left to Right: 12 - year - old Padgett Vaughn sings our National Anthem
as conference chair Sandy Allen observes the color guard
from Independence High School's Air Force Junior ROTC.

Left to Right: Cathy Reinbold hosts the EAPA version of Bingo along with 96.1FM's Chuck Boozer.

John Bennett talks about dealing with change in the workplace.

Chapter Secretary Marth Ausman and Treasurer Jay Hale welcome conference attendees.


March 7, 2003
Hilton at University Place
Charlotte, NC
Joan Radford, President, called the meeting to order.

A. March Conference 2004 Joan announced that David Hamby will be the Chairperson for our 25th Anniversary March Conference.
B. International EAPA Joan stated that EAPA President, Don Jorgensen, has announced that a formal proposal has been made to merge EAPA with EASNA. The proposal will be voted on at the annual EASNA meeting to be held in April in San Antonio, Texas.
C. International EAPA Conference Joan thanked the Chapter for sending her to the International EAPA Conference held in Boston this past October.
D. Changes in EAPA Joan reported the following:
- EAPA is in a tremendous state of change.
- It is facing serious financial problems.
- Conference attendance has been down for the past two years greatly reducing expected revenues.
- With increased expenses and reduced revenues, the reserves have been reduced from over $1 million to less than $150,000.
- Membership is down as well as CEAP certification.
- EAPA Board has been reorganized and reduced in numbers.
- It has created a more robust website.
E. Officers Retreat in Biloxi, Mississippi - April 4th Joan Radford and Karen Molli will attend to represent the North Carolina Chapter.
F. Treasurer's Report - Jay Hale Jay reported that we did not have a December conference due to an ice storm that hit the day of the scheduled conference and then a snowstorm that hit on the rescheduled date in January. The March Conference has 110 registered. Jay also stated that we generate our revenues from membership fees, the March Conference, and selling EAPA merchandise. The Chapter is in good financial standing.
G. Standing Committee Reports
1. Legislative and Public Policy - John Howard John reported on the following:
- Practice License - When we introduced LEAP for licensure several years ago, we spent three years preparing and had two key people, Roy Sonovick and Patrice Alexander, heading it up. We no longer have Roy or Patrice available to us due to retirement and living in another state. In regards to pursuing a practice license, in the spring and summer of 2003 a committee will be created to work with Randolph Cloud in establishing a work plan and a study group to be held in Raleigh. If the Chapter decides to move forward in pursuing a practice license, the bill will be introduced in 2005. John will head up the search for key people to serve on the committee. Membership will be kept informed through information sent by way of our ListServe.
- HIPAA is effecting EAPs now.
- Coalition 2001 Plus - the North Carolina EAPA Chapter needs a representative to attend monthly meetings in Raleigh. John will search for a representative.
- N. C. Substance Abuse Federation - the North Carolina EAPA Chapter needs a representative to attend its monthly meetings in Raleigh. John will search for a representative.

2. Membership - Dawn Klug Dawn reported that membership has increased from 147 to 150 this quarter. A new Membership Directory will be sent out to all members by way of the ListServe. She will include in the directory a member's education degrees, certifications and licensures.

3. Education -Training - Karen Molli Karen reported that to reduce chapter training expenses, we would be making changes in locations.
- The May training will be held at the Wilmington Treatment Center on May 15 - 16th. At least one of the training topics in May will be substance abuse.
- August training - looking for a facility in the Raleigh/RTP area. Karen is looking for committee members to assist in helping with locations and presenters.

4. Research and Information - Miriam Bundy No report.

5. Outreach - Eileen Hodiak Eileen reported that she is looking for members to join the Outreach Committee in order to expand. She reminded members to look at the merchandise for sale and make purchases. Eileen also reported that the Chapter's newsletter, The Liner, is now on - line only and new editions will be announced via the ListServe. If you have information for the newsletter, please submit it to Ray Robbins.

6. By- Laws - Elaine Jenkins Elaine reported that the By - Laws Committee maintains the Operations Manual and updates to the Manual will be reviewed at the Strategic Planning Meeting in May. She also reminded members that the scholarship form for Chapter trainings is in the Operations Manual.

7. New Technologies -Andy Silberman In Andy Silberman's absence, Joan stressed the importance of being on the ListServe. EAP providers can be listed on our website for $50.00 per year.

8. Diversity- Marilyn Raines The diversity training traditionally held in Charlotte in December was postponed due to the Charlotte ice storm. It was rescheduled for January but again got cancelled due the snowstorm. Marilyn has rescheduled the trainers to conduct the diversity training in December 2003.

9. Certification- Jim Cooper Jim reported that continuing education is what draws people to our conferences. The March Conference is giving 14 PDHs. He announced that the Substance Abuse form had an error. Instead of 11 hours it should have said 2 hours. Jim will seek post - approval for the HIPAA session held Wednesday evening.

10. Standards and Ethics - Cliff Morgan No report.

H. Special Committees
1. Scholarship- Karen Molli Karen reported that we granted three scholarships for the March Conference and that scholarships are available for all NC Chapter conferences.
2. Awards - Joan Radford Joan introduced Lindy Langston, this year's recipient of the President's Achievement Award.
3. March Conference - Sandy Allen Sandy thanked everyone for helping put together the excellent conference. She asked for suggestions for making future conferences even better and that suggestions can be made to her or David Hamby, 2004 Conference Chair.

With no further business, Joan Radford adjourned the meeting. Respectfully submitted, Martha Ausman, CEAP, LEAP Secretary NC/EAPA Chapter

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