President’s Message

Updated: December, 2016

Greetings everyone, I hope you are all well and enjoying this quickly disappearing Holiday season! It is an honor and privilege for me to have the opportunity to write my first President’s Message.  I am in awe that I have been given this opportunity to be the President of this unbelievable NC EAPA Chapter that many of us consider family. Thank you for your trust in me and here’s to the next 2 years of us flourishing as a chapter!


We’re on the eve of our last Chapter Training of the calendar year. I want to reflect on what we have done so far in 2016. It all started with the March Conference in Winston-Salem.  The super heroes showed up in full force as we tackled the topic of Fearless Change: EAPs to the Rescue! It was a fabulous conference. Lib Edwards was her normal sensational self as she guided us to success.  Not to get ahead, but March 2017 isn’t too far away (more to come on that in a minute).  May 2016 saw a conference theme of Fearless Change continue as Mary Lynn Mans provided a great training in Greensboro. In September we were in Raleigh and were fortunate to have Stan Kimer with us (along with Elaine Martin) for a second year in a row as we were educated about about HB2, General Issues of Diversity and Inclusion, and Impact on Transgender Citizens. That leads to now, where we are expecting another great training about Grief in the Workplace by LaTonya M. Summers and LaSharion Henderson Taylor.


What else has happened this year? The Cubs won the World Series WHILE EAPA’s Conference was in Chicago, how cool is that? Our chapter was fortunate to have several members attend, including Paul Turney who is from Chicago (he was just a little excited). NC EAPA paid for three officers to attend the training so I went along with Judah Segal (Treasurer) and Eileen Hodiak (Secretary). We also presented two scholarships for registration to Kelly Deane and Paul Turney. Add in the fact that Dawn Klug (just elected as a Director at Large on the EAPA Board!), Lucy Henry (she just finished her term as EAPA President!), Wendy Kimball, Rich Paul and Alex Gnilka (reigning NC EAPA Member of the Year) were there and we were representing (am I forgetting anyone?)!! We were chosen as one of the 4 (four) most successful chapters to discuss what we feel has helped us be successful at the Chapter/Branch Leadership training. That is saying something! It was also great to hear the perspectives of other successful chapters (South Carolina, Northern Illinois, Tokyo). That was the highlight of my trip as I unfortunately I got the flu and was hotel bed ridden for most of the remainder of the Conference.  But I hear it was great and that everyone had fun celebrating the CUBS win! Next year it will be in Los Angeles so start saving your pennies and stocking up on bathing suits and sunscreen.


As mentioned before, March 2017 is right around the corner.  We’re back in Winston-Salem March 8th-10th, 2017 with the timely theme of Looking for Answers in a Chaotic World. Lib Edwards is back at it again along with Co-Chair Paul Turney who will be Chair of the 2018 Conference, is this guy stepping up or what??? Be on the lookout in the near future for more information about this conference as the March Conference Committee continues to work diligently to put things in place.


And now, I would like to take a moment to announce the awesome NC EAPA 2016-2018 Board.  These members have offered their time and talents to help serve us and I am grateful for them:



President: John Waller

Vice President: Renee’ Evans

Treasurer: Judah Segal

Secretary: Eileen Hodiak

Treasurer Assistant: Kerry Paksoy

Membership: Jon Murphy

Bylaws: Cynthia Fox

Research and Information: Alex Gnilka

Certification: Wendy Kimball

Legislative/Public Policy: Tess Lineback

Technology: Gina Penland

Diversity: Liz Danielian

Outreach: Eileen Hodiak

Immediate Past President/Standards and Ethics: Paul Turney

Awards: John Waller, Paul Turney, Alex Gnilka, Judah Segal


Finally, I want to end with another statement about my gratitude to be a part of this Chapter family. David Hamby introduced me to the NC EAPA chapter when I first started working for CHS EAP in 2003.  I can never thank him enough for that introduction as it has enriched my life more than I can express. Along the way (13 years, WOW!) we have had outstanding leadership with the most recent being Immediate Past President Paul Turney. I want to thank him for his mentorship, leadership and most importantly friendship and for setting a perfect Presidential example that I, along with others, will use as we march on to further fellowship and Chapter success.


Hope to see everyone soon!