President’s Message

Updated: July, 2017

Hello fellow NC EAPers!  I hope all is well with your Summer so far, it’s flying by isn’t it?! I can’t believe that it’s been 8 months since the last President’s Message (oops!). We have had 2 chapter trainings and a March Conference since then. We were able to catch up with each other, participate in some outstanding trainings AND get CEUs all at once, what could be better than that? Here is a more specific recap of what we have done:


December 2016 had us in Charlotte and we had excellent presentations from LaTonya M. Summers and LaSharion Henderson Taylor on Grief in the Workplace. We followed that up with another sensational March Conference with a theme of Looking for Answers in a Chaotic World! Lib Edwards once again was awesome in planning everything with great detail (so much so that she earned the President’s Achievement Award!). Treasurer Judah Segal brought home the much deserved Outstanding Member of the Year award for all of his hard work and dedication. And once again, the March Conference Planning Committee got dressed up and looked sharp in their detective attire, who knows what 2018 will bring? Paul Turney has graciously taken the reigns from Lib and we know we’re in good hands (he’s been on this committee more years than I have fingers and has been a Chair and Co-Chair). In May 2017 Commander Daniel Edwards commanded our attention in Greensboro with his insightful training titled You and the Police: EA Professionals Working with Law Enforcement. What’s next you ask? September 15th we will be in Durham (GO DUKE!!!) for Diversity trainings titled The Experience of Muslims in the Workplace and How the EAP can Support Muslim Employees by Iman Shane Atkinson and  Considering a Different 1%: Military Families in the United States by our very own NC EAPA chapter member Rachel Kaufmann. Register and book your rooms NOW, you don’t want to miss this:

Did you know how HIP we are now? Well we are and I’ll explain in a minute (how’s that for a teaser?). We discussed a lot of important topics as Strategic Planning in May ranging from our Budget (still doing quite well thank you very much) to Social Media (again, wait for it…) to EA Internships (we’ve got ideas that we’re working on!). Ok, so now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for…the tease is over…NC EAPA has a Chapter Facebook Page! Thanks to Liz Danielian who is the “keeper of the page” we now have another great way to get members information, show pictures in real time, update status of what is happening in trainings, etc. It is VERY exciting.  Check us out!

Guess what else is right around the corner?  The IEAPA Conference! The dates are 10/3/17-10/6/17 and this year it is in beautiful Los Angeles! NC EAPA will have a presence there as the Board again agreed to send 3 officers to the training. In addition, as in year’s past, the Board agreed to also provide 2 scholarships for NC EAPA members (paid Registration). Be on the lookout for some information soon from Dr. Renee’ Evans about this wonderful opportunity!

Just as a reminder, here are the members of the NC EAPA 2016-2018 Board.  They are so gracious with their time and talents, please let them know that you appreciate them when you see them:



President: John Waller

Vice President: Renee’ Evans

Treasurer: Judah Segal

Secretary: Eileen Hodiak

Treasurer Assistant: Kerry Paksoy

Membership: Jon Murphy

Bylaws: Cynthia Fox

Research and Information: Alex Gnilka

Certification: Wendy Kimball

Legislative/Public Policy: Tess Lineback

Technology: Gina Penland

Diversity: Liz Danielian

Outreach: Eileen Hodiak

Immediate Past President/Standards and Ethics: Paul Turney

Awards: John Waller, Paul Turney, Alex Gnilka, Judah Segal


Well my friends, that is all for now. I can’t wait until September when I can see members of my NC EAPA family again. Please plan on coming to see each other and the exciting presentations that are planned. Until then, take care and be safe!